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Protective Sister

Epilogue: Eternity Together


Life hasn't always been smooth sailing for my family. Our family has had a lot of set backs over the years and even some of us had to pay the price of those set backs. Yet as hard as it is to look at the sad times in my life they all led me to where I am right now. It was fate that brought me to this family, a family that openly welcomed me in without questioning my humanity or lack of it there of. I have been blessed with a husband who adores me and three wonderful and healthy children. I have fared better than one would have thought if they could believe my story. I mean really who would believe vampires and werewolves.

I have been waiting for several years to come back home. I have made so many memories in this small town and have missed it. If it wasn't for Charlie living in dull Forks I wouldn't have this life. I don't regret any of it, because out of it all home isn't a place or time but where your heart lies. My heart had never really found its home until Edward Cullen walked into my life. In that moment everything else slipped away except for him.

Luckily for me my extended family has been quite pleasing to me. Aro and his family have changed their course of living to that of our lifestyle. All it took was the gentle touch of an innocent child to change their 'hearts' at least that's what I was told. Yeah my first daughter Elizabeth has changed all of our lives a horrible accident that turned out to be a blessing in disguised. She has always held the hearts of all and any people who have ever crossed paths with her. She is defiantly a daddy's girl, she has Edward wrapped around her hand. Yet so is almost the rest of the males in our family, but no one is more putty in hands as Carlisle. She can get around with murder and go unpunished or figuratively speaking.

Now my two blessings Mason and Allison, they are more than any one parent could ever think. It's funny to think that they are really connected to Rosalie, Emmett, Edward, Esme and Carlisle all by venom. There is a strong bond that has kept them all close together over the years as well. I am connected strongly to them as well but only because I gave birth to them the venom bond though I love. It seems that everyone knows what they're up to before the do something it goes to say Alice's visions have nothing up on this bond.

Heading home for the first time in over twenty years is hard because I left things awkward with Jacob and I felt bad for hurting him. I know he hurt me a lot worse, but he was always a good family friend. Seth Clearwater is a huge part of our family now because I couple of years ago while we were in Alaska he ran into Elizabeth. Needless to say it was love at first sight. My first little girl was his 'imprint' at first Edward hated the concept that his baby would be going to the dogs. Seth though brought a new presence to the family and I wouldn't want it changed for anything. Even with Elizabeth's powers it seems she her powers even help werewolves being more human without the 'wet dog' scent. So Edward caved in when Seth asked to marry her. That is why we're going home. Elizabeth is getting married and she wanted her daddy to walk her down the aisle.

Over the years we have met a lot of vampire families but none of them held interest to us. We were different from everything they ever believed in, but I can say while we were in Alaska a certain strawberry blonde finally found her mate. I had to laugh when Edward come to realize that Tanya had found Mason as her mate. I guess for him it was vampire love at first sight. I heard Emmett crack a joke along the lines 'I guess if you can't get Eddie his son is a perfect tradeoff.' That joke didn't fare well with Edward. At first he banned our son from seeing her, but gave in when he saw how hurt Mason was.

Mason had gotten married quickly after meeting Tanya, which was almost four years ago. Our last child at home was in no hurry to find love and move out. Allison was very content on getting all of the attention from her dad and me as well as the rest of the family. She was so shy with anyone outside of our close family. She was very sad when her twin left her, but they had this mind connection that kept them very close. She though has a very special gift unlike any other vampire out there. Sure Elizabeth's gift is amazing, but Allison's is awesome. She has a very rare gift that if she bites a vampire they will turn human. Now let me say I don't like her biting anyone, but you know one vampire who really thought this gift was cool. Of course you're right Rosalie.

We found her gift in a very interesting way after about a year (Allison looked to be three though) accidentally bit Rosalie. Rosalie collapsed to the ground withering in pain. Allison was so freaked out that she wouldn't eat or move until Rosalie was better. Rosalie was in pain for almost a week, but at the end of the week something was different about her. Carlisle ran tests on her and came back with the conclusion that she was 'human'- a real one (not under Elizabeth's power). Of course Rosalie and Emmett had to try out the vampire and human love making concept. Several months later Rosalie gave birth to a little girl she named Olivia. Olivia brought her peace about who she was as a vampire and the pain from her birth made it impossible to stay human so she had to be changed back.

