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It was a life of pain. A life of terror and fear. To one such as him, rejection was the only thing he received, being feared yet hated for what he was. But that was only the beginning. His ability to quickly run away had saved his life on more than one occasion. It was the same thing over and over again - run away, hide, survive. His future would never shine bright with hope, forever to be stained with blood and tearful screams. It was the only thing that he thought would be true.

"Demon! Get out!"

Demon… Why was he always called on by such hatred? Of fear? They knew nothing of what he had gone through. Screams, tears.

"A demon! Get it away from my child!"

Child? Wasn't he just a mere child himself? Was he not just the same as any other young humans?

"It will curse us all!"

Curse? Was he cursed?

"Away you cursed thing!"

Flee. Get away from those yells. Cast out from yet another part of the small town of Edge. Such a silly name… To the Slums nearby then. Maybe with some luck…

The young child of near seven was huddled behind some trash cans, chin on tiny knees. Shivering through a tattered t-shirt two sizes too big for his frail body, he waited, trembling in fear. Two, no, now five separate footfalls reached his ears. He had been chased to the slums as well?… Eyes closed, face buried into his skinny arms, waiting, fearing.


The footfalls faded, the yelling disappearing from the air, but the tension and terrified emotions of the boy still hung in the air. Hesitantly, the boy looked up, opening his unnatural eyes. They glowed in the dark of the near setting sun, seeming to have a life of their own. The color of green dancing flames swirled deep in their depths, complimenting the black sliver of a pupil that accompanied them. A cat's pupil. Just the sight of those twin eyes still could give the bravest of men chills, even with such innocence in them. The gaze was cut off when one of the eyes was covered with the silky moonlight colored hair. It shimmered even in the night, making the child seem all the more eerie and cunning than he currently was.

Though his unusual features immediately set him apart from any parentless orphan wandering around on the streets, there was reason for him to be called a demon. Two cat ears the color of his beautiful hair adorned his head, lying flat as they could near to his skull, afraid to draw attention to them. A long feline tail protruded from underneath the shirt, more easily concealed.

They were gone? Those strange ears perked up from where they lay flat and still, twitching a bit to catch any sound. A small noise interrupted the intense concentration. Frightened, the boy nearly jumped; however, he realized that it was just his stomach demanding food. He ducked his head, causing his eyes to disappear behind a veil of shimmering silky strands.

Food…. It would be hard to come by down here... At least up where the sunlight hit the busy town of Edge, and the massive city of Midgar, food could easily be stolen, but at a higher risk of being spotted and possibly taken away to the horrible labs from where he had escaped from. Just the thought of the horrifying place made him shudder violently, recalling those long torture-filled nights he had endured since he had been alive.

Settling back onto the current need, he slowly stood up, swaying slightly out of dizziness. His body was malnourished from the lack of food. Hesitantly those hidden eyes made a quick sweep of the alleyway he was in. It was unfamiliar to the young child, having never been in this part of the slums before. A frown tugged at those pale lips, the skin nearly white from the lack of being in the sun. He crept out of the dead end, eyes widening as if to catch any and all movement. Hardly anyone was around this deserted part, but his cautious nature made him wary.

The scent of fresh warm bread teased his nose after a couple of yards, making his mouth nearly drool at the mere smell of it. His slow pace quickened, keeping as much as possible to the shadows as he could, afraid to be seen. The tip off his tail could have been seen from under the poor dirty clothing he wore. His sharp sense of smell easily led him to the source. The Slum market. Though the market was not as grand as the one in Edge or as massive as Midgar's, it did contain vital needs for the Slum dwellers to live. One of those major needs was food, which directed his attention immediately to a bread stand only a couple of feet away. Cat ears perked up with extreme interest, slitted pupils locked onto a certain loaf of bread, good enough distance away from the stall owner that he could steal it without being seen.

