Well, here it is. The re-write of Return of the Dragon. The original one is still up, but I decided to make a re-write because I found some problems in the first one. I want to thank Adlex47Ligar0, Dragoon-zerox, and D-reaper X-20 for helping me with this story. If not for them, I don't know what I'd do. Also, for those of you who like harems, thank D-reaper X-20. I've decided to make this a harem. I'm chancing it by making it a bigger harem than Naruto Ignited. The harem will be Hinata, Temari, Tenten, and Fem. Haku. Sakura will be a bitch, and I don't know about Ino yet.

And for those of you who wonder how hard it is to write a DBZ/Naruto X-over. Think about this. The characters of DBZ at their weakest(Raditz) can move faster than a shotgun bullet and let it hit them and not feel a thing. They also grow a helluva lot stronger. Some(like Kid Goku) can take a bullet shot to the forehead and only feel a stinging pain for a while. For some, bullets don't affect them at all. Imagine blending a power like that with the characters of Naruto. It's very hard and I have to downplay a lot of DBZ's power which I really didn't want to do. So bear with me on these.

Anyway, onto the story.


(Flashback-April-6 years before Valley of the End)

A six year old Naruto was training. He was going over the Clone Jutsu that was taught to him by his academy sensei Iruka. Try as hard as he could, Naruto couldn't get the damn jutsu down. He tried and tried, but it didn't work. You'd think he could do this by his record.

Ever since he could remember, Naruto was always a strong little boy. One time a man was trapped under a merchant kart. No one around could get it off. The people around were about to ask a ninja for help, before Naruto just came over and threw the kart. With one hand. There were 5 men trying together to get the kart off the man, yet Naruto did it easily with one hand.

He was also very energetic. He did pranks to improve his energy and stealth. But when he gets caught, he leads Chunnin and some Jounnin on chases all around the city, to where the Ninja call it quits. Where most of the other kids in his class could only take two laps(½ mile) nonstop around the school field before taking a break, Naruto could take it to lengths that no one ever expected him to and go up to 6 laps (1 ½ miles) before taking a break.

They also tested him to see how much chakra he had. They had him flare out all of his chakra at once in a continuous aura. When Naruto tried it, his aura reached levels that some Jounnin couldn't match. He could soak up knowledge like a sponge does to water. He read his Ninja Academy: Year 1 book 3 times in 3 months and he could answer questions that some kids in their second year couldn't answer. Of course, the teachers gave him questions on things that they hadn't studied yet, but Naruto still answered them correctly, frequently leaving the teachers speechless.

He also learned that Genjutsu were dispelled when he flared out his chakra. After a few days of trying, he mastered that move. He flared chakra out of a small part of his body frequently to dispel any Genjutsu. He used it as a chakra exercise. He even found out that some of his tests had Genjutsu on them, but didn't pay any mind to it.

Naruto also had tough skin. He had skin that could easily take a stabbing from a kunai, yet he didn't feel anything from it but a small twinge of pain. A guy in the village once threw a kunai at Naruto's arm. Naruto didn't sense it or anything and it hit him. The kunai fell with the top part of it bent. All Naruto did was feel a small pain, but it went away a few minutes later.

He also found out a new way to use chakra. Well, it wasn't chakra, but it was something else entirely. Ever since he started using chakra, Naruto felt that there was something different about it than his body expected. He never found out what that was, until he was attacked. Some people got together and tried to kill him. Naruto tried to run, but took a dead end and was beaten up. The attacks didn't hurt as much as they usually did, but Naruto was still scared. He looked around, but only saw the hateful glares of the people. Naruto panicked, and his instincts took over. He let out some sort of attack that hit everyone and had them running away.

After trying to find it for 2 months, Naruto finally found it. It was the energy that his body was craving for. It was the Spiritual Energy of chakra(Spiritual Energy in Chakra is built up by exercising, so I picked that). After testing it, Naruto found he could manipulate it in any shape or form. It felt right using that type of energy. He could make a blade, a ball, a grenade, it was only limited to his imagination.

But despite all of these achievements, he couldn't control chakra. He couldn't control it enough to do one simple Jutsu. Now here he was, slaving away at trying to do the Clone Jutsu, but couldn't get it done.

Naruto tried it again, but still couldn't get it right. Naruto fell into an uncontrollable rage. He tried so hard, yet he couldn't do this one simple fucking jutsu. Naruto fell to his knees and put his hands on his head. He leaned forward, then threw back his head in a primal roar. Somehow, that scream combined with his rage shocked something deep within him. He suddenly felt power. And a helluva lot of it. It surrounded him completely. It took the form of a yellow firey aura. Naruto felt his hair stand up. The changes to him were enough to shock him out of his rage state, and bring him back to earth.

Naruto couldn't explain it, but he could feel the power in him. It was like something far, far away was now in front of him. He felt the power, and it felt damn good. Once Naruto got control of himself, he knew that this wasn't the end. He could feel it. He knew that this power was something that would change his entire life. He also had to hide it.

He had a sixth sense for danger. He knew when someone dangerous to him was watching him. Call it precognition, but he felt the Uchiha boy in his class look at him. The kid frequently stared daggers into the back of Naruto's head. Naruto never paid it any mind, but he could feel the danger behind that stare. The feeling was like listening to a serial killer laughing as he broke out of prison or something.

Naruto couldn't explain it, but he felt the power leave all of a sudden. He felt his hair go down and saw the aura disappear. He also saw black at the edges of his vision. The black completely took over his vision and Naruto fell unconscious.


(Fast Forward-September-6 years before the Valley of the End)

After 5 months of trying, Naruto was going to re-attempt it. He fell unconscious many, many times trying, but he finally succeeded once. After finding out that it was because of his rage that he was able to reach that, Naruto tried to reach it again. After several failures, he did it. When he did, he felt the power increase and thought of increasing his Spiritual Energy. After months of training, Naruto was about to try it again. He tried it after every week of training, but it didn't do any good. He could never activate it.

Now he was about to try it again. Naruto flared his aura like they told him to, gaining power, pushing his max. Naruto increased his power higher and higher, never stopping. After a while, he felt a barrier. Like a literal top on his power. Naruto focused his power harder and harder, knowing that barrier stood inbetween him and that transformation. Naruto forced his power, until he could literally feel that barrier breaking. When it broke completely, the power rushed him again.

