In Rodorigo's base, Kazuya was walking around, keeping a headcount of everyone he saw. As he finished his headcount, he realized something. There was one person missing. Kazuya rushed to the nearest member and said "Where's Kebin-san?"

The guy shook his head and said "I have no idea."

Kazuya said "Has anyone seen Kebin-san?"

Beside him, he heard someone say "I told him to go put in some work at Makoto's shop on Kobayashi Avenue."

Turning to where the voice came from, Kazuya saw a slightly portly man there. The guy was wearing a maroon red robe with a hood on it. The robe had a golden outline and gold designs on it. He had gray hair and a gray moustache and beard. Kazuya said "Who else went with him?"

The man said "I told him to go alone."

Kazuya said "Rodorigo, why the hell would you do that?"

Internally, Kazuya thought 'Damnit! Of all the times for this weakling to grow a backbone.'

Rodorigo Borruja said "Because we couldn't spare the people. Besides, you said it yourself. The only competition that we have is that group of ninja in JuuHachi Town, and now that you've taken out their strongest Jounin and their powerhouse of a Genin, they're weaklings. What's the worse that could happen?"


At the gang's new base, Kurenai was grilling their new informant for more information. As she started pumping the info out of him like a hose, Naruto said "Wait a minute, Kurenai-sensei. Why don't we get the mayor to listen to him? Maybe if the mayor listens to him, he'll ease up on us and we can walk around town again."

Kurenai said "How do you suppose we get the mayor to hear him? I mean, we can't exactly kidnap the mayor and bring him here, can we?"

Naruto shrugged and said "Why not. It'll probably bring a little spice to this neighborhood."

Neji slapped Naruto in the back of the head and said "Naruto, we're not kidnapping the mayor. How about we do this instead?"

With that, Neji told the others about his plan of getting the mayor to hear their side of the story.

After hearing it, Kurenai said "It does sound reasonable, if a little inhumane."

Shino, who was silently listening in on their conversation, said "With all due respect, Kurenai-sensei, these guys terrorize neighborhoods and vandalize property for a living. I think we can overlook the inhumane factor just a bit."

Naruto said "I'm on board with it."

Kurenai said "Fine then, let's do it."

(The next day)

The next day, the mayor was working in his office. As mayor, he had to deal with many things. The newest of which started the day the ninja arrived in his home village. After the KuroiGetsu hotel was burned down, they were only wanted for questioning. But it's been over two days since he made a public announcement that the ninja were wanted for questioning. They still hadn't shown up. The mayor was being backed into a corner. He wanted the truth to be known, but the more outspoken members of City Council were on his ass to do something more about the ninja. Even though he wanted to give them more time, the mayor of JuuHachi Town knew that he couldn't keep going along with this.

So with a heavy heart, he was looking at the arrest warrants for the Konohagakure ninja. The only thing missing from making them official was his signature, which he was about to put on there. As he picked up his pen, he heard a knock come from his door. The mayor sighed, relieved that something happened to break the tension. He said "Enter."

Two burly men entered holding a big box in between them. As they dropped the box off, they each left. While they were going, the mayor said "Wait a minute. What about me signing-" The mayor's statement was interrupted by the sound of the door closing. They didn't make him sign for this package. That's weird. Every package was supposed to be signed over, but they just forgot it. The mayor just put it out of his mind and spent the next hour or so debating whether or not he should sign those papers. Before he could sign them though, he heard something shuffling. Looking around, he saw nothing. Turning back to his work, he heard another rumbling.

The mayor looked at the box, the origin of the sound. Opening the box, imagine his surprise to see that it was a member of the Privaron who was wrapped up in tape. The mayor looked on the flaps of the box and saw a small note written in beautiful penmanship.

The note said 'There's a Genjutsu seal on his right forearm that hides his Privaron mark. Grill him, and you'll find out a lot of information.

Signed, Your friendly neighborhood ninja!'

The mayor couldn't believe his eyes as he saw the Privaron member struggle against his bindings. They had just been handed an informant on the Privaron, and the mayor wasn't about to waste it. He had his secretary call the chief of police and the best interrogators in their city.

(A few hours later)

After a few hours of constantly drilling the Privaron member, the Mayor of JuuHachi town decided to call a town meeting. The tone that he used to tell his secretary told her that the mayor meant business. She quickly put their best heralds on the job spreading the word about the speech. As word spread about the meeting, it reached the Privaron's spies in the village, and they passed the message on. But instead of the message going to Rodorigo, it went to Kazuya. Kazuya quickly put on a big black trench coat with the collar pulled up and a black hat to cover as much of his face as he could. After putting on a disguise, he quickly raced over to where the speech would be given.

As everyone gathered around, the mayor walked up to the podium and said "Thank you all for coming out so quickly. There's been a major break in the KuroiGetsu hotel case. This morning, a person was delivered to my office in a cardboard box. I suspected that he was a member of the Privaron, and after interrogating him for a few hours, me and Police Chief Minamoto-san have discovered quite a few things. For example, the Privaron were the ones behind the destruction of the KuroiGetsu hotel. The member we interrogated said that one of their members committed the act. Because of this, I am ordering the wanted posters of the Leaf nin taken down, effective immediately. Also, the informant wouldn't tell me how, but he said him and his group were taught ninja techniques. Because of this, I am advising everyone not to try and take on the Privaron alone. That is all."

After the mayor ended his speech, Kazuya cursed. 'What's the worst that could happen? That buffoon! Now all the hard work we put into isolating this town from the Daimyo's lapdogs has been undone. I swear the next chance I get, I'm killing that fatass Borruja.'

Kazuya disappeared in a blur, racing towards Borruja's estate. As he was moving, he didn't realize that a certain quarter-Saiyan was watching him from the skies. Naruto saw Kazuya moving and powered up to follow him. After about an hour of flying after the man, Naruto saw in the distance that there was a village standing there. Right in the middle was a big house like a mansion that was surrounded by 15 people all dressed like the Privaron. Naruto knew that he had just struck paydirt. Naruto spent the next half hour scoping out the village. It seemed that they had no way of checking who came in and out, so getting into the village would be a cinch. The wall surrounding Borruja's mansion didn't seem too strong. Naruto could easily blow through it. As a group of them were keeping the Privaron busy, the others could rush in and grab Borruja. And hopefully take out Kazuya and the other two Stooges while they're at it.

