A/n: Been gone for a while and I have a new idea. This will be slightly based on Touch the Top of the World by Erik Weihenmayer. It is his biography about being the first blind man to climb numerous mountains and reach the top. That book will make you laugh and cry and I think everyone should read it.

Summary: Since I was 13 I was blind. I accepted the change and gained knowledge from it. Now I'm 18 years old and moving to Forks to live with my dad...(Cullen Vampire/Human Bella) ExB I own nothing.

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"Hello I'm Sally. Welcome to Midwest Airlines. Would you like to sit in the section for the disabled?"

This woman must think I am completely stupid. She spoke slowly as if I was a child and not blind. I couldn't see her face but she was either smiling or looking uncomfortable. Everyone feels uncomfortable around me. They never know what to do or say; always thinking that the wrong thing might slip out. It annoys me but I've dealt with it for the past 5 years; I can deal with it now.

"No, I'd prefer seat that's on my ticket, thank you." I honestly could care less where I sat. It's not like I can see who will sit next to me.

"Um, okay I'll take you there." Sally grabbed my hand and my ticket then pulled me down the aisle.

I've been on planes before. Above the seat where the numbers are there is Braille underneath. This woman insisted on helping me as if I was 8 and not 18.

I was finally seated after Sally constantly pestered me about needing anything. About 10 minutes later she was back…again. Oh this is going to be hell.

A few hours later…

The plane finally landed in Seattle and I was relieved. Not only was I leaving the crazy airplane lady but I could finally get off the plane. There was probably an outline of my fingers on the armrest.

Everyone exited the plane and I knew Sally would pop out of nowhere and…

"Hello sweetie, I'll lead you to the airport." Sigh, I knew she was just trying to help but I honestly could do this on my own. "I have your bags."

I stood up from my seat and unfolded my cane. I began to poke my stick around looking for any obstacles that might trip me. I'm clumsy and blind, not the best combination in one human being.

I slid my cane along the ground feeling the smooth tiling. We must be in the air port now.

"Okay I will get your bags and then we can wait for whoever is suppose to pick you up." she said to me. I could hear her to the right of me. "Come sit over here and I'll be back. Do you know what your bigger suitcase looks like."

"I'm blind."

"Oh my…I'm so sorry. I completely forgot. I didn't mean to.."

"It's fine I know what you meant. My name is Bella Swan and the suitcase has a label on it with my name." I chuckled. I find it amusing how flustered people get when we talk about me being blind. A few weeks ago when I was still living in Arizona I remember a woman at a store apologizing for thinking I could see. Her words were:

'I'm sorry I had no idea you were a person of sightlessness.'

I still giggle when I think of that. She could have just said blind. I've been blind since I was 13. Yeah it was tough to deal with knowing that I couldn't do things other girls did. Getting older I couldn't go on dates or play soccer. I have always wanted to play but I doubt they would let a blind girl run around the field attempting to aim in the goal.

"Bella is that you? It's me your father." I felt a heavy hand come down on my shoulder.

"Yeah dad it's me." I smiled in the direction of his deep voice. During the summer, when I could see, I remember coming to Forks to visit my dad. I know his voice anywhere.

"You have grown so much, and you look beautiful." He said hugging me. I felt my face heating up and I knew I was blushing. My mom told me that I can blush at the drop of a pen.

"Let's get your bags and we'll head on out."


We stepped into the old house and I was instantly hit with all the memories of this house. The smell still the same; beer and pizza.

After my parents divorced Charlie could never cook for himself. So it was always beer and pizza. There was now a different smell. Hmm flowers maybe?

"Uh dad I smell flowers. Explanation please?" I could hear him still pulling my bags through the door.

"Oh Sue brought them for you. She thought it would be a nice welcome gift." He took my hand, lead me to a table, and put my hand on the vase. I felt it and moved my hand up. I began to feel the soft petals between my finger tips.

"Sue?" I asked.

"Oh I forgot to tell but Sue Clearwater and I have been together for a while…I don't know if it's uncomfortable for you?" The way he said it seemed more like a question.

"Dad, I'm fine with you dating. As long as Sue makes you happy then I'm happy." I was still feeling the plant. "What color are the freesias?"

"They are an orangy yellow pinkish I guess?" I giggled at how descriptive he can be. "Wait, how did you know they were freesias?"

"The smell. Mom went through a gardening phase and she would help me identify the flowers by their smell."

"That's really nice Bella." I could hear the smile in his voice.

My dad took me being blind harder than my mom did at first. Of course my mom was upset and constantly blamed herself but my dad had so many plans for us. So many things he wanted to expose me to like fishing and hiking. I tell him that those things are still possible but he feels as though me being blind cancels all those things out. It makes me feel as though I am disappointing him. I am his only child.

"Hey Bells schools is starting tomorrow and I already spoke with the principal. After I take you to the office there will be one of the students to help you around." he said in a serious tone

"Dad I don't need any help." I sighed knowing that it honestly won't make a difference. Charlie constantly made sure someone was with me at all times. He probably made that Sally lady stalk me on the plane.

"At least for the first few weeks. I know you pick up on things quickly but I just wanted to make sure you will adapt easily." he said. "Lets go unpack your things so we can get something to eat."

After Dinner…

Before we had our Pizza and beer (of course I had soda) I unpacked my things making it the same as my room in Arizona. All of jeans in one drawer and then my shirt were organized by color with the help of Charlie. Each pile was folded in different ways so I can know what color there was.

After dinner I found my pajamas and took a shower. I climbed into bed and folded up my cane. As I was standing the cane up against my dresser I heard the door open.

"Hey Bella."

"Hey Dad."

"You nervous about going to a new school tomorrow?" he asked.

"A bit but I think I can handle it." I pulled the covers higher against me trying to shield the cold.

"I'll close that for you." His foot steps walked across the room towards the window that I found while learning the room format. "Bella, what do you think about getting a seeing eye dog?"

"Not much of a dog person so I haven't really thought about it." he walked back to the doorway. "Why do you ask?"

"Just for your protection Bella." He always tried to find more things to help but I think I'm perfectly fine. "Oh tomorrow Sue wants to see you. Billy Black and his son Jacob do too. They'll be here after school."

"Okay dad." I was not excited about the Blacks coming over. I remember Jacob he was nice but just like every other kid my age he would feel awkward around me not knowing what to say.

"Night Bella."

"Good Night Dad."

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