This time Naruto was by a river, so when the transformation happened, he rushed over to see what it was. He looked at his reflection to see a completely different person looking at him. The person in the water had blonde hair sticking up in odd places. He had greenish-blue eyes. The person had more muscles than Naruto ever had. There was also a firey yellow aura around him. He thought that he was dreaming, until he punched himself. He looked at the water and thought 'That's me. I look completely different. This is unreal.' After checking himself out more, Naruto walked away from the river and into town. After awhile the aura died off, but the changes stayed the same. And when he went into town, no one noticed him. His hair and eyes were usually jet black. Now that the colors were different, he was unrecognizable, except for the whisker marks.

Naruto headed across town to the forest on top of the Hokage Monument. After getting there, Naruto tried to control the transformation. He found that with great difficulty he could barely control it. Naruto decided to train more. With training, he was able to transform without being angry. Maybe training will allow him to transform without so much strain. It's just like a cool Jutsu. You want to launch it as fast as possible and it took him 10 minutes of concentration to transform and 5 to get out of it without passing out. He needed to get the transformation faster.


(Fast Forward-December 27th-6 years before the Valley of the End)

3 months later, Naruto could control the technique. It took 3 months of hard work, and he even had to skip school sometimes, but he was able to control the transformation. Now all he had to do was concentrate, and in a few seconds, the technique did it's work, turning him to Super Naruto. This technique had also helped him with his chakra. He found that not only increased his Spiritual Energy, but his Physical Energy too. Somehow, it forced the cells in his body to give a whole lot more energy up. Naruto's chakra supplies increased dramatically. And now he could control that power.

Naruto was out getting himself a soda and some ice cream with the Hokage. He told the Hokage everything about the ability. To say that the Hokage was shocked was an understatement. He couldn't lift his jaw off the ground for 10 minutes. He told Naruto that the technique was very dangerous and that he shouldn't tell anyone about it. Naruto already guessed that the Hokage would tell him that, but the Hokage was like a grandfather to him, and for some reason he couldn't keep secrets from him.

Anyway, they were eating ice cream when some guy came in. He looked like a ninja, but from the sign on his headband, it was easy to tell that he wasn't from Konoha. His headband had clouds on it, signaling that he was from Kumogakure no Sato, the Village Hidden in the Clouds. He had a beard and a confident smirk on his face. The man came up to the Hokage and said "Hello today, Hokage-sama. How are you?"

Sarutobi put on a smile and said "Great. I was just on my way to that meeting. It starts in 10 minutes anyway. Naruto, it's getting late, you better get on home."

Naruto said "alright old man" and got up. He started walking out of the ice cream parlor, but stopped. He felt a bad vibe from somewhere. After looking around, he found it coming from the Cloud guy. The guy was roped up in a chat with the Hokage, so he didn't see Naruto looking at him. After a few years, Naruto learned to trust his vibes. They got him out of a lot of beatings. Although they probably wouldn't hurt, Naruto knew that it was still bad to be on the receiving end of a beating. So he learned to trust his senses. Naruto decided to trail that guy for the rest of the day.


(Night-same day)

The man went to his hotel room, not aware of Naruto following him. Naruto was following him from the rooftops, a much easier way to stay on someone. Naruto saw the guy go into his hotel room, and then someone leaped out of his window and left the building. Naruto didn't need to look into the room to see that the Cloud guy had gone. Naruto trailed the guy to the Hyuuga estate. The estate wasn't guarded that day for some reason. Anyway, the guy was easily able to sneak into a room and take something. Naruto thought it was jewelry or something, but when he saw the bag move and someone whine, he knew that someone was in the bag.

Naruto knew that he had to stop this guy. He felt something in him awake, and it completely took over. He jumped out of the trees he was hiding in to come in front of the guy. Naruto said "Stop. Let that person go. NOW!"

The guy laughed. He said "So some little kid thinks that he can play the hero, huh? Well then, I'll show you what happens to fools like you who try to play the hero!"

The guy charged Naruto. He was fast, but he didn't put up a defense. He thought Naruto was some regular 7-year old kid. What he didn't expect was for Naruto to be fast also. Naruto was able to get a hit off on the guy's chest, making him drop the person in the bag. When the bag dropped, Naruto grabbed it and ran. He ran into the forest at a surprising pace, but the Cloud Guy was able to keep up, barely. Naruto stopped at a clearing. He pulled the bag off and there was a girl. She had on pajamas and had midnight blue hair. Her eyes were violet(or whatever the Hyuuga eye color is). She had on a small blush. She said "N-N-Naruto-kun! What happened?" The little girl was Hinata Hyuuga, one of Naruto's classmates. She was a little shy, but she made friends easily. She also had a crush on Naruto, but Naruto didn't know that.

Naruto said "Some guy from Cloud Village tried to kidnap you. He's coming. Hinata, I'll hold him off."

Hinata became frantic. She heard from her dad that the Cloud Village sent over their head Jounnin to sign a peace treaty with the village. The Head Jounnin wasn't someone to mess with and she guessed that he could keep up with some of the best. She couldn't let Naruto go out there and be killed. She said "Naruto-kun, you can't-"

Naruto cut her off. He turned around to a part of the forest, saying "Hey, don't tell me what I can't do. We'll both be fine. I give you my word. And I never go back on my word. That's my nindo. My ninja way. I promise you won't get hurt. Now sit back and watch me show this guy what happens when he messes with my friends."

Hinata blushed a little when she heard Naruto call her his friend. Hinata couldn't explain it, but Naruto's words soothed her. She calmed down and backed away. 2 seconds later, the Head Jounnin from Cloud came out of the woods. He said "You won't survive Round 2 kid!" and charged Naruto, this time taking Naruto seriously.

Naruto said "No, you won't survive this!" Naruto then focused his power, easily activating his transformation. When he transformed, he let his power flare out. The power caused some changes in the landscape. The ground around him started crumbling. Small pebbles started raising up and being destroyed in mid-air. Hinata looked at Naruto and said "Naruto, w-w-what happened to you?"

Naruto said "This is my new technique I made up. It changes my hair yellow, and makes me a whole lot stronger. With this move I can beat this fool."

Naruto looked at the Cloud Jounnin and said "Alright. Now, let's go."

Naruto then shot at the guy. One second Naruto was in front of the guy, and in a blink he had his right fist embedded in the guy's chest. The guy's eyes came out of his eye sockets and swelled to the size of dinner plates. Naruto then turned around and kicked the guy with the sole of his left foot.. The guy drifted 10 feet back before landing. The guy got up quickly, saying "This time I'm not going easy on you. Now DIE!" The guy started charging Naruto with a sword out in his right hand.

