Authors Notes!

I feel so soooooo bad! I have no idea where that year went :s i cant believe i havnt updated my stories in so sooooooooo longggg! and I'm so so sorry to all my readers you guys are amazings i just been getting quiet few reviews lately and can't believe how busy I've been that haven't been able look at my story but your reviews guys have made me determine to finish my stories one by one I'm gonna try my best promise =D

So first I'm gonna need a new beta cause with my memory I can't remember who was beta this story (any takers?) would be very helpfull as know my spelling and grammor is bad lol XD

So if you guys are still waiting (if there is actuallly still going read this after so long ) for new chapters I'm gonna try write soon!

so drop me a review of what you think should happing next or what you would like to happen.

Right I'm off to read my own story as even I can't remember half it there my bad memory for you.