Naruto powered up and flew back to JuuHachi Town at his fastest. When he descended next to their hideout, he saw that Shino was waiting for him. Shino said "How did the meeting go, Naruto?"

Naruto said "Posters are taken down. Morale has changed. We are officially off the hook. Also, I saw that bastard Kazuya in the audience. I followed him to the village where Borruja is hiding. The guys' info checks out."

Shino said "Good. The information you gathered can do wonders for us planning our siege of the place."

Naruto nodded and went into the building. After helping Neji drop off the informant, Naruto sent a Kage Bunshin to go and scour the town to see what the grapevine said about the situation. After finding out that there was a town meeting, Kurenai ordered him to go and stay out of sight. Luckily for Naruto, no one decided to gaze at the clouds at that exact moment.

Naruto walked into one of the rooms of the house and saw Kurenai and Neji both planning their attack on the place. Naruto decided to help them by providing his own input on it.

As night fell on the small village that Rodorigo had paid off, he was taking a nighttime stroll around his property. Kazuya had made a giant fuss about him going out, but Rodorigo snapped at him and left anyway. So what if their scheme to get people to mistrust the Konoha ninja failed? This was just one town in an entire country. As a matter of fact, this was a no-name town. For Kami's sake, the town's name is a number! They could easily go to any other town in Hi no Kuni and try this again. After getting the people there to mistrust the Konoha ninja, that would leave the town for their taking.

'That worrisome Kazuya is throwing a bitch fit over nothing! So what if the plan failed here, we can start again. I bet in a month, this will all just be water under the bridge.'

Rodorigo was the last one to expect what happened next.

As he was taking his stroll, he heard a loud explosion. Looking to where it came from, he saw smoke coming up from the opposite side of the compound. Rodorigo quickly knew that something was wrong, so he quickly ran towards the compound. As he made it in, he heard someone scream. Knowing that he didn't want to become within 100 feet of whatever it was, he raced towards the most secure room of the facility at the very top. Had he stayed, he'd have seen an ebony-haired beauty standing in the shadows, encased in a Genjutsu.

(A few minutes earlier)

The group sans Kurenai were all waiting by the wall for the signal. Naruto looked at the sky to see the position of the moon. He waited until,...there! The moon's position signaling that it was 10 P.M at night. Naruto looked to the others waiting with him and they all got ready. Naruto and Hinata both held their right arms out fully extended. They moved their hand so their palm was facing the wall and started to gather energy. Almost immediately, a black aura started to surround their palms. The aura started to condense until it was at the center of their palms, and started to lift off to form a small black ball of energy. The ball started to expand in size, changing from the size of a pea to the size of a basketball. As if they could read each other's minds, they both simultaneously yelled out "Spirit Shot!"

They both thrusted their palms forward, shooting off the blasts of energy. As she watched them work, Tenten couldn't help but feel different. After Naruto and Hinata made up, they were both acting as if they were the same being. They acted as one, especially when it came to fighting. When she saw them like this, Tenten couldn't help but feel...jealous. She wanted that exact same relationship with Naruto. But those two acted like they were two peas in a pod. Was there enough room in their relationship for another? Was there enough room in Naruto's heart for another? The orbs impacting with the wall, destroying it like it was paper mache tore the weapons mistress from her thoughts. She steeled herself and distanced her psyche from her emotions briefly to get through the fight. As the smoke from the explosions rose, the entire group charged in.

Naruto charged in the smoke determined to end this mission. It was like a bittersweet nightmare for him. While he did make up with his girlfriend and find out the limits of his demonic form, he also was brought closer to death than he ever was before. He just wanted this damn thing to be over with so that he could get to healing. Even worse, this would be the first test of his new fighting style. He had to make sure that he didn't fall back into his old habits. The only thing he could do was charge in and hope he didn't go out in any type of blaze, even glory. But knowing him and his previous actions, he would more than likely go out in a blaze of foolishness.

As they charged in, the ninja all spread out around the courtyard. As they did, the Privaron, like moths to a flame, charged after them. As the Privaron moved around, the group of ninja all started attacking. Hinata hopped to the top of a wall and formed her bow of energy. She yelled out "Spirit Arrow!" and started shooting off arrow after arrow, cutting down the numbers of Privaron.

As they started their attack, Tenten did the exact same thing. She hopped up to Hinata's side and started to provide long range support for her fellow Genin. While they were taking out enemies from afar, both girls spared a small smile to the other one. Ever since Naruto's near death experience, they both had started to become cordial to each other. They weren't exactly BFF's, but they at least weren't reaching for kunai at the sight of the other. They both knew that they had to have a big talk soon, and that that talk would involve Naruto, but until that talk happened, they both were trying to ignore it.

As soon as he reached his position, Naruto focused his reiki to his hand. As he did, a generic sword made out of reiki formed. While Naruto had no access to his demonic form or his youki, that still didn't mean that he didn't have access to his reiki in his human form. Naruto charged forward and met the kunai swing of a Privaron member. Naruto saw the man pull his kunai back for another slice, and Naruto ducked. As he ducked, Naruto buried the sword into the man's stomach. As the blade entered the man's stomach, Naruto dispelled the blade and formed another one. While it cost more energy since he had to make another one, it was much less time consuming than trying to yank it out of the man's gut. Also, since the blade dissipated, there was nothing stopping the man's blood from spilling onto the floor. Naruto continued to slice through the members of the Privaron, but at nowhere near the level of speed he usually would.