Naruto yelled "Spirit Sword Jutsu!". Naruto held his left arm out with his fingers extended and his thumb tucked into his palm. He focused ki energy into his hand, and a yellow mass of energy came out. The energy came out of his wrist and went for three feet growing into a point. The man stopped running and looked on in shock and thought to himself 'Who is this kid?'

Hinata looked amazed as Naruto turned to her and said "Surprised? I call this my Spirit Sword Jutsu. It creates a glowing yellow sword in place of my hand. Now I don't need a weapon."

The Cloud Jounnin said "No matter. I can easily kill you, little boy." The man continued his dash at Naruto and tried a vertical slash at Naruto. Naruto brought the sword up to block the strike. Sparks flashed as the guy pulled his sword back and tried to attack Naruto again with a diagonal strike. Then a horizontal. The man kept attacking, never letting up for even a second. Naruto didn't let the guy gain any ground. He met all of the guys strikes with a block or parry.

While the Cloud Jounnin was busy striking Naruto, Naruto created another smaller blade on his right arm. When he blocked another vertical strike from the guy, he brought his other blade around, growing it in size. The blade then cut through the guy's sword like a hot knife through butter.

The guy was momentarily shocked at the fact that his sword was destroyed. Naruto took advantage of the opportunity, stopped his Spirit Sword Jutsu, and punched the guy in his chest. The Cloud Jounnin was knocked away by the hit. Naruto started charging energy into his left hand. When the attack charged completely, Naruto let it go, yelling "Silent Grenade Jutsu!"

The attack was small, but it traveled fast. The Cloud Jounnin had no chance. The attack hit him, but it didn't go off. It just hit him, and it didn't seem to faze him. The guy got up, charging Naruto again. He started doing handseals, yelling out "Lightning Style: Lightning Bolt Jutsu!" From the skies, a yellow bolt of lightning came down at Naruto. Naruto jumped back, barely avoiding the blast. When he landed, the Jounnin was gone. Naruto looked around for him, but it was too late. He didn't know what was coming, until he heard Hinata yell "Naruto-kun, watch out!"

Naruto looked around, but was too slow as a lightning attack hit him right in the face. He was knocked away by the blast, but was able to land on his feet. He looked around, but was shot again. He kept looking around for the Jounnin, but every time he thought he found him, he was blasted. After 12 blasts, the guy came out, saying "You survived 12 blasts of my Lightning Bolt Jutsu. That's impressive, kid. Maybe I'll take you and the girl to Cloud with me. Then we'll use you both to breed the ultimate ninja and take over the Elemental Countries

The man then started doing handseals. He then ended, saying "It was a good fight kid, but now you're-"

He was cut off as Hinata rushed forward, attacking the man. She jumped up and hit him with a Gentle Fist strike in the back. He man yelled in pain, then kneeled forward on one foot. He turned around and said "Stupid bitch." and smacked Hinata. Hinata grunted out in pain, then fell back. The man said "I'll deal with you later bitch."

The man turned around, saying "Now where were we?" He turned around to see that Naruto was standing up. The guy started doing handseals, yelling out "Lightning Style: False Darkness Jutsu!" The clouds bunched up together. And out of them, came a huge beast of lightning. The beast roared and dashed forward for Naruto. Naruto just stood there, not doing anything. The beast then crashed into Naruto. There was a huge explosion, giving Hinata the idea that Naruto was dead. She started crying out of the blue, thinking that her friend and crush was dead.

The Cloud Jounnin started laughing. He said "Who did you say wouldn't survive this battle kid. Too bad. Your abilities could've been good to Cloud. Too-What the hell?" The guy was interrupted as the smoke from the attack unexpectedly blew away. Standing there was Naruto, with tore clothes and bleeding wounds. Naruto looked at the guy, and in his eyes was murder. The glare was so evil, it would've made Orochimaru piss his pants.

Naruto said "I was gonna leave you to the Hokage to decide what to do with you, but now I won't. For hurting Hinata-chan, your death will be HERE AND NOW!"

Naruto shot at the guy, making a crater where he was at. The Cloud Jounnin started doing handseals, but was interrupted when Naruto appeared in his face out of nowhere. Naruto buried his fist in the man's face, blasting him backwards. The man was about to land, but Naruto interrupted him. Naruto appeared behind him and kicked him to the left. Naruto disappeared again and appeared behind the guy. He kicked him to the left again and disappeared. He kept that pattern up until the guy landed. The guy had broken hands, legs, arms, and a cracked rib.

The guy steadily got up, wincing in pain. He was on his knees and hands, and when he looked up, there was Naruto with a Spirit Sword in his face. The guy said "Please. I was only acting on orders from the Raikage. Please have mercy on me."

Naruto narrowed his eyes more then they were and yelled "Mercy? You want me to show you mercy! You kidnapped Hinata from her home for your village. You tried to kill me. You were about to kidnap me too. Just for your village! TELL ME WHY? WHY THE HELL SHOULD I SHOW YOU MERCY AFTER THAT, HUH!? WHY SHOULDN'T I JUST KILL YOU RIGHT HERE!?"

The Jounnin was whimpering, and was about to say something, when Naruto interrupted him. Naruto dropped out of his transformation, dropping the Sprit Sword. He said "Luckily for you, that's not my decision to make." Naruto then looked somewhere behind him. The Jounnin turned around to see the Hokage and Hiashi Hyuuga standing there.

The Hokage said "Good job, Naruto. Not only did you save Hinata, but you stopped this Jounnin from taking her to Kumogakure. As for this guy, I'll take him to the Interrogation Room for questioning. Naruto, how did you get here?"

Naruto said "I felt a bad vibe from this guy. I trust my vibes, so I followed him all day. I followed him to his apartment where he changed clothes and headed toward the Hyuuga Estate. For some reason, the security was down. I found him trying to steal Hinata-chan and I had to stop him."

Hiashi Hyuuga came forward, saying "Naruto-san, what you did today was heroic. Not only did you save my daughter, but you stopped the village from signing a peace contract with an enemy in disguise that would've killed us all. I can't thank you enough."

Naruto said "You don't have to thank me. I did this because I wanted to save Hinata-chan."

Hiashi said "Regardless of why you did it, you saved my daughter. I thank you."

Naruto said "No problem."

