Hi people! I saw a book in my house and thought it be funny.

Hope you enjoy.

Edward's View

I was walking by when my saw love, Bella, sitting on a couch reading a book. I walked over and looked at her.

"What are you reading?" I asked.

"Go Ask Alice." she said.

"Oh, ok then." I said leaving. I went upstairs to Alice's room. Being a person who could see the future she opened the door.

"Hi Edward!" Alice said smiling.

"Hi. Do you know what Bella is reading?"

"No. Go ask her."

"She said to ask you."

"Well go ask her again."

"Thanks Alice." I said leaving. I went back down stairs and saw Bella. I walked over. "What are you reading Bella?"

"Go Ask Alice."

I groaned went back to Alice. She opened the door. "She said ask you."

"Go ask her yourself."

"Damn I hate this!" I yelled going back down stairs. (LOL I don't think he say 'Damn' unless he got annoyed with something lol!)


"Yes Edward?"

"What are you reading?"

"Go Ask Alice."

"I asked you: What are you READING?"


After about five hundred rounds of going to Bella and Alice, I took Alice by the hand and took her downstairs to Bella. "Bella?" I asked.


"What are you reading?"

"Go Ask Alice."

"Ask me what?" Alice asked.

Bella smiled and shook her head. She held the book cover up that read 'Go Ask Alice'

I really should take the book next time.