My whole life I have never once doubted what I was told. I know that things around me would change when I changed but I was not looking forward to what lay in store for me when I left the safety of my home in Arizona. My life would not be my own once I stepped foot in Forks, Washington. This is where I had decided to send myself so that my mom would be able to enjoy her new husband Phil. Phil played minor league ball and married my mom, after she fell madly in love with him. He went on the road, my mom stayed behind for me, but she was lonely. Plus I think it would be good to spend some time with my dad. I haven't spent a lot of time with him, only because I thought my mom needed me more. Now I can see she doesn't need me. Now it's my dad who needs me.

This is what I thought my life was all about. It was until I met him. He was my everything. He had come out of nowhere and took my heart with him when he left. I had to believe his words, why would he lie to me. I always knew the day would come that he told me he didn't love me. Of course I didn't think about it after the incident last spring with James. Yeah James changed how he felt about me. Not the way I would have wanted him to feel either. He now began to question right and wrong. That's why he really left because I wasn't good enough for him right, or was it that we were two totally different people. Then my birthday party, I had asked for a small favor no Party. Yet, Alice had to be herself and make a big old thing about it. The paper cut and Jasper lunging for me. All that glass into my arm after he pushed me out of the way. He was always protecting me. Why, did he need to leave me to keep me safe.