The next day, the Head Jounnin of Cloud was about to be taken away to jail. The Raikage demanded the Head Jounnin back, but that was put to a stop when the Jounnin made a public announcement to the citizens of Konoha about his secret mission at the village. A copy of what he said when he was interrogated was sent to the Daimyo of Fire Country and the Daimyo of Lightning Country. When the Raikage tried to declare war, the Daimyo of Lightning Country immediately denied the option, saying that if they did go to war, then he would cut ALL funds to Kumogakure. The Raikage then quickly lost interest in starting a war. When Hinata mentioned that Naruto did a move called the Silent Grenade, Naruto told the Hokage what it did. Basically, the attack buried itself in a body. The attack would take the bloodstream to the heart, where by command of the person who made the move, it would swell up and grow, destroying the attacker from the inside out.(The probe would only last for 3 days)

When Naruto told the Hokage of that move, the Hokage decided to take the Raikage up on his offer and send the Head Cloud Jounnin back to Kumogakure. He traveled with 6 ANBU, one of them a Shadow Clone of the Hokage in disguise. When the Head Jounnin was delivered to Kumogakure, the ANBU immediately left, the clone dispelling. When the Hokage got the Clone's knowledge, he had Naruto activate that technique. The Head Jounnin was blown up, right in front of the Raikage.

Naruto told Hinata not to tell anyone. If word got out that he could beat the Head Jounnin of Cloud, it might infuriate some people. Hinata understood and kept her mouth closed. Since that day, her dad made sure she spent a lot of time with Naruto, knowing she was safe with him.


(Fast Forward-Konoha Ninja Academy-1 year before Valley of the End)

Since Naruto saved Hinata, him and her had hit it off well. They were best friends. They were always seen together. They played together, they trained together, they ate together. If they didn't deny it every time someone said it, people would think they were dating. But the two did love each other. They just didn't know how to express it.

Naruto taught Hinata some of his special Spiritual Based attacks. She took a while longer to learn than he did, but she was easily able to do it. She even created some of her own attacks. They were always coming up with new ways to use Spiritual Energy.

Today Naruto and Hinata came to school early and sat down in their seats next to each other, Hinata by the window and Naruto next to her. Things were peaceful, until the door opened. A kid with jet black hair and black eyes said "Dobe, fight me, now."

Naruto looked over to the door to see Sasuke Uchiha, his most hated rival. Ever since he first came there, he was hated by Sasuke for having black hair and eyes 'like an Uchiha'. They were always at each other's throats and were always fighting.

Naruto sighed and said "Didn't you learn anything from the last, what's the record, 50 times I whooped your ass?"

Sasuke narrowed his eyes at Naruto and said "That's just luck. Lightning doesn't strike twice."

Naruto smirked and said "You're right. It strikes 50 times, from my count."

Sasuke glared at Naruto harder, and said "What Dobe, scared?"

Naruto said "Of who, you? No, I just don't wanna dirty my hands messing with you. You're a small fry in comparison to me."

Sasuke exploded with anger and said "What did you say?"

Naruto said "You heard me. You will never beat me Sasuke. I'm too strong for you."

Sasuke said "You talk a lot of trash. Let's see if you can back it up. After school. The field. I'll show you once and for all who's the best."

Naruto said "I'll be there. And I'll make sure to reserve you a room in the hospital."

Needless to say, word spread around quickly. The rivalry between Sasuke and Naruto was the talk of the Academy. Soon, everyone knew of the fight. Even some people not in school. When school got out, all of the kids who went to the school and their parents were crowded around, waiting to see the fight.

At the field outside the academy, Sasuke was standing alone, surrounded by people, waiting to see him defeat Naruto. Somehow, four very special people heard about the match and were there to see it. The first was Danzo, the old war hawk of Konoha. He secretly lead a secret police force called Root that didn't answer to the hokage. The second and third were Homura and Koharu, the Village Elders. They served on the Konoha Council and were there to see how the Uchiha would crush the demon that plagued their village for 12 years. The last person was Hiruzen Sarutobi, the Sandaime Hokage. The Hokage was there to make sure that after this match, no one tried to hurt Naruto. He also wanted to see how strong the two top academy students were.

Sasuke said "It's after school, and Naruto didn't show. I guess that shows how cowardly he is. He didn't even show up." The crowd cheered at that.

They were cheering Sasuke on, until a voice called out "Look above you, dumbass."

Sasuke looked up where he heard the voice coming from, and saw Naruto there. Naruto was sitting on a branch looking at Sasuke with a bored expression. He said "I been sitting here for 5 minutes. I was waiting to see if you could find me here. I guess you couldn't."

Naruto leaned back on the branch, falling off and flipping through the air. When he landed, he landed 2 feet in front of Sasuke. Naruto said "Okay. You challenged me to a fight Sasuke. I accepted. It that true?"

Sasuke said "Yea. So what if it is?"

Naruto took a quick look over at Homura and Koharu. He said "Just clarifying for anyone wanting to pin your injuries on me. Now let's go."

Sasuke said "Gladly."

Naruto jumped at Sasuke, wanting to end this quickly. He twisted in midair and let his left foot out for a kick. His foot connected with Sasuke's face, knocking him back. Naruto landed and said "Come on, Sasuke. You have to do better than that if you want this battle to last more than 30 seconds."

Sasuke said "I intend to."

Naruto charged Sasuke, a blur to regular villagers eyes. Sasuke saw Naruto coming and dodged the right fist aimed for his head. Sasuke brought his right fist up into an uppercut, hitting Naruto's chin. He then sent his left foot out in a front kick to Naruto's stomach. Naruto staggered back from the pain.

He thought to himself 'He usually didn't see hits like those coming. What happened to him?'

Sasuke smirked. He said "I bet you're wondering how I can see your attacks. Easy, look into my eyes."

Naruto looked at Sasuke's eyes and saw something that he didn't expect. 'He has the Sharingan. He must've got it from the last time we fought.'

Naruto said "I see you unlocked the Crutch Sharingan."

Sasuke narrowed his eyes at Naruto and said "What?"

Naruto said "The Crutch Sharingan. That's your bloodline. The Sharingan is nothing but a crutch, used by the Uchiha Family. It activates when their life is in danger. It never comes from training. The Sharingan comes when your own power can't save your ass. That's what's wrong with all bloodlines these days. They're all used as crutches. And when your crutch is beaten, you fall down."

Sasuke glared daggers at Naruto and said "The Uchiha Clan is the supreme clan in Konoha. We are the best. We have the best bloodline in the world. The Uchiha are the strongest."

Naruto smirked and said "If that's true, why isn't Konoha a monarchy with the Uchiha as the ruling family? That's what Madara Uchiha wanted. But he couldn't get his way 'cause he was defeated by Hashirama Senju, the First Hokage. Look at your dad. He was a candidate for the Yondaime Hokage, but he lost to Minato Namikaze.