Even though he was going slower, he was still killing them, which reminded Naruto of one of the many benefits of being the scion of two groups of beings who were bred to fight and kill. He had an instinctive desensitivity to killing. Now that's not to say that he won't feel anything, he just won't become a sniffling wreck at the act. It didn't hurt that he was raised in a community where fighting, killing, and betrayal was a daily occurrence, and war was a once-a-decade occurrence. With things like that going on, you kinda got used to it after a while. Also, Naruto really didn't give a flying fuck about these Privaron members. They all decided to rob and terrorize a town to make a quick buck. He felt they deserved to die. Because of these things, Naruto wouldn't be losing any sleep over killing them.

As they were taking out the people in the courtyard, they heard Kurenai's voice over their radios. "Guys, Borruja just went into the tower."

Naruto smirked. 'Just like we thought he would.' The plan was right on the money. They would track Borruja until he was on the opposite side of the building from their entrance. The sound of the battle would send him running with his tail in between his legs. Of course, he would run to the strongest members of his group, which were the ones that the group were looking for. They would track Borruja to the escaped felons and arrest them all at the same time. "Okay guys, start the plan."

Naruto jumped to the bottom of the wall that Tenten and Hinata were perched on. As they stood up there, the others started to draw the other Privaron members towards them. Naruto spread his feet and crouched down. He moved his hands towards his chest and acted as if he was holding a basketball in front of his chest. As Naruto did this, a red ball of energy started to form in between his hands. Naruto felt the ball get bigger and bigger, until it filled the space in between his hands. As he finished gathering up the energy, Naruto yelled out "Destruction Wave!"

As soon as he uttered the first syllable in the word 'Destruction', Lee, Neji, and Shino all jumped away, barely avoiding the red ball of energy as it sailed forward and crashed into the gang members. As he explosion occurred, a huge smokescreen shot up, forcing both sides to halt. As the smoke cleared, Naruto and Hinata were both missing. But the Privaron didn't have time to ponder this as Team Gai plus Shino all started to attack with wild abandon.

As the Genin attacked, the Privaron didn't know that the door to the compound was open.

(Inside the Building)

As Naruto and Hinata entered the building, they both started looking around for Borruja, but they couldn't find him. Naruto and Hinata found the steps and started running up them, but they couldn't find Borruja. As they were running around, Naruto stopped and said "Wait Hinata! Why are we tiring ourselves out running?"

Hinata said "How else will we get Borruja? Flying?"

Naruto looked at her and said "Yeah."

Hinata blinked, and smacked herself in the forehead. She said "Oh Kami-sama, Naruto-kun. I'm spending too much time with you. I'm becoming as big a baka as you."

Naruto said "HEY!"

Hinata just chuckled at him and took off, flying up the steps. Naruto was a half-step behind her as they flew to the top of the stairs and saw a door closing. Naruto rushed to the door and broke it down. As he went in, he saw Borruja on the ground, huffing and puffing. Naruto walked in with Hinata behind him. He said "Mr. Borruja. You have some prison time to do."

Rodorigo said "I don't think so, Konoha scum."

Naruto said "And just how will you stop us?"

A voice from beside Naruto said "He won't."

Naruto looked over there, and saw Kazuya dashing towards him, his sword already in mid swing. Naruto jumped forward to dodge, and as he landed, he had to jump back from Miroku dropping down from the ceiling. As Naruto landed from his jump, he felt arms from behind him envelop him. He felt his head rest on something soft, and heard a woman's voice in his ear say "So, Naru-koi, we meet again."

Naruto looked up, and saw the sweet, smiling, and enticing face of Sakuya looking down at him. The rational side of the boy's brain was telling him to get away from her, but as stated before, Naruto is not just a boy, he's a hormonal teenager. And while Naruto could usually keep that hormonal teenager part of him suppressed, looking into Sakuya's amethyst eyes just stirred up his hormones and kicked his horniness up 200 percent. Naruto barely beat out his horny side and hopped away from her to land by the side of a livid Hinata. As he landed, Naruto grabbed a hold of Hinata and kissed her with a level of passion that rivaled their first kiss as a couple. Luckily, the feel of Hinata's body pressed against his own and the feel of her lips on his caused him to forget about Sakuya. But still, he was chanting a mantra in his brain. 'I love my girlfriend, I love my girlfriend, I love my girlfriend,...'

As they were kissing, Miroku let loose a long whistle at the steaming lip-lock. Kazuya thought 'Shame that thing's gotta die. I admit, they make a cute couple.'

Sakuya was disgusted at the kiss and muttered "Get a room." And as an afterthought, she muttered "Then kick her out and invite me in."

As his kiss with Hinata ended, Naruto took in a deep breath, exhaled, and said "Okay, I'm ready to go."

Hinata, still dazed from the kiss, said "Go where?"

Naruto turned to see Hinata with her mouth open, drooling a bit, and swirls in her eyes with her head bobbing to the left and right. Naruto shook her a bit so that she could regain her bearings, then faced the foursome of enemies. Naruto said "Hinata, get Sakuya and keep an eye on Rodorigo. You see an opportunity to get him out of here, you take it."

She said "Hai" and charged the only other woman in the room. Naruto took off after the two warriors. As he reached them, he had to hop back a little bit to avoid the sword of Kazuya, then he had to roll to the left to dodge Miroku's dagger. Naruto saw that they were both armed, so he reached back and grabbed his own sword. Naruto drew his sword and held it in front of him in a defensive stance. As he did, he realized that he hadn't applied this new battle philosophy of his to his Kenjutsu style. Oh man, he had a lot of work to do.

Naruto couldn't do the work now though, as he had to block a strike from Kazuya. As he blocked the strike, he saw Miroku, not a second later, rush up to him and aim the dagger at his throat. Naruto leaned back to avoid the attack, then headbutted Miroku in his nose, causing him to back up. 'That'll impair his fighting a bit in the long run.' But whether Naruto would make it to see the long run was still up for debate.

Naruto blocked another strike from Kazuya, but couldn't block Miroku's dagger. The dagger sliced into his leg, but thankfully not that deep. Naruto would've attacked Miroku, but Kazuya pulled his sword back and tried to hit Naruto. Naruto backed up to avoid the strike, and then had to back up more to avoid Miroku's attack. The two escaped convicts kept up the attacks, forcing Naruto back further. As Naruto started backing up, he eventually hit the wall. He realized he could back up no more and panicked.

