Here's the epilogue!

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"Welcome home!"

Emily smiled widely as she stepped through the front door of the house, Jamie's carrier in her hand. Hotch followed with Lexie, nudging her slightly so he could get inside. "You've been busy," she said, reluctantly handing Jamie over to his enthusiastic Aunt Penelope.

"JJ and Garcia wanted to do it," Hotch replied, pressing a hand on her lower back. "Who was I to say 'no'?"

"A very smart man," Emily responded as Hotch gently lifted Lexie out of the carrier.

"Can I see her? Please Aunt Em?"

Emily and Hotch both chuckled at Henry's enthusiasm as Hotch carefully knelt down to show the boy the infant girl.

Henry cocked his head to the side, inspecting the little body. Then he wrinkled his nose. "Adam wasn't that wrinkley."

Laughter rose around them as Alan all but snatched his granddaughter from her father's gasp. "She looks like you," he said with a laugh. "Sorry, Aaron."

"No apologies necessary. My mother says Jamie looks like me, so I see it as we're even," Hotch replied wrapping an arm around Emily.

"Where is my grandson?" Elizabeth asked, looking over Alan's shoulder at Lexie.

"Kidnapped, I'm afraid," Emily murmured, watching JJ and Penelope coo over Jamie's still sleeping body. Much to her surprise, she was exceptionally calm watching both of her children in someone else's arms. With two of them, she'd learned quickly that she couldn't apply all of her attention to both of them simultaneously. She was happy to be home with her family.

"How are you feeling?" Dave asked, absently snatching Adam and flipping him upside down.

Emily smiled moving to kiss his cheek. "Like I just gave birth," she quipped as she did the same for Reid, who was standing awkwardly beside Dave, watching Adam with a sense of trepidation. Adam asked a lot of questions and his favourite walking, talking encyclopaedia of answers was his Uncle Spencer.

"Then why are you standing?" Derek asked. "Let's get you a nice comfy chair. I don't think you'll be seeing either of your kids for a while."

Emily hadn't laid eyes on either of her children for almost an hour when the wail came. She smiled affectionately as she went in search of her crying infant. It was time to eat. She found the culprit, Lexie, in JJ's arms, Jack looking at her in fear.

"I swear I didn't do anything, Emily!"

She ruffled the teenager's hair. "She's just hungry. Jamie should be screaming any minute now."

Jack relaxed visibly.

"Hey, don't, okay? You wouldn't do anything to hurt either of them, I know that." With that, she held her arms out for her daughter. She was transferred easily between mothers and JJ smiled.

"I told you so."

Emily smiled back, aware JJ was referring to their conversation in the hospital. "Chalk it up to drugs and hormones."

Lexie had quieted the minute she'd been placed in her mother's familiar arms and was cooing instead. Emily smiled down at her, leaning her head to rub her nose against the tiny one of her daughter. "I'll be right back."

JJ nodded. "I'll have Hotch bring Jamie up."

So Emily climbed the stairs, talking quietly to the little body in her arms. She smiled as she stepped into the nursery. Hotch, and Emily would be the others too, had been busy. The original nursery had only been prepared for her little boy. Lexie had changed things irrevocably and the two cribs sat side-by-side against one wall of the babies' room. But it was the rocking chair in the corner that called to her now. Despite the pain that Emily often felt Elizabeth put her through, the rocking chair had been her favourite baby gift. It had been her grandmother's, on her father's side, given to her mother when she was born. According to both of her parents, Elizabeth spent hours in that chair with Emily.

She settled into the old, squeaky wood with a comfortable, content smile, settling Lexie against her chest. She leaned her head back as Lexie finally latched on a smile floating across her face. This was somewhere she'd never thought she'd be. She never expected to have a baby, let alone give birth to twins. Doctors said Jamie had been essentially and carefully wrapped around his sister and the irregular heartbeat had actually been two heartbeats almost beating almost the same beat. To top it off, she'd never expected to have a man like Hotch in her life, let alone loving her.


Emily smiled as Hotch came in, his second son cradled in his arms. "They're like clockwork, you know."

"Who wakes up first?" he asked, standing in front of her and rocking Jamie in his arms.

"Jamie," she said slowly, eyes narrowing as she tried to remember. "I think?"

He chuckled as they did an exchange, searching the changing table for a burp rag. He paced back and forth across the room with Lexie while Emily watched, a soft smile on her face. It was certainly something to see Hotch as a father to an infant.

"Good girl," he cooed when she let out a massive burp.

Emily laughed quietly. Watching him with the babies was something that settled heat low in her belly. It was a touching and arousing sight. And she didn't have to ask him to hand her a burp rag for Jamie before he started rocking Lexie, telling her some useless story in low tones while Emily burped Jamie. She watched as Lexie's eyes dropped closed and Hotch stroked a hand down her soft cheek. Jamie had fallen asleep much quicker and she joined him at the cribs to put Jamie down in the crib beside his sister. Hotch's hand came up to the back of her neck, slipping under the hair that was curling wildly. She hadn't bothered to try and tame it over the last few days and it fell around her shoulders wildly.

"You know, this is one of the greatest gifts I've ever been given."

"The feeling's mutual," she said, leaning in to kiss him. She smiled into the kiss, wrapping an arm around his neck, while the other stayed on the edge of one of the cribs. Emotions welled up in Emily's chest. There was something that had been on her mind for a while, something that had occurred to her while she was filling out the birth certificates for the twins. She pulled away from the enthusiastic show of affection. "Marry me."

He was silent for a moment, blinking awkwardly. "You beat me to it."

"What?" she asked in surprise.

"I was going to ask you," he said, pulling a small black box from his pocket.

She laughed. All of a sudden, it was easy, almost too simple. She watched him flip open the box. It was a simple single diamond and she found her eyes tearing up. "I promised myself I wasn't going to be this much of a girl."

He chuckled, taking her hand and sliding the ring onto her finger, then lifted it to kiss her knuckles. Emily grinned back, squealing again and pulled him close, kissing him thoroughly. She didn't want to say she felt complete, it sounded too corny, but she'd wanted this for so long. And it certainly felt right.

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