So come on get higher, loosen my lips
faith and desire and the swing of your hips
just pull me down hard
and drown me in love

I miss the sound of your voice
Loudest thing in my head
and I ache to remember
all the violent, sweet
perfect words you said

I pull your heart
I taste the sparks on your tongue
I see devils and angels
and God when you come on
hold on, hold on, hold on, hold on.
Come on Get Higher by Matt Nathanson


5 years later.


I walked out of the pharmacy carrying a plastic CVS bag.

The years at Cornell had been amazing. Beyond what I thought they were going to be. Edward and I decided to get an apartment together that was only 5 minutes from the school, and Alice and Jasper lived right down the hall. Emmett and Rose decided to get an apartment a little farther away, but they were still relatively close.

I opened the car door and leaned against it. If I was correct, then how in the world was I supposed to tell Edward? What would he think?

Letting out a shaky laugh at my worries I stepped inside the car and started to head home.

After college Edward and I moved closer to Rose and Emmett. The apartment we were staying in was getting too cramped for our liking. The new apartment was about 20 minutes away from the school, and where Alice and Jasper were.

Praying Edward wasn't home I pulled into the parking lot of the apartment building. I stepped out of the car and made my way upstairs to the 8th floor.

I unlocked the door and called "Edward you here?"

When there was no reply I relaxed.

Walking towards the bathroom I pulled out the box containing the thing that could change our lives forever. I had no idea if we were ready for this, but something told me we were.

Opening the box I shut the bathroom door and locked it.

I pulled out the stick inside and sat down on the toilet.

Ten minutes later I was staring at the pregnancy test flashing a plus sign. Leaning against the bathtub I continued to stare at the pregnancy test that was staring up at me, mockingly.

I will tell Edward. Tonight. I thought confidently. Edward was taking me out to dinner and I would tell him then, no matter what.


"Emmett, would you just calm down and help me!" I said angrily to Emmett. All day he had been making fun of me for not being able to choose a ring for Bella.

I mean, how hard could picking out a ring be?

The answer; super hard.

Asking Emmett and Jasper was defiantly not one of my best ideas.

"Dude, Edward, calm down. You'll find a ring." Jasper said calmingly from next to me.

"No I'm having dinner with Bella in," I paused and looked down at my watch "2 hours!" I groaned.

"This ones pretty." Emmett said.

I looked over at the one he was pointing at. It was had a gold band and the diamond that was set into it was way too big for what I knew Bella would want.

"It's too flashy" I said. "Bella won't like it."

"Why don't you just propose and let Bella pick out the ring?" Emmett asked annoyed.

"Because, that's not how I want our engagement to be." I said turning back to the cases full of rings. None of which were good enough for Bella.

The ring had to perfect. Tonight had to be perfect. Everything had to be perfect.

I turned around and looked at the next case. Sitting there in the middle of the case was the perfect ring for my Bella.

"It's perfect." I said.

2 hours later.


I heard the door of the apartment open.

"Bella!" Edward called.

"In the bedroom" I called back.

I had thrown away the pregnancy test after the initial shock wore off, and had started to get ready for our date.

The door opened behind me, and I saw Edward come up beside me in the mirror. Putting his arms around me he said "How was your day?"

I sighed. "It sure was crazy" a smile graced my lips as the thought of Edwards child growing inside of me came to mind again. I just hope that he feels the same way.

"How was your day?" I said leaning back into his arms.

"Umm, you don't want to know." He said a smile playing on his lips.

I turned so that I was facing him. Smiling up at him, I put my hands around his neck and pulled his lips to mine.

Our lips moved together. His tongue traced my bottom lip and I moaned into his mouth. He took that as invitation and our tongues tasted each other, both of us fighting for dominance.

I pulled away out of breathe. He leaned his forehead against mine and whispered "I love you Bella"

"I love you to Edward" I whispered back.

"You ready to go?" he said pulling away. A smile planted on his lips. I smiled up at him and nodded, instantly wishing his arms were still around me.

"Then let's go." He said the smile more prominent. Though looking closely at him he seemed a little more nervous then he was willing to show.

Why is he nervous? I though as I nodded.

He kissed me on my lips. A short sweet kiss, and put his arm around my waist.

Leading me out the door, I noticed that he was playing with something in his pocket.

I subconsciously put my hand on my stomach. Looking in the mirror earlier showed me that the pregnancy wasn't noticeable yet. But I still had a small baby bump.

Edward led me to his Volvo, and opened the passenger door for me.

"Always the gentle man" I mumbled to myself.