Rosalie decided she didn't want to go through that much pain again and realized that she had been very lucky all those years ago when Carlisle changed her. She was someone worthy of a life that had been taken from her. If it weren't for him she would have never found a family that loved her and accepted her even though she was flawed and damaged. I guess a little humanity does bring out the best in some of the worst people. Just kidding Rosalie is an amazing person and a very dear friend. It if weren't for her disobedience all those years ago I wouldn't have survived my dead end path. She brought me back to life and even gave me a life worth living for.

Alice didn't really want to be human anymore than Rosalie wanted to be a vampire, but after Rosalie's ordeal she made a slip in judgment and tried to force Allison into an outfit she didn't want to wear. Well needless to say she didn't heed Jasper's warning and well Allison bit her. I'm not sure if it was an accident though. Allison kept saying it was, but the talk Edward had with her made the rest of us beg to differ though. It was nice to have Alice out of commission for a week, downside though Jasper didn't like her as human. An upside though for Alice was she got all of her memories back from her previous 'human' life. She made sure to write every detail she remembered down because she was going to be changed as soon as possible. She was even clumsier than I was as human.

It was good though it was a horrible way to find out who you were and why your family put you in a mental hospital. She never told anyone her memories, but Edward was able to see them very clearly and made it his responsibility to etch them in his mind for her. I didn't want to know any of it. She spent the first day crying over them. Jasper had to leave because her feeling made him depressed so Edward took the chance to be there for her. He felt bad that this was all caused by his little girl. Alice though after the initial shock was glad to know her past, it brought her some peace about who she was and who she had become.

Alice stayed human for a year wanting to experience so many different things. It all ended though when she too became pregnant with child. She though wasn't excited about it until Carlisle told her it was a girl. She then decided that she would have a new 'barbie' doll. The rest of us were glad because that meant she would have less time bothering us. During her pregnancy Jasper almost went mental if you couldn't imagine the irony of that. She did have a little girl whom she named Ashley which means harmony. (A/N: I thought a long time for a name and was looking in a 'name book' when the name came up. I was thinking of a name that meant something close to harmony without having to name the child that. It's just a bonus that Ashley Greene plays Alice in the movies) The little girl sure brought harmony between her dear mom and dad. I had never seen a more harmonious family than theirs. Alice too had to be changed shortly after Ashley was born, but Alice was happy to go back to being 'normal' though we never thought she was normal to begin with.

Now Esme and Carlisle seemed to stay clear of us for a little while. I was unsure why they did until I realized that after anyone upset Allison she bit them. I didn't want to have to worry about it because she was just a little girl, but I knew this was different because it affected our family. I think she noticed it too because she didn't allow anyone but Edward and me to do anything with her. She was trying to protect her family; it reminded me of her daddy's overprotecting ways. Edward and I had gone hunting and left Allison home with Esme and Alice, when we got back Carlisle was furious. I had never seen him mad before, but let me tell you he was indeed livid. It took all of his strength to keep from hurting Allison.

Esme turned human just like the rest of the women. It was a bad chance of luck I think because it was then that we found out from Aro it seemed that our little girls 'human power' only worked on women vampires. So in turn it was a little bit of luck that the men in our family would never endure the transformation to become human. Esme followed in suit of the rest of the Cullen women and became pregnant. Carlisle was very calm about it as if it didn't matter to him, but Edward begged to differ from his thoughts. Not that Edward would share those thoughts with me. Aro found it intriguing that Allison's gift could reverse women who were vampires, but was sadden that she couldn't do it for men.