"Face it, Sasuke. Your clan was never up top! They were always three steps behind the Senju Clan. It was the Senju who built Konoha! The Nidaime gave us the rivers we use as our water supply and the Shodaime gave us the trees we use as cover to hide our village. They taught the Sandaime Hokage. He taught the Sannin. One of the Sannin taught the Yondaime. And under the rule of the Senju, our village has peace with other Great Hidden Villages, and scared the rest into a ceasefire.

"The Shodaime was able to control wood. He was also able to tame the Biju. He sent each Biju to a Great Elemental Country so there would be less violence between the Hidden Villages. The Nidaime was able to control water to where he could use the water molecules in the air. The Uchiha practically worship fire, yet none of you have been able to control fire like the Nidaime controlled water. All the Uchiha have is a tampered-with version of the Byakugan and can control the Kyuubi. But since the Yondaime killed him, your clan doesn't even have that going for them.

"And it took only one ANBU captain to kill all of your clan in one night. Face it Sasuke, your clan is an embarrassment to this village and was never up top!"

Sasuke looked shocked at Naruto's statements. He worshipped his clan all of his life. HE dedicated himself to his clan, and yet, here was this no-clan orphaned loser dragging his clan name into the ground. Sasuke looked at Naruto and said in a lower voice"I'll kill you."

Naruto glared at Sasuke and said "Try it. You use deadly force against me, and I'll kill you where you stand, weakling."

When Naruto called Sasuke a weakling, Sasuke's body started changing. His muscle mass increased by a lot. His hair started changing shape, and turning blue. He also started getting a yellow aura around him. When it ended, Sasuke looked completely different. He didn't know what happened to him, but he liked it.

Naruto looked at Sasuke's new form and realized that this was bad. This was like his technique, but different too. The amount of muscle mass was more than his. His hair turned blue, but his eyes were still in their Sharingan form.

When Sasuke turned into that muscle-bound fighter, Naruto felt something rise in him. It was a feeling like fear, but different. It was telling him to either run or go all out on Sasuke. Naruto couldn't explain it, so he didn't listen to it.

Sasuke disappeared. Naruto looked around, but didn't see Sasuke anywhere. Sasuke then appeared in his face, punching him in his gut. Naruto immediately drifted back, going through the crowd and hitting a tree. Naruto looked up to see Sasuke smirking at him.

Naruto said "You don't got nothing to be smiling about, Sasuke. I'm tired of holding back on you."

Naruto stood up and clenched his fists to his side. He concentrated his power, letting out a primal yell.

The effects were immediate. Naruto's hair stuck up. His hair turned golden and his eyes changed color. His muscles also got bigger. Naruto said "Let's go, Sasuke."

Immediately both disappeared. After a few seconds, a shockwave was heard in the air. Tit felt like two hulking things smashing together. The shockwave even blew a few people back. Where the shockwave originated from, the two dueling ninjas reappeared. When they reappeared, Naruto had his fist in Sasuke's face. Sasuke leaned back from the hit, and flipped backwards, letting his foot out, kicking Naruto in the chin. Naruto went flying back and landed on the ground.

Naruto got up quickly, dashing at Sasuke. Sasuke charged at Naruto, and let out a punch. Naruto ducked under the punch and focused energy into his fists. Naruto then yelled out "Spirit Tags!"

He then started attacking Sasuke at lighting fast speeds. With this Sharingan still on, Sasuke was able to block half of the attacks. But a few got through. Without warning, Naruto backed away. He jumped far away from Sasuke and landed. He said "Spirit Tags, Ignite!"

For a second, nothing happened. But then, Sasuke started glowing. He looked at his body to see that the glow was coming mostly from his arms, but there were some spots on his chest that were glowing also. Suddenly, the glowing spots exploded.

When the smoke cleared, Sasuke was still standing. His clothes were partially ripped now. His shirt was blown to small scraps that still hung on him. His pants had rips in them too. But other than that, Sasuke was okay.

Naruto said "It seems you're stronger than I thought."

Sasuke charged Naruto, screaming all the way. Naruto dodged the left punch Sasuke opened up with, and jumped back when Sasuke tried to knee him in his gut. While he was still in the air, Naruto charged energy into his hands and shot off 6 balls of energy. The attacks collided with Sasuke and he was encased in smoke.

Naruto put his hands in front of his chest and charged energy into them. The energy created a red ball of energy in front of his chest. Naruto then thrusted his hands forward, yelling out "Destruction Wave!"

The red attack sailed through the sky, hitting Sasuke off-guard. Sasuke flew back at the attack, making a crater in the ground. He was bleeding from his chest where the attack hit him and was bleeding from his lip. He got up, still in a psychotic state of rage. He yelled at the top of his lungs like a madman "I'll kill you!"

Sasuke charged Naruto again. It was at that point Naruto realized something. 'His transformation is like my move. The problem with his is that it makes him more powerful, but decreases his speed. My transformation makes it so all attributes are increased equally. That move increases his power a lot, but it doesn't do much for speed. That's where I gotta own him.'

Naruto waited until Sasuke was right on him, then disappeared. Sasuke looked around for Naruto but couldn't find him. He heard a voice say "Hey dumbass, look behind you."

Sasuke turned around to see Naruto holding another ball of energy inbetween both of his hands by his right hip. Except this one was green. Naruto said "Say hello, to Super Naruto's Konoha Cannon!"

Naruto then turned his body, thrusting the attack forward with great force. The attack sailed through the air, straight towards Sasuke. The attack hit him full force. Sasuke was blown back. Through the smoke, you couldn't see Sasuke. But then immediately the smoke blew away. Sasuke was still standing there, with a few bruises. He charged Naruto again, but Naruto dodged his punch. But Naruto didn't dodge the head butt that came his way. Naruto was blown back from the attack.

Naruto got up, thinking 'Damn, that attack was strong. I can't let him hit me again like that. If I do, I'm finished.'

Naruto rushed Sasuke, with speeds only the experienced ninja could follow. He rushed Sasuke, but Sasuke dodged his punch. Naruto then started attacking at a fast pace, making Sasuke strain to keep up with him. Naruto jumped back in the air, letting out ki blasts all the way. Sasuke dodged them, but Naruto was gone. He turned around, only for his face to meet a boot. Sasuke was sent back by the sheer force behind the attack.