Kazuya took advantage of that moment by rushing forward, turning his broadsword on its side, and bashing it's flat edge into Naruto's stomach. Naruto's eyes widened as he felt the attack hit him in the chest. He felt a bit of blood erupt from his mouth and splash on the floor. The attack hurt like hell! He damn near voided his bowels from the power of that hit. Naruto dropped to his knees in pain, dropping his sword and holding onto his stomach. He could do nothing as Kazuya backed up and held his broadsword as if it was a baseball bat. Kazuya said "Hey Demon Spawn, how about a little game of Yakyuu(baseball)? HOME RUN!"

Kazuya swung his broadsword, and only his boasting allowed Naruto to drop to the ground and evade the hit. Naruto turned to his back to see Miroku in the air with his leg extended, as if he was trying to drop it on Naruto's head. Acting on instinct, Naruto held his hand out and shot a ki blast, causing it to impact against Miroku's foot. As Miroku landed, he started jumping on one foot. Naruto rolled on the ground, away from the attempted child killer. Naruto hopped to his feet, only to have to duck a slash from Kazuya's sword. Naruto hit Kazuya with a palm thrust to the chest, and unleashed a gathering of ki at the last moment, sending him flying away on a collision course with the opposite wall. This gave Naruto a rare moment to look around. He saw that Hinata had a few scrapes, but she seemed to be holding her own. From somewhere, Rodorigo had found a naginata and seemed to swing it at Hinata whenever the opportunity seemed to present itself.

Naruto turned away, having faith that Hinata could hold her own. As he faced his own opponents, he saw Kazuya pull himself out of the wall. Also, it seemed that Miroku had used a small healing Jutsu on his foot, allowing him to fight again. Naruto looked on the ground near Miroku and spotted his sword. He knew that he was practically defenseless without it, so he planned to retrieve it.

Kazuya got out of the wall and said "Your demon tricks won't work on me, hell-spawn."

Kazuya charged forward, and at the last moment, Naruto did a backflip and kicked Kazuya in his chin. Seeing Miroku come up from behind him, Naruto tackled Kazuya and rolled under Miroku's grip to jump forward and land on the ground, barely out of reach of his sword. Naruto pulled himself forward to grab the sword hilt, but he couldn't reach it before Miroku grabbed his foot. Naruto turned around and shot off two ki blasts that hit Miroku and pushed him back. Then Naruto grabbed his sword and turned around to face Kazuya's charge. Naruto blocked the strike, but it caused him to move back a bit. Instead of waiting for Kazuya to make the attack, Naruto decided to take the initiative and attack. He focused chakra into his arms, and used the added power to push Kazuya's broadsword away. As the broadsword went wide, it left Kazuya open for Naruto to land a shallow cut on his stomach.

Before Naruto could follow up on it, he was blindsided by Miroku, who tackled him into a wall. Naruto turned to Miroku and tried to punch him, but Miroku dodged the punch and sent one of his own to land in Naruto's gut. He punched Naruto in the gut twice more, but as he tried for an uppercut, his luck ran out. Naruto grabbed his fist with one hand to stop the uppercut, then used his other hand to push Miroku back. Naruto took a step forward, jumped, then dropkicked Miroku back. Naruto landed hard on his back and thought 'That used to hurt a HELL of a lot less!'

Naruto rolled to his feet and charged after Miroku, but in his peripheral vision, saw Kazuya coming for him with a slash towards his ankles. Naruto flipped over the attack, as as he was upside down, facing the wall that was previously behind him, Naruto shot a ki blast at Kazuya's sword with his free hand. The ki blast caused Kazuya's sword to fly out of his grip and skid on the ground. As Naruto landed from the flip, he continued his run for Miroku right into a clothesline by said convict. The clothesline was so powerful, that Naruto did a 450 degree backflip and landed hard on his back. Naruto gasped for air as the clothesline damn near caused his larynx to permanently close. Naruto was writhing on the floor, holding his neck, but he wasn't the only one hurt. Miroku was thinking 'Damnit. That demon's neck was pretty strong. I felt that clothesline all the way down to the bone.'

Miroku was winding his arm and holding his shoulder, not to look cool, but to get the feeling back in it. As Naruto started to recover from the clothesline, he got back up to his feet and heard a feminine grunt of pain. Looking to the source, he saw Hinata holding her hip and Sakuya unconscious on the floor. Naruto raced over to his love and said "Hina-chan, what's wrong?"

Hinata said "Before I could defeat her, Sakuya stabbed me with that hidden blade on her wrist. She's pretty good. But I'm better."

Naruto looked at Hinata with pride and said "That you are, Hina-chan."

But Naruto's look instantly became serious. He said "Hinata, I need you to listen to me."

The fact that he called her 'Hinata' threw Hinata for a loop. He hadn't called her Hinata unless he was absolutely serious, or unless he was pissed. Seeing that he had her undivided attention, Naruto said "Hinata, I'll give you some cover. You grab Borruja and Sakuya and get the hell out of here. In order to beat these guys, I'll have to use some of my more destructive attacks and I don't want to worry about accidentally killing you or those two."

Hinata aimed a murderous glance at Sakuya and said "Why not kill her?"

Naruto said "Simple. Her bounty is a hell of a lot more if she's brought in alive than dead. And I want to start saving up for the diamond wedding ring that's as perfect as you."

Hinata was flattered by Naruto's talk of the future, but she said "You know, Naruto-kun, I'd be perfectly fine with a cheap cubic zirconium ring."

Naruto chuckled, but got a serious look on his face and said "Hinata, I need you to do this for me."

Hinata sighed. She conceeded and said "Okay Naruto-kun. You know, Naruto-kun, you make it really hard for me to be a bad girl."

Naruto said "Hina-chan, you're perfect just the way you are."

Hinata whined "But I wanna be bad."

Naruto rolled his eyes and said "Just beat it, Hina-chan."

