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Chapter 1

Let it being

Bella's P.O.V

So here I am, sat on the plane, with Alice on my right, designing something, and Rosalie to my left painting her nails. We're on our way to Alice's family holiday home in Utah, her parents have said we could stay there for the whole summer; I've always loved Carlisle and Esme! We're going over the summer holiday but it means it's winter there. Winter means snow. We're staying in a huge cabin; I really don't know why Carlisle and Emse bought one so big.

"It's not really that big when you know your way around" Alice said, defending herself.

But me and Rose could both tell that Alice was just trying to hold her excitement in, she ways talked about the trips her and her family took, and how much she loved this place: Utah.

We have been in college for the past year and this is our first summer as college students. Me, Alice and Rose have been friends ever since we started school back in Forks, and have been best friends even since. Alice and Rose both have older brothers. Alice's older brother, Edward acts like such a jerk, he thinks he so much better then everyone else. I used to think he was such a god, really hot; I used to think I was in love, but this completely changed my mind about him. Rose's brother is the same, Jasper his name is. Come to think about it, I haven't seen Edward or Japer in ages. They hanged with a huge guy called Emmett, he was a jerk too, just not as bad as Jasper and Edward, in fact, we didn't mind Emmett; he always said I was like his younger sister. I haven't seen any of them since they graduated; they are 2 years older than us.

Alice of course was studying Fashion, while Rose was on a beauty course, I was taking a writing course and we all were on a sport course together, we are quite the sporty girls but we love to get all dressed up, so we're off for some skiing and to learn how to snow-board. Well, Alice knows how to snow board but Rose and me don't. We're also here to "rock some party's" as Rose puts it.

I stuck my headphones in and put my favourite playlist on, the sad thing is, is it's one of Edward's playlists. Alice just put as many songs as she could get on onto my I-pod, including her playlists. Typical, my favourite one was Edward's.

I must have fallen asleep because Alice was poking me in the arm

"Bella, wake up we're landing soon" She said.

"Alice…" I groaned, sleepily.

"You have to put your seatbelt on"


"Ok, now I'm excited, so Alice you don't have a holiday boyfriend here do you?" Rose joked.

"No" Alice replied quickly.

"Ok, calm down pixie, I was only asking"

"Rose, don't call her pixie, she's our little pixie, remember." I said.

Rose smiled at me, "Bella, you're right; she's our little pixie, who we love"

"Awww, You guys" Alice gushed happily.

An announcement came over the intercom "Welcome ladies and Gentlemen to Utah, Deer Valley, we will be landed shortly"

Alice let a squeal escape her lips; she's so excited! Rose and me are excited too, but we seem to be missing something, maybe Alice is keeping something from us. I wouldn't put it past Alice when she has a plan. She always seems to know what will happen next.

"We're landing" Rose said.

Alice said "No, we'll land in … 3…2…1"

Of course Alice was right on cue, Rose was a little annoyed.

"C'mon you two, lets get of this plane!" I said, trying to ease the tension.

"YEAH!" Alice squealed. For someone so small Alice has a lot of energy. But that's Alice and I would never change her, she like the sister I never had. Rose was like a sister too. We were always there for each, through family issues to boyfriends, right now, none of us were dating but I never dated as much as Rose and Alice anyway. Rose never wanted anything too serious, and Alice broke up with her last boyfriend, Mike, recently, he didn't like her going away the whole summer and got really moody and jealous, she said things had been bad before and she had been thinking of breaking up with him anyway.

This is our break from everything; school, family…Poor Rose's parents were getting a divorcees and my mum has been arguing with her new husband, Bill. My Dad Charlie was trying to date, which I really didn't want to know much about.

We're stood waiting for our suitcases, Alice only lets us pack half a suitcase and she even made us take another empty one, so we have 6 suitcases between us and 3 are empty, the others only half filled! We must be mad! Alice said that there is an amazing shopping mall here and that's where we're going shopping. Ok, I do like shopping for a bit but when it's with Alice we always end up shopping for hours!

Finally the last of the suitcases came around, Rose said, "It's about time" and grabbed it quickly and we started heading for the exit.

"Alice, I know you have cars at the cabin, but how are we getting there?" I asked.

"You'll see"

We came out of the airport, (thank god Alice packed me a hoodie in my hand luggage, I would have froze) and I saw it a sign that read 'Cullen' the guy holding the sign was in a suit, I'm guessing he's our driver. Alice must have pre-booked a taxi; she walked over to him and quoted "Alice Cullen"

"Just on time, did you have a good flight miss?" The guy asked, politely.

"Yes, thank you" Alice replied, equally as polite.

That's Alice for you, the kind and polite one, if only the guy knew the real her.

"This way then please, would you like me to take your bags?"

"Oh it's ok, we have six"

Alice failed to tell him they were as light as a feather. The poor guy looked baffled.

Then I spotted the car. "Alice Cullen!!" I shouted

"Yes, Isabella Swan?"

Rose hit me on the back "C'mon on Bella, you know she loves everything to be perfect"

"Yes Rose, but a limo?!"

