Aliens and Other Strange Phenomenon

Dennis Booker liked to think that he was a very worldly person. That he'd seen and done enough in his life that it took a great deal to shock him. Like aliens maybe. Or, as the case may be, the conversation he was currently bearing witness to. Or rather, the half of a conversation he was overhearing as Hanson clutched a phone tightly, a somewhat annoyed expression on his face, as he tried in vain to whisper despite his rising irritation.

"Why do I always have to be the girl?" he whined into the mouthpiece.

A question which caused Booker's eyebrows to rise into his hairline and a smirk to dance along the edges of his mouth as he remembered the tale Judy had told him about a case involving a clown kidnapping a few years prior… He was pulled from this train of thought at another strange utterance from the young officer.

"No, transvestite does not make it any better, it's still girl's clothes."

Hanson was now into a full-fledged pout, his bottom lip jutting out, and large doe eyes gazing forlornly at the phone. A piteous look that could make even their captain succumb to it's thrall. But one that didn't remain long as it was quickly replaced by a look of anger, as he shouted his response to the person on the other end of this strange conversation.


At this alarmingly loud exclamation the entire chapel grew silent. It was as if time had stopped. Everyone stood frozen in their place, staring at Hanson with varying degrees of amusement, fear, worry, and a great deal of curiosity. It wasn't until Hanson had finished his conversation with a reply of "You're lucky I like Wood", and huffily slamming the phone down that he noticed their attention. Booker saw the blush that crept up his neck and colored his cheeks as he muttered "Tim… Acting group… Playing Ed…" before Fuller's cry of "Hanson!" reached their ears and he ran off with a look of great relief on his face.

Booker shook his head and went back to his paperwork.

He really wished it had been aliens.