Enter: Narumi Uzumaki!

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It was a warm and sunny day in Konoha. People were bustling to get to work and kids were hurrying to get to school. All was peaceful and normal but it couldn't be that way for long…


An orange blur could be seen by local residents. Most residents of Konoha would think nothing of this blur but, the truth is this orange blur is very important. Why you may ask? Because this girl was none other than our aspiring heroine in this story… Uzumaki Narumi!

"GET BACK HERE YOU LITTLE BRAT!" yelled several jounin ninja, all chasing after Narumi. Narumi did not stop, but she did glance in back of herself and gave the running jounin a wink, which made them madder. She giggled to herself and dipped her small paint brush into her can of orange paint. She then waved her paintbrush wildly, spraying paint all over herself and the jounin. She giggled again and ran up to the carving of the Hokages. She climbed on top of their heads' and began to work.

At a breakneck speed, Narumi painted the Hokages. They were spattered with paint all over in less than 1 minute! The Jounin chasing after her were exasperated and one went to fetch Iruka Unimo. In no time, the jounin returned with Iruka by his side. Narumi saw this and prepared herself for a punishment.

".MI!" yelled the angered chunin. Narumi gave Iruka sensei a nervous/sweet smile that usually never failed her before, but it unfortunately chose this time to fail. "What in Kami's sake do you think you are doing?" demanded the Chunin. Narumi scratched the back of her head nervously. "Ummm…. Painting?" she replied bluntly. Iruka was fuming." You are coming with me." he stated, pulling Narumi as she fussed. "LET ME GO!" screamed Narumi. Iruka smiled wearily at the fussing girl. "Not until we're back at the academy." Narumi pouted and stayed that way until they reached the Academy.

"As I was saying until I was rudely interrupted," Iruka stated, shooting a glare at little Narumi. Narumi stuck her tongue out at him. Iruka rolled his eyes and continued. "Your genin exams are later today so I expect everyone to get an A+ on this, especially you Narumi." Narumi shot him a glare. "I was going to let you guy go early but, thanks to Narumi you will have to spend extra time reviewing the Transformation Jutsu." Groans could be heard by the fellow shinobi and kunoichi of Narumi's classmates. Phrases like "This is all your fault" and "You suck" could be heard from various classmates directed to her. "See if I care." She muttered. "Ok now class, line up!" directed Iruka. The classed obeyed but glares could be seen shot at Narumi.

Both Sakura and Sasuke preformed prefect transformation jutsu. But, Narumi did something completely different…

"HENGE!" she yelled, assuming a completely different form.

This form was-as many would assume-an older, naked form of Narumi. Iruka looked for a second before being propelled the blood gushing out of his nose. It took about 10 seconds before he recovered. When he did wake up, he found Narumi giggling and lost his temper just a little bit. "NARUMI, BECAUSE OF YOUR STUPID USE OF CHAKRA, YOU WILL BE STAYING HERE TO CLEAN UP THE FACES OF THE HOKAGES," he yelled. Narumi shot him a look of pure disgust. Iruka ignored her and turned to the class. "Class dismissed!" he said swiftly. The class left the room quickly, not wanting to hear what was happening next.

Narumi kneeled in front of the large mountain. With a sponge in her hand, she roughly rubbed it on the face of the 3rd Hokage. Mutters could be heard if you listen the closely. Iruka sensei sat on top of the mountain. After a few mintues of awkward silence, Iruka finally spoke up. "You missed a spot." He said bluntly. Narumi glared at him. "I don't care." She muttered. Iruka smirked "At this rate, you'll be here all night." That touched a nerve. "I DON'T CARE! I HAVE NO ONE AT HOME ANYWAY!" The blonde ninja yelled. Iruka's face softened seeing the small tears welling up in her eyes. "Hey…Narumi," Narumi's ears perked up and stared expectantly at Iruka. "Let's… go for ramen, Okay." Narumi's eyes lit up. "YAY!

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