I didn't mean for him to hear me, but his loud laughter showed me that he did.

"But you love me anyway." He whispered in my ear before I climbed in.

I smiled to myself. The drive to the restaurant was short. When I looked out the window the big sign showing people the name of the place said "Bella Italia".

"Come on." Edward said from beside me. He seemed to be preparing himself for something.

Could he know? How?

I opened the car door and climbed out, mentally preparing myself for what I was going to tell him.

I met Edward at the front of the car. He put his hand on the small of my back and led me into the restaurant.

"How many?" the hostess asked staring at Edward.

"Two please." He said pulling me closer. She turned to look at me.

She nodded, and grabbed two menus. "Of course right this way."

She led us to the back were there were less people. The lights were turned down so that you could barely see. Over all, the place looked very intimate.

"The waitress will be here soon to get your drinks." She said walking away. I noticed that before she turned away she was giving me a glare.

If looks could kill crossed through my mind.

I laughed to myself.

"Why do they always do that?" Edward said to me.

"Glare at me or flirt with you?" I asked innocently.

"Both" he growled.

"Because you're just to perfect, and I have you." I said simply.

"It's not very polite." He said grabbing a menu.

"Like they care." I mumbled.

"Hi I'm Brittany, ill be your server tonight. What can I get you to drink?" the girl name Brittany asked looking straight at Edward.

"I would like a diet coke, and what would you like sweetie." He said taking my hand.

The waitress looked over at me like she just noticed I was there.

"A coke please." I said smiling up at her.

She nodded and walked away.

Dinner passed quickly, and I still hadn't found the right moment. I couldn't just blurt it out, but I had to tell him.

Edward paid for the bill and took me back to the car.

"Where are we going Edward?" I said as I noticed we weren't heading home.

"You'll see." He said. He glanced over at me and I noticed he was smiling.

15 minutes later he pulled into the parking lot that was for the children's park.

I looked over at him confused.

"Be patient Bella." He laughed

"I hate being patient" I grumbled.

"Well, you're just going to have to trust me," He said getting out of the car and walking around it to my side.

Opening the door, he took my hand and pulled me out.

"Why do you have to be so difficult?" he said leading me towards the pond.

I shrugged and leant into his warming touch.

"Just a little farther until we are there." He said pulling me away from the pond and into the woods near it.

As we walked through the woods I noticed bright lights coming from up ahead. As we drew closer to the lights I saw that it was actually Christmas lights strung to the trees, making the place seem like it was surrounded by fireflies.

As we stepped through the lights and into the clearing I couldn't help but draw in a breathe. It was beautiful. The lights were hanging in the trees around a small meadow. Sitting in the middle of the meadow was a blanket.

"Its beautiful" I said to Edwards's chest.

"Its nothing compared to you." He said looking down at me. I could feel my cheeks warm, from his comment.

We walked into the meadow and sat down the blanket. As Edward leaned back he pulled me with him, so that we were both lying down on the ground.

"I love you" he said.

"I love you too." I responded back.

I don't know how long we laid there but eventually I felt Edward move away from me and stand up.

I sat up and put my hands behind me to holds myself steady as I looked up at him.

"Ever since I saw you, you intrigued me Bella. I knew instantly that you were something different. A whole different person that Lauren or any other girl. You had a broken wrist and foot in a boot. You looked so fragile" he was on his knees now. His fingers swept across my face, probably remembering those first few days I had spent with him.

"Then when you told me what Lauren did, I couldn't help but listen. I had never listened to my mother, my father, hell even Alice tried to talk sense into me about how I treated girls. But you changed that in one night. You made me feel like I could be a better person. Then you told us about Charlie." He paused. His eyes were closed and he looked as if he was trying to find the right words. "If he weren't dead, I think he would have been after that. The words 'love at first sight' comes to mind when I think of you. I think since that first day I knew I loved you, I just wouldn't admit it to myself."

He broke off.

"Edward, what are you…?" I never finished. He just blurted out "Bella, will you marry me?"

I froze. "What?"

He took a deep breathe and looked me straight in the eye "Will you marry me?"

Tears formed in my eyes as I nodded. "Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, and yes" I said over and over again. He smiled and pulled my mouth to his. He pulled a velvet box from his pants and opened it. He pulled out the ring and slid it on my finger. It looked so right there. I smiled up at him and he kissed me again.

I pulled away and said "I need to tell you something."

"What is it?"

"I'm pregnant" to my surprise he kissed me again.

"I love you Bella." He mumbled against my lips.

"I love you Edward."

I couldn't help but think this would be a perfect ending for a fairytale.

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