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It was October 8th, exactly a month after the girls' annual late-night celebration at Gilda's (A/N: We are never told the girls' birthdays, so I used my artistic license), and Tibby decided to put her plan into action. She was at Lena's house, alone. Effie and Mrs Kaligaris had gone shopping, whilst Bee and Carmen were out choosing some new cleats (A/N: Soccer boots) for Bee, but Lena and Tibby were broke, so they'd opted to stay at Lena's. Well, the girls suspected that Lena wasn't 'broke' as such, just withdrawing from life.

Anyway, it was just Lena and Tibby at the Kaligaris place, and Lena was predictably moping.

"Um, Lena?"

"Yes, Tibs?"

"Um, you need to stop moping, You're not the only one to have lov- lost this summer, you know?" Curses; thank Jesus she'd managed to stop herself. None of her friends knew about her recent… revelation yet. None of them needed to know. Except maybe… Lena. She desperately wanted… needed Lena to know, needed Lena to feel the same.