Hinata chuckled and got ready. Naruto turned to see that Miroku and Kazuya seemed to have be almost ready to attack him. Naruto charged energy into his free hand, causing a blood red orb of energy to form there. Narutoshot the orb at the two, yelling "Demon's Rage!"

The attack flew through the air, but both of the men dodged it, just like Naruto wanted them to. The attack crashed against a wall, putting a giant hole in it. Seeing the hole, Hinata grabbed Sakuya and a kicking and screaming Borruja and took off, flying for the office of JuuHachi Town's mayor as quickly as she could.

As she took off, Naruto turned to Kazuya and Miroku. They all started to circle each other, looking for any weaknesses in each other's stances. Kazuya tried to throw Naruto off his game by taunting him. He said "It seemed that your Hyuuga whore left you here alone. Now how will you live without her and that other panda looking bitch to hide behind?"

Naruto said "I don't need Hina-chan or Ten-chan to kick your face in."

Kazuya continued "It sure looked like that the other night. As soon as that blood was dumped on you, you screamed like a little girl and fainted. I found your weakness, demon spawn."

Naruto countered with "It didn't work before. What makes you think it's a weakness?"

Kazuya said "You're right. I don't know it's a weakness. All I saw was you fainting. That's hardly viable evidence. I wasn't able to witness your entire time under the influence of the lamb's blood. Let's change that."

At that point, Kazuya stopped circling. He jumped back a far distance and landed near a wall. He punched the wall, causing a lever to be revealed. He pulled the lever, causing gallons of lamb's blood to dump from the cieling, forming what looked like a ring on the floor. As soon as the smell of that stuff hit Naruto's nostrils, he felt a bit nauseated. He saw that the closer he went to that stuff, the more that feeling persisted. 'I was barely able to survive one bath in that stuff. Without Ten-chan or Hina-chan here, I don't think I can survive a second.'

Naruto turned to his opponents who entered the circle. Kazuya said "This reminds me of those sumo matches. First one who leaves the ring loses. But for you, losing means death. And I'll be glad to deliver it!"

Kazuya shot forth like a bat out of hell, causing Naruto to barely block the attack. Naruto was pushed back from blocking the attack, getting closer to the ring of blood. Naruto realized Kazuya's plan, and he kneed Kazuya in the gut. Naruto quickly dropped his foot, then planted his knee into Kazuya's face. Naruto then twisted, pivoted, and kicked Kazuya back. Naruto rushed forward and jumped in the air with his sword held back. He was about to try and take Kazuya's head off with one swipe, ransom be damned. Sadly, Miroku had other plans. And those plans included paying Naruto back for that dropkick earlier. Miroku jumped up and dropkicked Naruto, causing him to fly to the side. Naruto fell into a roll and popped back to his feet, but another strike from Kazuya caused him to lose ground again. This time, he saw that he was getting closer and closer to the ring. Naruto tried to do the same tactic from before, but Miroku seemed determined to stop him. Miroku went for a slash to Naruto's gut, but Naruto hopped back on instinct to dodge it, causing him to damn near land in the blood.

Fear started to bubble up in Naruto, but Naruto tried to control it. That control slipped when he leaned back to dodge a swipe from Miroku's dagger, damn near putting him off balance. Kazuya rushed forward to try and play baseball with Naruto's body again, but Naruto hopped back, dodging the attack, but putting himself directly in the blood circle. To Kazuya and Miroku's frustration, Naruto's brain decided to start working and remind Naruto that he can fly. Naruto levitated inches from touching the toxic blood. Naruto circled around the two and landed to continue the fight. But it only took blocking a strike from Kazuya for him to realize the limits of his power. And he just hit them. Naruto couldn't block the strike, and it sent his sword wide, leaving his torso open for attack. Miroku took advantage, stabbing his dagger hilt deep in Naruto's chest. Kazuya also took advantage of it by swing his broadsword like a baseball bat again. He swung and hit Naruto's sword hand with his first strike, severely injuring the hand and sending the sword flying. Kazuya then turned in a full circle, adding the force and speed of the turn in his strike to Naruto's head, which this time, connected.

Naruto went flying from the attack and landed barely an inch from the blood. As the blood started to get to his head, Naruto realized that he couldn't go on like this anymore. His body had started to give out on him. His sword hand was throbbing in pain like nobody's business. Everytime he even twitched his hand, it caused pain to shoot up his spine like nothing he had ever felt before. His head was ringing from the swing by the Babe Ruth knockoff. He could feel blood coming out of his nose, and he could even feel a few of his teeth loose.

'I...I...What the hell can I do? I can't go on like this. Even though I had never noticed, my demonic side has always been a part of me. It's one of the things that makes me who I am. How can I fight without it? It's like I'm fighting with an arm tied behind my back. I know it's there, I'm so used to using it, but it's just not responding. I feel woozy, dizzy, and I think I'm about to throw up. ...Shit! That blow to the head gave me a contusion. Or concussion. Whichever one it is, I have it. Plus this stab wound to my chest isn't exactly making it any easier for me to breathe. I'm in no condition to fight. I think...I think this might be it.'

All of a sudden, Naruto heard a voice say "What do you mean this might be it?"

Even though he knew that he had only thought those words, some voice outside of his head had heard them. Turning to the origin of the voice, Naruto saw a man standing there beside him. Kazuya and Miroku seemed to be gloating at Naruto, as if the man wasn't even there. And maybe he wasn't. Maybe it was just a figment of his imagination, or a result of the concussion. But Naruto would always swear that the man who spoke to him at that time was real.

The man was 5'5". He was standing in the blood, but he seemed to ignore it, as if stepping in blood was an everyday occurrence for him. He man had golden eyes and around his eyes were a red outline. His eyes were narrowed in anger and his mouth had a half smirk, half sneer that, when combined with his gaze, seemed as if he was patronizing you and being disgusted by the mere sight of you at the same time. The man was wearing navy blue jeans and a belt of the same color with a golden buckle. He was wearing boots that were a few shades lighter than his pants. The boots came up to mid-shin and seemed to be packed as if they were fashioned out of thick leather. Around the ankle of the boots was a golden band, and the heels and toes of the boots were a dull gold. He was wearing lavender gloves and had a full mane of spiky hair that seemed to add another five inches to his height. His hair dangled down to past his shoulders, but it didn't seem to bother the man. He wore no shirt, but it wasn't needed as, over the man's chiseled torso, grew crimson red hair that seemed to go down his entire arms. Oddly enough, the hair didn't grow on his pectorals, or the top half of his abdomen. But the biggest surprise about this man, was the crimson furred tail jutting out of his tailbone.

