Sorry guys, this isn't an update. But I just wanted to say thanks to whoever nominated this story for best fanfic for the Marr Awards!!! I had no idea what they were when I got the email saying I was nominated, haha. But yes, whoever did that, I love you!!!! I've never been in the running for any type of fanfic contest or anything in that realm. I'm so honored.

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I believe in being educated before making decisions, so check it out to see what it's all about. Then maybe if you still want to nominate Beautiful Immorality, there's a link on that page that will take you straight to submitting a nomination.

By the way, I get home in 2 days, so expect a new chapter sometime next week! I'll replace this entry in the story with the new chapter. Thanks for reading and reviewing!

Alright, back to studying Spanish and Bio....