Naruto charged energy into his left hand while Sasuke was still in mid-air. The energy grew out into a blade of energy. Naruto used his right hand to charge energy in. The ball of energy was black. Naruto thrusted his right hand forward, yelling out "Spirit Shot!"

The attack shot off and hit Sasuke while he was still in the air. Naruto then shot forward with the Spirit Sword and cut Sasuke all over his body. Sasuke was on all fours, kneeling in pain. Naruto then held the sword tip at Sasuke's head. He said "Give up now Sasuke, or I'll extend this blade through your brain."

Sasuke glared at Naruto and said "Fuck you."

Naruto glared back and said "Wrong answer."

Naruto then lifted his right foot up, kicking Sasuke right in the face. Naruto then charged up energy in his right hand again, but this energy was 10X what he usually charges an attack with. He yelled out "Spirit Shot 10X!" and hit Sasuke with the attack at point blank range.

The attack exploded and when it cleared, Sasuke was back to normal, knocked out. Naruto was standing there with singed clothes. He said "And another one bites the dust."

Maki Haruno, Sakura Haruno's mother came forward. She took Naruto's arm and put a kunai to his neck. She said "As a member of the Konoha Council, I am putting you under arrest for assaulting Sasuke Uchiha."

Naruto didn't budge. He grabbed the woman's arm and tightened his hand. He focused Spiritual Energy into his hand, tightening his grip. After a few seconds, a sickening snap broke through the air. People watching realized that Maki's arm was broken.

Naruto said "Wrong. At the beginning I asked Sasuke and he admitted to asking for this match. That means that he knew what would happen, yet he went forward with it. I can't be blamed for this. As for you, with that kunai to my neck, you pushed it closer to my neck to where it would regularly draw blood. In the eyes of the judicial system of Konoha, that's assault. I have the right to kill you, but I won't do it." Naruto then dragged her by her broken arm, with her screaming all the way. He pulled her by her arm and threw her outside the ring. Naruto nodded to the Hokage briefly, the hokage nodding back.

Naruto then walked away, to the yells and screams of the people. Naruto paid them no mind. He walked away and dropped his transformation, only to run into Hinata again. They both started walking down the street together. She said "You know you're gonna get hell for that."

Naruto said "I don't care. They can write it down, publish it in the newspaper, I don't give a fuck."

Hinata leaned in and said "You know that one-armed one-eyed guy at the match?" At Naruto's nod she continued. "That man is named Danzo. Word is, he runs an underground military force called Root."

Naruto said "So. I don't care."

Hinata said "My father also told me that at every Council Meeting he asks to take custody of you, but when someone else wants custody of you, he's the first to reject it."

Naruto said "So what's he want with me?"

Hinata said "My father said that he might know of your ability to transform."

Naruto scoffed and said "Well, he certainly knows now."

Hinata said "Well, I don't think he'll ask for you anymore. He might ask Sasuke."

Naruto got a serious look on his face and said "You think he wants Sasuke to perfect that transformation."

Hinata said "Yeah. He also wants to go to war with every country. He's war-crazy and with Sasuke's transformation in his pocket, he'll certainly win. But he'll need a place to launch that worldwide attack from. A base. And the closest place would be-"

Naruto's eyes widened and said "Konoha."

Hinata said "Right. He might try to take over Konoha. If he has Sasuke's transformation with him, he might just take over."

Naruto said "No he won't. I won't let something like that happen. Even if I have to kill, I won't let someone like Danzo take over Konoha."

Hinata said "I know. And so does Danzo. He might try to get you too. With both of you, his chances of winning will be higher."

Naruto said "Don't worry, Hinata-chan. I'll watch my back."

Hinata said "But I'm worried about you."

Naruto said "You don't have to be. I can handle that one-armed freak easily."

Hinata said "But you better watch out for Danzo. He's a sneaky bastard and he'll play every cheap trick he can to get what he wants."


(2 weeks later)

Naruto had just walked out of the academy with his headband. He had graduated and was a genin. To Naruto, the test was incredibly easy. He finished with the highest scores in the class.

While he was walking out, he heard a voice call out to him. He looked over to where the sound came from to see Mizuki standing there. He was the assistant teacher and was always someone Naruto's instincts deemed hazardous. Naruto always listened to his instincts since they saved his life a lot of times. Nevertheless, Naruto walked over to Mizuki.

Mizuki said "Naruto, I need your help with something quick."

Naruto said "Sure, what is it?"

Mizuki said "I'm on my test for becoming a Jounnin. One of the requirements is to get a ninja of lower level to get something from the Hokage Tower called the Forbidden Scroll of Seals. I need you to steal it and bring it to a shed outside the village. Will you help me, Naruto?"

Naruto said "Sure, you can count on me." While he said that, Naruto was thinking 'What the fuck? You have to be a complete idiot to fall for that one. How stupid does he think I am? It's called the Forbidden Scroll of Seals for a reason, dumbass. The Forbidden gave you away.'

Mizuki said "Great, Naruto. Here." Mizuki handed Naruto a map. He continued, saying "This map will show you where you can find the shed outside the village. I'm really counting on you Naruto."

Naruto said "Okay, I'll go right now."

Naruto then took off for the Hokage Tower. When he arrived, he told the Hokage what he was told by Mizuki. The Hokage said that he would never endanger the Forbidden Scroll of Seals like that. The hokage was about to call the anbu to arrest Mizuki, but Naruto had a different plan. He always wanted to fight someone of higher rank than him.


(At shed-Outside Village)

Naruto was waiting outside the village with the real Forbidden Scroll of Seals. He thought that since he was waiting for Mizuki to come back, he might as well look at the scroll. He saw the first move on there was the Kage Bunshin no Jutsu, the Shadow Clone Jutsu. Naruto read the description:

The Kage Bunshin no Jutsu is an A-rank jutsu. This jutsu creates clones like the basic Bunshin Jutsu, but the clones are solid. The Kage Bunshin no Jutsu takes a lot of chakra to complete, which is why I labeled it forbidden. 10 ninja of the village tried it and rolled over dead from chakra exhaustion.

After experimenting with the Jutsu, I found that the clones all take a specific amount of Chakra. The chakra they have is used to sustain their life. If they run out of chakra, they poof out of existence. They can also do Jutsu, provided that they have enough chakra.

Whatever the clone saw, heard, or read is transferred back to the user when the clone is dispelled. Also, when the clone is dispelled, whatever amount of chakra they have left is sent back to the user. If too many Kage Bunshin are dispelled at one time, the knowledge can cause severe headaches, even death. If you learn this Jutsu, I advise you to be careful.