The man walked over to Naruto and said "What do you mean, this might be it?"

Naruto had no idea who the man was, but seeing as he was on his way out, he decided to answer the man. Naruto said, in a voice that was barely above a whisper "I...I don't think i can (cough, cough, cough) go on. I can...I can barely breathe. I'm at my limit. I...I think...I'm gonna die here."

The scorn in the man's eyes seemed to intensify and he said "Unacceptable."

Naruto said "What?"

The man said "If you think, I'm going to stand by here, and watch as one of my descendents, one that I gave FAVOR to, dies from fighting some lowly human, then you are sadly mistaken. Get your pathetic self up and FIGHT!"

Naruto said "I...I can't."

The man said "Don't tell me you can't, boy. You think this is bad? You think a little stab wound to the chest and a concussion will get you out of fighting? GROW UP! I've seen a sheltered, whiny little BOY as old as you, raised by some overbearing HARPY, get his arm damn near blasted off and still fight to the death! That boy was descended from a line of THIRD-RATE SAIYAN GRUNTS! Your blood is filled with the royal line of the Saiyans so THE DENIZENS OF HELL WILL RISE UP AND DANCE TO SHOWTUNES BEFORE I ACCEPT YOU GIVING UP!"

Naruto said "But...(cough, cough, cough, cough)But my demonic powers are..."

The man screamed "TO HELL WITH YOUR DEMONIC POWERS! What about your Saiyan powers? What about the powers given to you by decades of bloodshed and death! Me, my son, your father, we have all went through TOO MUCH TO SEE YOU THROW IN THE TOWEL BECAUSE OF A FEW BOO-BOO'S! You are more than just some lowly human! You are Naruto Namikaze, the Prince of All Saiyans! In Heaven and Hell your life is viewed and watched by every Saiyan as inspiration of what they can do! Of what they can be! If you throw in the towel now, you're spitting on everything I went through for you to even exist right now! You're spitting on everything my son Trunks went through! You're spitting on everything EVERY SAIYAN, INCLUDING YOUR FATHER, WENT THROUGH! Now get the hell up, and show these two inbred cretins what happens when you get the moronic idea to FIGHT THE PRINCE OF SAIYANS!"

Naruto would never be able to explain it, and he would never understand it, but at that moment, he felt, powerful. Getting screamed at by this apparition seemed to rejuvenate him. The throbbing in his hand died down until it stopped completely. His head became more clear and the dagger in his chest started to rise up as the wound was healing from the inside out. His breathing started to get better. It was as if he realized something that he had never realized before. People up there, and people down there, were watching over him. They were cheering him on. They were hoping for his success. Someone out there cared for him. And call him crazy, but at that moment, it was as if he could feel the people watching over him.

As he looked up, he could see the transparent outline of a man with lavender hair wearing a similar jacket to him staring down at him. The man was glaring, as if he was anticipating the favorite part of a TV show coming up. Another was a woman with blue hair smiling down at him. A carbon copy of the man beside him showed up, but he had a goatee and was giving him a glare that Naruto imagined a father would give a son who quit at something before trying his best. And the last was a man who looked like an older version of him, black hair and eyes and all, giving him a silent nod. That's when Naruto realized. He could feel them all! He could feel their presence watching him and hoping for his success. He could feel the camaraderie from his fellow Saiyan warriors. He could feel the love from his deceased family. All of them were hoping that he would succeed. And the denizens of Hell would rise up and dance to showtunes before he ever let them down!

What Naruto didn't notice was that his body was giving off a golden glow. The golden glow got the attention of Miroku and Kazuya, and they stared, stunned by what was happening. The glow was so bright it shined through the night like a giant star, getting the notice of everyone fighting below. Even Hinata, flying at breakneck speeds towards JuuHachi Town could see the glow, and she knew what was happening.

As Naruto sat up, he glow started to die down in intensity, and seemed to cover him like an aura when he stood up completely. No limping, no wincing, it was as if Naruto had never been in the fight or stepped in the lambs blood. As Naruto stood up, the man chuckled a little and said "Now you're acting like my kid."

Naruto chuckled at the man's comment and said to the man "I was about to give up. I was about to throw in the towel. The lamb's blood, the pain, the injuries, it was all getting to be too much for me. But you showed me the way. You showed me that I didn't have to give in. You reminded me of who I am. So what if my demonic abilities are gone? I'm still a Saiyan, and the only thing that stops a Saiyan from winning their fight is death. So I'll win this one. For you, for my ancestor Trunks, for my great uncles Goten and Gohan and Goku, for my father Minato, but mostly, I'll win this battle for me."

Naruto held out his hand towards where his sword was, and miraculously, his sword shot from it's position to his hand, stunning Miroku and Kazuya, who were ignorant of Naruto's speech. Naruto took his sword and cut into his palm, deep. Making sure that a scar would be left, Naruto said "On this day, I swear that I will never back down. On this day, I swear that I will never give up. On this day, I will take the way of the Saiyan warrior and live by it until I no longer exist. On this day, at this moment, I was reminded of who I am. And I have you to thank for that, Vegeta."

The man, Vegeta, smiled and said "Okay boy, get on with the soap opera and get started on the ass kickings."

Naruto chuckled and said "As you wish, Vegeta."

Vegeta's apparition vanished, and Naruto was left with Miroku and Kazuya. Kazuya fought through the sense of amazement and slight fear from the aura surrounding Naruto to say "So you're ready for us to deal the final blow to you, huh Demon Spawn?"

