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No matter how hard she tried, Lena couldn't get Kostos out of her mind. No matter how many parties she went to, no matter how many 'teen heart-throb' magazines she bought, the smiling, tanned face surrounded by the familiar dark curly hair was still etched into her mind. She could often be found staring into space in the vague direction of Britain, and the London School of Economics. All the latest products of her easel and paintbrush had had an unashamedly Greek feel to them, and numerous teachers had gotten mad at her about daydreaming and doodling in class.

It was, decided her best friends, time to do something about it. Carmen suggested taking her out to a new disco every week, but, as Bee and Tibby pointed out, Lena had already rejected numerous boys, and besides, it could get expensive.

"How about we… distract her?" Asked Bee, "I could take her to soccer training with me?"

"You really think Lena would go for running around? That's her problem; she sits there and thinks over life too much while she paints, makes things into more than they are," pointed out Tibby. "I have a much better idea…"

Even when pressed under the dire threat of no chocolate, Tibby refused to tell the others, leaving them hanging with only a sly "You'll see…"