Hashirama Senju

Naruto looked at the handseals of the Jutsu and immediately got started on doing the Jutsu. After a little while, he got the technique down. He sat down and read the scroll again and saw another attack like the Kage Bunshin.

Fire Style: Solar Destruction

The Fire Style: Solar Destruction Jutsu is an A-rank Jutsu. The Solar Destruction Jutsu is different from many other jutsu in the fact that hand seals aren't required to do the technique. This attack draws on the Sun's rays and focuses it into a blast. The user can direct the blast to wherever they want it to go. This attack takes up a lot of chakra, more than the Kage Bunshin no Jutsu. This attack takes longer to charge up during the night, but other than that, night and day don't affect the Jutsu any. This attack is not recommended for anyone lower than Jounnin rank.

You may be able to use chakra to compensate for the lack of solar energy, but I haven't tried that yet. I advise you to be cautious of using this attack.


Minato Namikaze

Naruto looked at the handseals and tried to start the Jutsu. It took awhile, but he was able to get a blast ready. When he fired it, he saw that it burned things, like a flamethrower. Naruto kept working on the attack, and eventually tried to add chakra to the attack. When he did, the attack went out of control and blew up right in his face. After trying it a few more times, Naruto realized that it kept blowing up because of his lack of chakra control. When more chakra is added to the equation than the amount used to gather solar energy, it becomes too much for Naruto to control and it blows up. Naruto got up and tried it again, but this time he used Spiritual Energy instead of chakra. The attack grew bigger, but he was able to control it. He didn't even need that much sunlight.

Naruto looked up in the sky to see that it was dusk. Naruto realized that Mizuki wouldn't be there for a few hours, so he took a little nap. When he woke up, Mizuki still wasn't there. After a few minutes, Iruka showed up. He landed in front of Naruto and said "Naruto, what the hell are you doing? You know that the Forbidden Scroll of Seals is called 'Forbidden' for a reason."

Naruto said "I did this to help Mizuki. He said that he was going for his Jounnin Exam, and one of the tests is to get a ninja of lower rank to bring this scroll to him."

Iruka looked at Naruto questioningly and said "What are you talking about Naruto? The Jounnin Exam is nothing like that. The Jounnin Exam doesn't even take place for another 6 months."

Naruto faked ignorance again and said "But Mizuki told me where to find the scroll. He told me where this shack was. He even told me how to get here. Why would he tell me this?"

Iruka narrowed his eyes in thought a little bit, but then widened them in surprise. He said "If Mizuki told you about this place, then that means-"

Iruka was cut off when a kunai came forward and impaled him in the chest. Iruka stumbled back and fell down. Naruto ran toward him to see if he was in trouble, but saw that the wound would only bleed for a while and that Iruka would be fine, but he wasn't in any shape to fight.

Naruto looked to where the kunai came from, but already knew who threw it. Mizuki was standing on a tree limb, laughing maniacally. He said "I see that you're stupid enough to fall for such a stupid lie, Naruto. Really, a Jounnin Exam, how stupid can you get?"

Naruto said "I'm not the stupid one Mizuki. You are. So tell me, what are you planning to do with the Scroll?"

Mizuki said "Well I might as well tell you since you and your pathetic teacher are about to die anyway. My plan was to take this scroll to Orochimaru and use it to take over Konoha."

Naruto chuckled and said "Well that's a stupid idea. Your one problem is that you think you can beat me."

Mizuki said "We'll see. But before we start, I wanna tell you why the villagers hate you so much."

Iruka looked at Mizuki and said "No Mizuki, you can't. It's forbidden to. Ever since the day the decree was placed in effect."

Naruto turned around to Iruka and said "What decree are you talking about, Iruka-sensei?"

Mizuki said "And you think I care? Naruto, the decree was about that no one can tell the younger generation that the Nine-Tailed Fox lives inside you. The same fox that destroyed our village and killed our Yondaime is you. It was sealed inside your body when you were born and that's why everyone hates you. You're nothing but a demon in a pathetic human's body. You're a disgrace to our village Naruto Uzumaki, and prepare to die!"

Naruto widened his eyes in shock while Mizuki kept talking. Mizuki saw that Naruto was shocked, so he took the chance and grabbed a giant shuriken from his back and threw it at Naruto. When it was 5 feet away from Naruto, Naruto vanished.

Naruto reappeared behind Mizuki and said only three words. "I already know." Naruto then kicked Mizuki in his back. While Mizuki was falling off the tree branch, Naruto shot three ki blasts at Mizuki while Mizuki was still in the air. Mizuki fell 20 feet and landed in a smoking heap. But he didn't stay down. He got back up to his feet and said "So, you're stronger than I originally thought. No matter. I can still deal with you." Mizuki made a handseal and that's when all hell broke loose.

What Naruto didn't see was that Mizuki had a marking on his neck. But it wasn't just any marking. It was the Earth Curse Seal of Orochimaru. The lines of the seal started spreading all around Mizuki's body, increasing his power.

Naruto sensed the power rolling off Mizuki and knew that this wouldn't be good. With a power increase like that, it would be hard to match. Naruto shot off three ki blasts quickly, hoping to get the drop on Mizuki. Unfortunately the curse seal multiplied Mizuki's power to a great level, so he dodged the blasts. Mizuki rushed to Naruto and started attacking. Naruto fought back and matched Mizuki blow for blow. Mizuki tried to jump back a little and pull out a sword, but when he swung it at Naruto, it didn't phase him. Naruto easily broke it on his forearm and punched Mizuki in his face. Naruto charged up energy into his right hand. The attack took a dark glow. Naruto aimed his hand to where Mizuki fell at and shot it out, yelling "Spirit Shot!"

The attack sailed towards Mizuki, but Mizuki stood up and jumped into the tree branches, leaving the attack to detonate on the floor. Naruto looked up to see that Mizuki had jumped off the tree branches and was coming back down. Naruto charged up the attack in his hand again. He said "You can't dodge while you're in the air, Mizuki. Spirit Shot!"

The second attack sailed through the air to Mizuki's spot in the air. Mizuki braced himself for the attack, and it hit him. When the attack exploded, a smokescreen was left. There was a plume of smoke that trailed down to the ground, and Naruto realized that that was where Mizuki landed. There was still smoke over there. Naruto took advantage of the smoke and dashed over to the spot and let out a ki-charged right punch. The punch was caught. Naruto tried to pull back, but Mizuki had a tight grip on his fist. When the smoke cleared, there was something standing where he thought Mizuki was.