Naruto yelled at them "Hit me with your best shot fools, I'll return it a thousand fold!"

Kazuya smirked and charged forward. He swung his sword to try and behead Naruto, but Naruto caught the sword. Not with his hand, not with the side of his arm, but with his index and middle fingers on one side of the blade, and his thumb on the other, preventing the blade from moving. Naruto chuckled and said "My turn."

Naruto seemed to disappear from Kazuya's vision, only to reappear with his foot buried in Kazuya's chest. Kazuya was sent flying back from the kick. Naruto dropped into a fighting stance and said "Thank you Kazuya. Thank you for pushing me to the limit, so I could realize that my true limits are light years beyond that point. Thank you Kazuya, for reminding me just who the hell I am! Now, you and Miroku are going to face something that this world hasn't seen since the death of the Yondaime Hokage. A TRUE SAIYAN WARRIOR!"

Naruto let loose a rage-filled scream and summoned forth every scrap of energy he had in his body. Naruto raised his head to the sky as his power level skyrocketed. With all that power, Naruto easily transformed into a Super Saiyan. While he was a regular Super Saiyan, Naruto felt different. He didn't feel like he did last night when he ascended. This felt like it did before that damn lamb's blood got dumped on him. Somehow, for however brief it would be, Naruto was back to full power.

Kazuya screamed "What kind of demon sorcery is this? This blood should nullify your demonic games!"

Naruto chuckled and said "You ever think that maybe I'm more than just a demon?"

Before they could ponder what he meant by that, Naruto disappeared from their sights. As they looked around for him, he reappeared in between them in a perfect stradle in mid air, kicking both of them at the same time. Miroku recovered first and tried to swing for Naruto. Naruto dodged the punch like it was child's play, and dodged the follow-up ones also. Naruto caught Miroku's last punch and held his arm. Naruto looked into Miroku's eyes and saw Kazuya in mid air trying to kick him in the back of the head. Naruto ducked, causing Kazuya to fly over him and hit Miroku. As they both fell, Naruto disappeared and reappeared in the exact same spot, except this time, he was holding Miroku's dagger. He tossed the dagger to Miroku and said "Take this. Try sticking to something you're good at."

Miroku glared at him and said "I'm gonna enjoy gutting you like a fish and using your colon to hang you."

Naruto said "You'll try. And you'll fail."

Miroku ran at him and tried to slash at him with the dagger, but as the dagger came into contact with his skin, Naruto focused ki to the spot to make a very dense ki shield. The ki shield broke the dagger on contact, causing Miroku to look horrified. Miroku said "That dagger...That dagger was my father's. That was the dagger he used during the Third Shinobi World War you bastard! That dagger was irreplaceable."

Naruto said "Then he shouldn't have done something so stupid as give it to a weakling like you."

Miroku screamed in rage and tried to punch Naruto across the face, but Naruto caught his fist in one hand and crushed it, breaking the bones in Miroku's hands. Naruto, still gripping the hand, threw Miroku into a wall. Naruto looked at Kazuya and said "Next."

Kazuya grabbed his sword and charged Naruto, unleashing a battle cry as he did so. Naruto waited until the last second and swung his sword at Kazuya's as hard as he possibly could. It turns out that 'as hard as he possibly could' was really hard, especially when that swing was augmented by the powers of Super Saiyan. The swing tore through Kazuya's blade like a hot knife through butter, leaving his sword missing the top half of it. Naruto cut Kazuya twice after that, both of which left deep gashes on his torso. Naruto then jumped up and drove his knee into Kazuya's chest, easily breaking a rib. As he landed, Naruto decided to send Kazuya to the realm of Morpheus by backhanding him across the face.

Now that both of them were knocked out, Naruto looked at his hand. The wound he carved into it had already healed over, leaving the scar that Naruto wanted there. Now he would always have a reminder of one of the weakest points in his life. And one of the strongest. Naruto closed his eyes and said "Thank you for watching over me, my family. I promise that I'll make you proud of me."

Naruto grabbed both Miroku and Kazuya and took off into the air. While he was flying, he could've sworn that he heard something. Almost as if they were one, he heard many voices simultaneously say "We already are."

After dropping the two fugitives at the Mayor's office, they were easily freed of all suspicion or charges. Hinata seemed to be making nice with Tenten. They didn't have to hide out anymore. Things were starting to look up for Naruto.

Well, almost everything. After he dropped Miroku and Kauzya off, Naruto attempted to go Super Saiyan again. Sadly, his power was back to it's lamb blood weakened state. It seemed that the power boost he got while fighting Miroku and Kazuya was a one time thing. But Naruto wasn't too mad about that. 'I'll just have to kick ass with the power I have now.'

The next day, Naruto and the rest of his team were standing in front of JuuHachi Town's city hall with the mayor. They were standing on the steps of the hall while the mayor was at the top of them at a podium. He said "For courage above and beyond the call of duty, I personally award these seven ninja here, along with their one missing member, with JuuHachi Town's Medal of Honor. These medals are a symbol of the gratitude and appreciation that we of JuuHachi Town feel for what you have done for us. You not only captured the leader of the dreaded Privaron gang, you also captured his three accomplices. Even when our city turned against you and labeled you all pariahs, you still continued your job. For that, we can never thank you enough."

After the mayor's speech, each of them lined up. Each were given the JuuHachi Town medal of honor. It was a medal of pure platinum. On the medal was a picture of the JuuHachi Town horizon with the sun cresting over it. On the opposite side, dead center, was the characters for their names. Near the top edge of the medal was the words 'Medal of Honor.' Naruto accepted the medal and stepped in line with his comrades, appreciative of the gratitude he was receiving.

After the awards ceremony, he and the rest of the group all took off for Konoha, with the bound and unconscious prison escapees in tow. While they were moving, Naruto was tapped by Hinata. "Hina-chan?"

Hinata said "Naru-kun, we have to talk about something."

After excusing themselves, both Hinata and Naruto flew into the sky so their conversation wouldn't be overheard. Naruto said "What's this about, Hina-chan?"