"It's Alice remember"

I hated Alice spending money on me, I know the limo wasn't just for me, but she knew this was my first holiday away probably since the one I went on with my Mum and Dad when I was 7, before the divorce. She had said she's going to make everything perfect…

"Have a nice ride ladies, we will arrive within the hour" The Driver, Jake, said.

We all thanked him.

Then Rose said "Let this be"

"The best holiday ever" Alice finished.

"I can't wait" `I squealed excitedly.

The ride went really quick. When the driver pulled up outside the cabin it made me gasp; it was so beautiful, and yes it was huge. Rose was in a state of awe too, well, who wouldn't be, this place was amazing. There was a the little layer of untouched snow making it even more beautiful, the cabin was well hidden in the trees meaning you would only find it here if you knew it was here.

Rose called from the porch of the house "C'mon Bella"

I hadn't realized they had already gotten out and were at the house, I quickly jumped out the car. Bad idea, I fell straight into the snow face first, I could her Rose and Alice laughing, Jake helped me up, he was kinda good looking.

"You ok, Miss?"

"Um, yeah thanks"

"It's Isabella, right?"

"I prefer Bella." I smiled.

"Here's your bags, oh and if you need a tour guide or something, I know this place really well"

"Mmmm, sure"

"Here, take my card, just ask for Jake"

He gave me his business card and got into the limo, I walked over to where Rose and Alice where standing.

"Bella! Flirting on the first day, tut-tut, I'm very ashamed" Rosalie Joked, shaking her head in mock disappointment.

"Rose, I was not flirting!"

"You may think that but he totally likes you" Alice smirked.

"Thanks Alice, you're so much help." I said, sarcasm dripping from my voice. "Can we just go in already?"

"C'mon Bells, we were only joking"

"I know" I sighed.

Alice was by the door with the key now, "Girls, Welcome to the Cullen's cabin" she said, flinging the door wide open.

We walked in, awestruck; this was amazing just like the outside, it was beautiful. You could tell Alice and her mother, Esme, had been working in each room to make them unique yet beautiful.

"Yes Alice, this isn't big at all"

"I know, right, I was trying to tell you!" I don't think Alice noticed the sarcasm in Rose's voice, I laughed at her naivety.

"So Alice, where's are rooms?" Rose asked

"Only you would ask that, Rosalie" I punched her lightly in the arm.

"And your point is?"

I just shook my head.

"We can all stay on the same floor if you'd like, come on" Alice said.

We went up the stairs and, like Alice said, there were three doors down the hall. I thought there would have been more…

"Oh there are two more rooms upstairs again, and there is a room in the basement," Alice said, as if she was reading my mind.

"Wow, it's huge!!" I said, shocked at the size of this place.

"Choose one then, actually, choose at of those two, this one's mine" Alice said, walking over to the third door. I went to the second of the doors on the left and Rose went to the first, Alice had a really smug look on her face.

I could hear Rose shouting "Alice this is amazing…Oh my God, I have a balcony"

"So do I. Alice this Room is stunning" I said, gob smacked.

"Thought you guys would like them, now I hate to tear you away but we have some serious shopping to do!"

I groaned "Alice, we have the whole summer to shop, can we at least wait until tomorrow."

"No, it's fine, you don't have to come, I'll just get you some clothes, my choice, and you can check the house out"

"All right" I agreed, happy I don't have to go shopping

"C'mon then Rose" Alice chirped. "Bells, there is food in the suitcase downstairs, so if your hung-"

"I'll unpack that suitcase for you Alice and I'll make dinner. Wait, Alice does that mean you didn't bring any clothes at all?"

"Clever Bella" She laughed and with that she was out the door with Rose. Trust Alice to buy a whole new wardrobe while she's here, I can't believe she didn't pack anything!

I put my suitcase in my room, I'll unpack later. God, how much did Alice pack in this suitcase! I can tell you now, we won't need to go food shopping for a good 3 weeks, I'm running out of cupboard space to put it all.

I shut the last cupboard triumphantly, 20 minutes of putting away food, it's outrageous!!

Ok, I'm lost; I mean how can I get lost in a cabin! I was just going around another corner, trying to locate my room when I heard someone talking.

"Mate, we don't need to go to the store, the cupboards are full" Who the hell is it?! It's definitely a mans voice, then there was another voice

"What? Why would there be food here?"

"Who cares, lets eat!" Someone else said. That makes 3 of them; I can't fight off 3 men on my own! I ran as fast as I could, tripping over my own feet in the rush to get to the next room to hide. I could still hear them talking.

"Did you hear that?" One of them said.


"I heard it, someone in the house"

"I thought you said no-one was going to be here"

"No-one should be here"

"Maybe it's a hobo?"

"You're mad"

"You never know, these things happen, I saw it on TV"

I could see the stairs so I quickly dashed for them. Running up the hall, I could hear them talking again.

"There, up the stairs"

"You go up those stairs, I'll go up the other one and we'll get them in the middle"

"What about me?"

"Guard the front door, we can't let them out" They said.

Panicking, I ran down the stairs and into the cupboard, I could hear my heart beating at 100 miles an hour.