She stood over the town watching it burn. She smiled slightly knowing she alone had done this . She was discussed by this fact that she had done it but, she loved the way it satified her bloodlust. Adrenaline laced her veins. She wanted to turn away, to stop looking at the lives she destroyed, but she couldnt.

Blood dripped from her han creating a pool of crimson liquid around her bare feet,the only sound besides the fire. In her hand was her sword, sharp and deadly, stained crimson with the villagers blood. She knew she would regret this in the morning when she was back to normal when her blood was back to normal. She would feel the pain of knowing what she had done, but not now,she had no sense of right or wrong.

She took one more fleeting glance at the village and left heading down to she small hut she built a few day ago ,dragging her sword behind her. She didnt really care who saw the rut in the mud or the trail of blood left by the sword,they would all know who killed the villagers, they would all know it was her. She made it back to her hut,blood returning to normal,as a wave of self hatred hit her hard, she colappsed

Morning finally came. She woke with a start, images of yesterday flashed in her mind. She finally realized that she was still layng outside, in her blood soaked clothes. when she finally got changed she went to see all the damage she had done. She could tell where she stood last night by the puddle of dried blood that stained the ground.

She looked over at the village, the fire had gone out but was steaming in some places. Dead bodies lay every where, some were headless some missing limbs. She stepped down from the hill twords the village. She walked along the ashes of homes,fighting the urge to throw up. She kept walking until she couldnt help it anymore,he threw up.


She silently rounded the corner, her sword drawn and deadly. Her highly sensiative nose picked up the smell of smoke,she would have to hurry to be able to get out . Her blood red eyes focused on the sight in front of her. The men of the vilage had come to protect it,armed with clubs, spears,and bows and arrows,( this will be easy ) she thought. She raised her sword as a house burst into flames. Silence surronded them like a Blanket. She would let them make the first move.

They stood in silence for 10 minutes before a man about 18,19 at most charged forward. She grinned, her fangs gleaming dangerously. She held the sword in both hands in front of her. She split the club down the middle, sucessfully splitting the boy in two

Then it started.

She was surrounded, it was hard to see throught all the smoke, even with her super good eyesight. She took her sword and swung it at sholder height, she felt it hit him,cutting his head off. She felt his warm blood slide down her face. She heard the breathing of a man behind her. She used her deadly claws to run him through.

She felt a sword clip her shoulder telling her the mans location. She killed him easily. A sword clipped her cheek,She quickly kicked him in the his skull. Killing the rest was easily.

End flashback

The battle was done. Blood dripped off her hair and her face. It wasnt her blood but the villagers. She had only two cuts,and thoes would heal in about 10 decided to go to the river and at least wash the blood off her finally got to the river and washed her face and hair. She stood up and looked at her reflection in the water.

The girl staring back at her had black hair, a little past her waist,with red tips and silver had cold silver eyes with blue flecks. She raised up a hand and where her fingernails should be were claws,long and deadly. She also had fangs protruding out of her mouth. Sprouting out of her behind was a tail,long and fluffy, it was black with a silver tip. On top of her haed were two black dog ears with red streaks and silver tips. Yes, she was an inu-hanyou one of the last of her kind.

She slowly made her way to her hut and sat down. Men loved her for her looks, people scorned her for being a hanyou. She hated herself. She was a murderer. She killed so many innocent people,none of the murders really got to her except two. Her parents died protecting her, they were the only ones who truely loved her, cared for her ,and they were killed because of her.

Damn them she said damn them all to hell. She started punching the wall until her knuckles turned red with blood. She finally sat down, exhausted( i have to get out of here, if they catch me im dead) she thought. She slowly got up and exited the hut, And made her way down the trail.