Hinata said "I've been thinking about the Tenten situation. And I've made a decision about it."

Naruto groaned and said "Hina-chan, I thought we put this behind us. We just made up not even a week ago."

Hinata said "I know. But I've been thinking, and I realized that I can't hate Tenten for falling for the exact same thing that I did. I know you love me, and I know you always will. But that doesn't mean that there isn't room in your heart for others."

Hinata's speech threw Naruto for a loop. He said "Hina-chan, just what are you saying?"

Hinata said "Naru-kun, if Tenten is okay with it, I'll have no problems with you dating both of us at the same time."

Naruto's eyes widened to the size of dinner plates as he said "You have to be kidding. You'd seriously be okay with that?"

At Hinata's nod, Naruto said "But what about the long term decisions, like marriage? I can't marry two women. There's no way that's legal."

Hinata chuckled and said "I checked Naru-kun. Nowhere in the lawbook does it say that someone can't marry more than one person. It's something that the lawmakers didn't seem to think should've been made into law."

Naruto said "So you're seriously okay with me dating other women?"

Hinata said "As long as I say they're okay, and as long as you still love me at the end of the day, yes."

Naruto was so shell-shocked at the declaration that he just stood there with his mouth hanging open. Hinata giggled and thought 'I think I might've broken him.'

Hinata took Naruto by the hand and dragged him back down to the group. As they reached the rest of the group, they continued their travels to Konoha, with Naruto not speaking a word. After a few hours, the group stopped for the night. Seeing Naruto's shocked expression, Neji leaned over to Hinata and said "You told him you were okay with him dating Tenten, didn't you?"

Hinata narrowed her eyes in confusion at Neji and said "Do you have ESP or something?"

Neji just chuckled and went to Hinata's bag. He opened her bag and went through it until he found her copy of the Konoha Lawbook. While it wasn't exactly required, Hinata had been studying up on law in her free time. She was the heiress to the Hyuuga Clan after all. Knowing where her jurisdiction started would be helpful. Neji said "Can I borrow this for a moment?"

Hinata nodded and Neji went over to his teammate who was checking her weapons inventory and stealing glances at Naruto. As Neji approached, he tossed the book to her. He said "Look up what I told you before. Hinata's okay with it if you are."

Neji then turned around and left, causing Tenten to wonder 'What the hell did he mean by that?'

As he memory dug up what he was talking about, Tenten flipped to the marital section of the book and started reading it. As she was reading it, she saw a bunch of things about prenuptual agreements, civil unions, and the ownership of property. As she got done reading about it, she thought 'What the hell did Neji mean by reading it? I didn't see a single thing about how I can be with Naruto while he's with-'

And that's when it hit her like a ton of bricks. Tenten flipped back and read through the entire thing, twice, and thought 'There's nothing in here about polygamy. There's not a law against it? Wow, I thought there would be.'

Tenten stood up and walked over to where Hinata and Naruto were sitting. As she approached them, Hinata saw her and had a knowing smirk on her face. She said "Did you realize what Neji has been pushing us to see for the last week?"

Tenten lightly chuckled and said "Yeah. That whole mysterious and knowing shtick he has going for him can really get annoying."

Hinata snorted and "You're telling me. You don't have to live with him."

Tenten said "I do NOT envy you."

Both girls had a laugh over that. But then Tenten got serious and said to Hinata "What do you think about this?"

Hinata shrugged and said "I'm okay with it if you are."

Tenten said "Really? You're not mad or anything?"

Hinata shook her head and grabbed Naruto's hand. She said "Naru-kun here is an amazing man, and the love of my life. I can't exactly fault you for loving him for the exact same reasons I do. I know there's enough room in his heart for the both of us."

Tenten turned to Naruto and said "Naru-kun?"

Naruto responded to her call and said "Ten-chan?"

Tenten said "Will you be my boyfriend?"

Naruto snapped out of his shock and saw the slight fear in Tenten's eyes. He grabbed her hand, looked her right in the eyes, and said "I'd love to."

Tenten let loose a breath she didn't realize she was holding. She was scared that he would say 'No' for a minute. She jumped into Naruto's embrace and hugged him. Naruto said "So we're officially a couple now."

Tenten pulled back from the hug to look Naruto in the eye and said "No, we're not."

Naruto got a puzzled look on his face and said "We're not?"

Tenten smiled and said "Nope. We still have to do this."

Tenten grabbed the back of Naruto's head and pulled him in for a searing lip-lock. At first, Naruto was shocked, but then he leaned in and started to return the kiss. Seeing them, Hinata could only feel joy in her heart. They both started to moan a bit from the feeling of their wrestling tongues, and Tenten ended the kiss before she did something she wouldn't be able to take back. She sighed and said "I've been wanting to do that for two months now."

Naruto said "Ditto" and hugged her. Hinata took a step forward, and joined in their hug. As they hugged each other, Naruto realized that there was much about him that Tenten didn't know. Hell, there was some stuff he hadn't had the chance to tell Hinata because of their fight. Naruto took both of the girls to his tent, and in there, he told them of all the things in his life that they didn't know about. The experiences shocked the girls, but their opinion of Naruto hadn't changed at all from his tales. Tenten's opinion of him actually increased a great deal. As they spent the night cuddling, Naruto went to sleep, thinking 'It's not so bad being me.'

As Naruto went to sleep, he didn't feel two sets of eyes on him, watching him like a predator watches their prey. In the beings minds, only one thought was passing by. 'So, this is where the heir has been all this time? Who would've thought he'd be hiding in the Human World of all things?'


Finally, this chapter is complete. I got to show Vegeta, something that I've been wanting to do since I wrote him in the story. Also, I got Tenten into the harem, which means I can finally work on the other girls.

But now that Naruto is weakened, he's about to have a lot more difficulty doing things. What's this feeling he's been having for a while that he's being watched? Why is every bone in his body telling him to be on edge, even when he's resting with his girlfriends? It seems that the fact that he's the uncrowned prince of the Demon World is about to come back and bite him in the ass. Don't miss the next chapter where all these questions will (probably) be answered!