The monster's ears were longer than a human's and were pointed up. The monster had claws in place of nails. It had dark brown fur growing everywhere, with black stripes. The monster was smiling, showing its' grotesque pointed teeth. It was drooling. It's eyes were changed to resemble those of a cat.

The monster spoke in a voice that shadowed Mizuki's. It said "Now for Round 2!".

The monster pulled Naruto in and punched Naruto in the chest with his right fist. The punch was even stronger than before. If Naruto didn't have bones of steel, the lower part of his backbone would be cracked. Naruto went flying backwards at a fast pace. He thought he would keep flying, but Mizuki interfered. He ran from his original spot and reappeared behind Naruto. He drew his right foot back and kicked Naruto right in the head, sending him flying upwards.

The only thought that passed through his mind was 'Increased strength, increased speed, this Mizuki doesn't play.' Naruto looked up to see that Mizuki was already up there, his left foot extended with the heel directly over his head. He attack probably knocked something in Naruto's mind out of place. Naruto was propelled down by the kick, landing on the ground and making a crater.

Naruto groaned in pain, but had to cut it short. He rolled to his left, barely dodging Mizuki coming down with a left punch. Naruto barely dodged, but where Mizuki's arm struck was a foot deep hole. Naruto got up on one knee, but couldn't get all the way up because Mizuki saw him and punched him in his face. Naruto went flying backwards from the attack, finally hitting a tree. Naruto was in too much pain to stop himself from falling off the tree. He landed on the ground in a broken heap.

Naruto looked up to see Mizuki standing there with his foot up. It looked like he was about to smash down on Naruto's head. He said "Any last words, you demon filth?"

An unidentified female voice came from the treetops. It said "I got some. Spirit Arrow!" Out of the treetops came a yellow arrow. The arrow sailed towards Mizuki and hit him in his neck. The arrow then exploded. When the smoke cleared, Mizuki looked fine, except for some singed fur around where the arrow hit.

The voice said "Want some more? Spirit Shot!"

The same attack that Naruto blasted Mizuki with earlier sailed through the air. Mizuki brought his arm up to block, blocking the blast without much trouble.

The voice then said "Heaven's Wrath!"

A white ball of energy sailed through the air, going for Mizuki. Mizuki braced himself to block it. It worked, but the fur on his forearms wasn't growing back anytime soon.

Mizuki laughed, saying "You can't defeat me. This no-talent demon couldn't. What makes you think you can?"

Mizuki heard a voice behind him that said "No-talent? We'll see about that."

Mizuki didn't have to turn around to see who it was. But he turned around anyway. And when he did, his face was re-introduced to Naruto's right fist. This punch was a lot stronger though. The attack sent him sailing back into a tree. Mizuki hopped back up to his feet and saw Super Naruto standing there. Naruto made a dash for Mizuki. But with the power increase from the second level curse seal, he was able to see Naruto dash at him. Mizuki decided to meet Naruto at the middle. He went on all fours and dashed forward, going twice as fast as he usually would have. Him and Naruto met in the middle, their fists pushing for power.

While Mizuki and Naruto were having their push of war, the person who attacked Mizuki dropped out of the trees. It was Hinata (Who didn't see that coming?). She ran over to where Iruka was and put her hand on his chest. She took out the kunai still lodged in his chest. She focused chakra into her hands and said "Mystical Palm Jutsu!".

Her hand took a green glow around it. When she put her hands on the wound, it started closing. After a few seconds it healed perfectly. Hinata turned around to see that Mizuki and Naruto were done pushing each other. They pulled back and punched each other in the face.

After Mizuki punched him, Naruto fazed away. He reappeared behind Mizuki and tried to punch him, but Mizuki crouched down. Mizuki jumped up, trying to head butt Naruto, but Naruto leaned back and avoided the attack. Naruto jumped backwards and shot off ki blasts. They hit Mizuki, but thanks to the 2nd level of the curse seal, it barely affected him.

Naruto looked behind him to see that Hinata was right behind him. He said "You chose a great time to join the party, Hinata. I would've been taking a dirt nap if it wasn't for you. Thanks."

She smirked and said "I know. I'm just doing my job of saving your butt. What was this, like the 12th time?"

Naruto frowned and said "11th time. That business with that assassin doesn't count."

Naruto let a small smirk come on his face. He looked to see that the smoke from the ki blasts were clearing and Mizuki was charging him. He turned to Hinata and winked to her. He said "I think we should do the Feint and Blast?"

Hinata said "I do too."

Hinata started charging an attack up, while Naruto charged Mizuki. He kept charging until Mizuki was 3 feet away from him. The Naruto disappeared. When he did, Hinata cried out "Heaven's Wrath!" and sent out a white attack that sailed and hit Mizuki dead on.

Mizuki flew back from the force of the blast. When he landed, Naruto appeared beside him. Naruto made a handseal and said "Kage Bunshin no Jutsu."

All of a sudden, 9 more Naruto's appeared around the circle. They all cupped their hands beside their hip. They charged up energy until it turned an orange/red color. They then said "Fire Style: Solar Destruction" and fired. The concentrated beams of Spiritual and Solar Energy all went forward, hitting Mizuki dead on. After a few seconds the Kage Bunshins ran out of power and they disappeared. Naruto let the attack die and looked into the smoke of what was left behind. When the smoke cleared, there was Mizuki. He was knocked out of this second level curse seal form. He was laying there with his clothes burnt and unconscious. Naruto ran down and picked up Mizuki.

Hinata picked up the Forbidden Scroll and helped up Iruka. Naruto walked over to Hinata, smiled and said "Thanks again. I don't know where I would be without you, Hinata."

Hinata smiled and looked at Naruto. Naruto and Hinata kept looking at each other like they were having some kind of out-of-body experience. It was like they were in their own little world.

Iruka saw this and smirked. He thought to himself 'There's nothing more romantic than your first true love. I hope they invite me to their wedding. But now's the time to break this up.'

Iruka said "Come on you lovebirds. We gotta get this traitor and this scroll back to the village. You can stare at each other later."

Iruka's statement knocked them out of la-la-land and made them realize that they had been staring at each other for a while now. They looked away from each other quickly, blushing. Iruka laughed and said "Come on already."

Hinata and Naruto ran forward, catching up to Iruka. While they were walking back to the village, they occasionally looked at the other.



Originally I was gonna make this entire chapter a flashback until the Valley of the End Battle, but I changed my mind. Anyway, I can't exactly say when the next chapter of this will come out. See you later.