During the trial and error concept much to Jasper's dismay Alice volunteered to allow Allison to bite her again to see if a vampire could be changed back and forth. I wasn't too excited about the testing method nor was Allison, but Aro was in charge and he had never insisted for any of us to join him and we would do anything to appease him. Jasper had to be controlled by Edward to keep from hurting our little girl, when she bit Alice. Time seemed to freeze as we all waited to see what would happen, nothing happened. So you could only be changed into a human once. I guess though it was an opportunity to change a woman's fault at not being able to bare children as a vampire.

Esme was though very thankful for a second chance to have another child. It still hurt her that she was unable to protect her little boy all those years ago. To make matters a little bit overbearing Carlisle was even more overprotective with Esme than Edward has ever been with me or our children. I heard Carlisle say something about not wanting Esme to be disappointed about losing a second child. I thought having a child couldn't happen to any better person than her. I mean anyone who could wrestle and tame a bunch of horney, adolescent, love-sick, overbearing powerful non-human children could survive parenting a regular 'human' child.

Carlisle was the only one in the deliver room as Esme delivered her child. The other males said something about how sick it would be to see their mother in childbirth. I though thought is was a little ironic. Esme had very healthy twins a little boy she named Joel (God's Messenger) and a little girl named Christina (Follower of Christ) because during this time Carlisle started to believe in faith again. He was so drawn to religion for brining a second chance down to what many thought was a condemned race.

After becoming a vampire Carlisle had tried to enter the church but was unable to do so. He felt there was a force that was keeping him from entering. So after rededicating to his religious beliefs he decided he wanted to test his faith and go to church. Being his gracious and loving family we all went with him to support him. When we walked through the church doors the pastor seemed like his was waiting for us. There was no service going on due to it being a Saturday, but he wanted his child dedicated in the church. The pastor did just that for him and then talked for sometime to all of about faith and how none of us are condemned just because we're different. The pastor ended the meeting by saying God loves all who would turn to him whether human or vampire.

It was sure cause for an enlightened discussion among the Cullen men. We women decided to tend to our children. There sure have been a lot of changes in the years, new additions, meeting new people, exploring religion, maintaining our secret, and finally reaching out to those who need it most. Over the last twenty years not one of the Cullen's have slipped not even Jasper, yet having to come home some habits might not stay put away. I let my mind bring me back to the present because as I sit beside my seventeen year old daughter who won't age I am brought to come face to face with the past that I so long to forget.

I stare out at the Cullen home for the first time in twenty years wishing that I wouldn't have a melt down when the one person I hoped never to run into again. Elizabeth had told us she would get the house cleaned up for our arrival, but I never thought that the La Push wolves would be there to welcome us. Yet there in front of our home were all of the wolves some I knew like Collin, Paul, Jared, Embry, Quill, Sam, Seth, Leah and the one that seemed to stand out Jacob. My old friend Jacob stood there among the other wolves. All of their families were there as well. It was a home coming that had been long foreseen, but the one thing that brought it all complete was the look in Edward's eyes when he realized we were home. Our family was complete, the wolves were our allies and that it seemed our little girl had finally found her mate.

I finally understood how love worked. My name is Isabella Marie Swan Cullen and I am a vampire. My life hasn't always been this way; I was once a mere human who just by fate brought me to a small town called Forks to fall in love. Yet fate is a tricky thing because it also brought me a second love who loved me just as much as the first only thing was the feeling wasn't mutual. I have lived without the first love and even gone without the second. I am thankful that I chose the first Edward Cullen because I couldn't imagine my life without him or even what to live my life without him in it. I also cared for Jacob Black, but I could live without him. I chose to marry my vampire lover and leave the werewolf behind. Yet it's a good thing I chose the first because the second didn't belong to me. He belonged to my daughter. As I watched Jacob's eyes land beside me to Allison I knew at that moment he had imprinted on her.

Jacob had always said he was more than a friend. When Edward left me he said that I belonged to him, yet he was wrong. I am thankful Aro spared his life after he tried to hurt me because if not Allison might never had found her mate. I mean what are the odds that two different werewolves would imprint on two half breed vampires. I though am happy my family is finally complete. I knew somehow, someway Jacob was meant to be a part of my life only not as my husband. Coming home was a very good thing, it sure does feel awesome to be home.

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