Contrary to popular belief, TenTen's favorite color wasn't pink. Despite the fact that pink was the color of her shirt, she couldn't care less. No, TenTen's favorite color was a deep crimson red.

Not too shocking, right? A weapons mistress, she cuts without mercy, so of course she would be enamored of the color that her steel brings forth each day. Red on grey, one of the most beautiful sights in the shinobi world.

Neji and Lee had their favorite colors too. Lee was, quite obviously, in love with the color green. It came to symbolize him, the green beast, as he was the embodiment of spring, where the green comes back. And Neji loved white. It suited Neji as green suited Lee. White was his eyes, and winter was his season, cold and merciless, and many shinobi agreed with this assessment of the Hyuuga's personality.

So TenTen, with her crimson, was fall. Always changing, as she was, but not overtly flamboyant, more subtle. Going hand in hand with winter.

But as TenTen watches the crimson flower staining Neji's usually immaculate robes her color, she almost laughs at how wrong this is. The hit was meant for her, but Neji, the one with family and a future, he took the blow instead. His mouth turning up into that smirk that made her heart do flip flops, before he was stained with her color, drowning in it. Now crimson doesn't seem quite so beautiful.

They make it back to the village, but it's too late. Even the incredible speed of the green beast of Konoha wasn't enough. As TenTen wanders through the village she feels like screaming. How is life going on? Can't they tell that he's gone? The one person who was her everything, died, she should have been the one, oh God WHY COULDN'T SHE HAVE BEEN THE ONE TO DIE!!! He should have gone to Anbu, should have been clan head, should've been, could've been, won't.

Years later, TenTen is in Anbu. She kills without mercy, her old expressive face now a more effective one than the porcelain she had been given. TenTen will simply keep fighting, until the day where she is finally allowed to join him again. See you on the other side, Neji.

The day where she is up against an enemy nin and he somehow slips a kunai in her rips, she smiles. As her color fades, she slips away into the darkness.