He took a path that remained in the shadows of the concrete and steel buildings, using any thing near him to hide behind. The child barely noticed a blonde male walking up to the stall, chatting with the owner immediately as he bought himself a few loaves of bread, a black yearling horse in back of him, one who, unlike the humans, had noticed the presence of a demonic child. Nervously, not able to clearly see where said child was, the horse started to prance frantically, making its owner turn to calm it down. Seeing the chance with both humans distracted, the boy reached out, long delicate fingers closing around the prize. Bare feet leaped in the opposite way, holding the precious bit of food in his arms possessively.

The sudden action caught both of the men's attentions, the younger one merely blinking at the sight, while the stall owner let out a cry of surprise. Receiving the immediate attention of the two, the child nearly dropped its hard earned prize and fled, making a beeline straight to an alleyway, feeling new eyes fall upon his back, the other stall owners and shoppers.

The demon child managed to escape, thinking that no one was after him, but his feline ears twitched, picking a faint sound, first of a few coins dropping of wood, then of a set of footfalls coming after him, followed by the telltale clip clop of a horse.

He was being followed? By who? Blistering hot fear was sent shooting through his veins at the realization. No, he couldn't be caught! His speed picked up. Frightened eyes darted side to side, trying to find a place where he could hide, while he felt the following stranger speed up. Without looking where he was going, quickly glancing back to check if the one chasing him was close, he turned into a dead end, nearly running into a trash can. He let out a yelp, crashing to the ground, but refused to let the bread fall on the ground. His heart was racing, quickly looking for a hiding spot.

There, behind a pile of trash bags, though some were split open. Diving behind the pile, he waited, shivering in terror at having been found. Those footsteps following him soon slowed down, ending up at the entrance to the dead end.

No, don't come in here.

They were coming closer. Scared, the child hunched down into a ball, ears completely flat against his head. A shadow hovered over him suddenly, blocking out a bit of the light that was provided.

"Hey, are you okay?" The gentle voice of the speaker made his head jerk up, staring deep into sapphire blue eyes. Immediately he scrambled away, pressing up against the corner, finding no where else to run to. The male, dressed in clothing that suggested that he worked a small tiny backyard garden for money, surprisingly looked to be only a few years older than him. Somehow, he sensed there was nothing to be afraid of. The oceanic eyes were framed by a kind smile and spiky blonde hair that reminded him of the creatures called chocobos.

"Take it easy, kid, I'm not going to hurt you. My name is Cloud." The tone was so gentle and musical; it almost was like a lullaby. The child however, refused to come to him, ducking his head when the blue eyed elder boy caught sight of those unusual eyes of his, then his hair color and feline attributes. However, there was no gasp of horror or backing away. Instead, Cloud reached out to gently scratch the closest ear he found. Unbidden, a purr escaped the feline child's throat, nearly collapsing against the hand, soothed by the touch. The blonde boy's face lit up in a smile.

"So… What's your name?" he asked, withdrawing his hand after running a few fingers through that silky beautiful hair. The purr stopped, the child almost looking annoyed and a bit confused why Cloud has stopped. The kid looked down, ears flattening down a bit, unsure of what to say, having never talked for a while.

"K… Kad… Kadaj…" he whispered, his voice sounding so alien to his ears, as well as his name. Cloud almost chuckled. Such an unusual name for an adorable cute orphan. In fact, the cat features made Cloud want to take the child home and love him like a little brother. Wait, that was a perfect idea. It had its risks though, especially since the features meant he might have been an experiment at Shinra. He froze for a bit, hearing Shinra infantrymen, a small patrol group, run past in a jog, making him barely move, not wanting to give their positions away. He couldn't stand the thought of having the adorable Kadaj taken away.

He was forming an attachment quickly… So unlike him.

It was decided, he would take the poor starving child, Kadaj, in. Standing up from his kneeling position, he held out a hand to Kadaj, smiling.

"Hey, Kadaj, would you like to come with me? I promise I'll take care of you, just like a little brother." He said brightly. The offer shocked the demon child, blinking a few times, processing what his ears had picked up. Seeing the warmth in Cloud's eyes, he felt so compelled to say yes... Raising a hesitant hand, he felt Cloud grip his hand gently, helping him up.

A big brother… He liked how that sounded.