Note- I've had this on my computer for months, along with another couple chapters for this, but I didn't post because I don't feel there is a lot of interest left for this story. That's mainly my fault for sporidic updating. Anyway, I thought I'd put this up in case anyone wants to read it.

The Longest Night

This chapter takes place on February 8th in the city of Port Charles, New York between the hour of 5 am and 6 am.

Chapter Forty- Five

The Twelfth Hour- Part Three

5: 30 am

Jason forced open a door for the garage of the house where he suspected Ric was. Walking inside the garage he spotted a car. Checking the license plate number, which Spinelli had told him, he confirmed the vehicle belonged to Ric. Feeling the hood it was still warm, which meant Ric had used it recently.

Maybe he went out for food or supplies. Wherever he went he was back now and it was time to see if Claudia was with him.

Jason eased his way toward an open door that led inside the house. He had his gun drawn. When he stepped inside the house he found himself in a kitchen.

The house was silent. But he knew that somewhere inside of this house was the man he was looking for and quite possibly with that man was the woman who ordered a hit on Sonny. For that alone Jason would want Claudia dead but the fact that the hit was botched and it ended up with Michael taking a bullet in his head sent Jason over the edge.

That child meant the world to him. And the person who put Michael in a bed for the rest of his life was going to pay for that sin with her life.


5:32 am

Ric whispered into the phone "There's an intruder in my home," and then he hung up. Next he called out "I've called the cops so, if you're smart, you'll get out of here before they show up!"

There was a chance that whoever broke in was just a normal house burglar but Ric highly doubted it. It was probably one of Sonny's goons.

All he had to do was survive the few minutes it took for the cops to show up. His gun and fake ID were in his safe room so the cops wouldn't come along them. Ric could try to get there himself but he didn't want to give away that room to the police, it would only get him arrested if he did.

He glanced at his watch, as his heart beat fast, and he prayed the cops would hurry or that Sonny's goon would be scared enough to just run away before the police showed up.

The house was dead silent.

As a minute ticked by Ric wondered if maybe the person who broke in had already fled but then he heard someone on the stairs. Ric hurried down the hall to get inside one of the bedrooms and maybe go out the window but before he could make it Jason voice cut through the air "Take one more step and I'll shoot you in the leg to stop you."

Ric froze. He slowly turned around. "What's a little flesh wound to a madman hitman? Why not go for the heart?"

"Maybe I will." Jason advanced on him. "If you're helping Claudia."

Ric laughed. "That's why you're here? You think I helped Claudia to escape last night? Please. I wouldn't dare commit a crime like that. I'm an officer of the court. You're barking up the wrong tree, like usual, Morgan. While you are wasting your time here, breaking in my second home that I use on weekends to get a break from Port Charles and all the murdering thugs there, you're letting Claudia get away."

Sirens filled the air. Jason grabbed Ric and dragged him toward the bedroom. "We'll see about that."

"Leave go of me! She's not here!"

"This isn't a second home for weekends. It's a safe house bought in the name of a fake corporation. The perfect place to go for a person like Claudia when she's running for her life."

"You hear those sirens? They are coming for you."

Jason tossed Ric on the bed as Jason walked over and opened the closet, to make sure Claudia wasn't hiding there, then he looked in the bathroom. "You're gonna tell the cops we're friends and you made a mistake thinking someone broke in here."

"I am? I don't think so!"

"You are, Lansing. If you want to keep breathing you will tell the cops exactly what I say to tell them. Then when the cops leave I'm gonna check this house from attic to basement and you better hope Claudia is not hiding anywhere in here because if she is then you are a dead man."

"It seems to me it would be smartest for me to just allow the cops to take you away when they get here."

"Go ahead. But I'll make bail and I'll be back. If you have nothing to hide then let me search now. If you have me arrested I will know you are guilty as sin and there will be nowhere on this planet you or Claudia can hide from me. NO WHERE! I'll put you in the ground, Lansing, and ENJOY DOING IT!"


5: 37 am

Spinelli drove south on the expressway, speeding and driving erratically, as he worried about his master. Stone Cold had sent him a text, mere minutes after entering the house, that said to go home. Spinelli was following his orders but he was concerned that Jason had, in fact, found Claudia and Ric together and was currently dispatching them both to another realm.

Spinelli shivered.

Maybe it is what Vixenella deserved, though she had always been kind to him, but the Dastardly DA, in this instance, was surely motivated by his feelings of caring for a woman he had previously had a romantic entanglement with and was that reason enough to kill him?

Spinelli could see himself doing crazy things for love too. Unfortunately the women he loved never loved him back.

The wounds from Maxie were too fresh to contemplate too throughly the thought of moving on to someone else...maybe Winnie or Leyla or just any dark haired woman for blondes were surely his downfall...but one day he prayed he found someone to love who would return the sentiment and who he could risk his very life for and maybe even give his life to try and save.


5: 38 am

Lucky walked into the emergency room of General Hospital with Sam. It was packed with people. He spotted his ex-wife Liz standing near the admittance desk. With his hand on Sam's back he led her over there.

Liz looked exhausted about her night shift.

Lucky said "Hey, busy night around here, huh?"

Liz answered "The snowstorm caused a bunch of accidents before the roads were closed so we've had our hands full all night. Now people are coming in with the flu this morning. Does it ever end?"

"I got another patient for you. Sam bumped her head last night on a concrete floor. She was checked out by a doctor right afterwards but the roads were too hazardous to risk driving over here for a cat scan. I've kept an eye on her all night and she isn't showing any signs of concussion, according to what the doctor told me to look for, but still..." he smiled at Sam "I'd feel a lot better if she got checked out."

Liz handed Sam some paperwork. "Fill this out and wait for your name to be called. If you feel dizzy or nauseous make sure you let a nurse know so you can get moved to the top of the list."

Sam said "Really, I'm fine. Lucky is being overprotective of me."

Lucky told her "Better safe than sorry."


5: 42 am

Diane came strolling into the police station. She spotted Alexis and walked over to her. "Lovely dress but is it really proper work attire?"

"I never made it home from that charity event last night. I'm sure you saw the news and know that the current Mrs. Corinthos was exposed as the person who ordered a hit on her spouse, who was just her mortal enemy at that time so I suppose it is not as bad but the fact that she then married him is disturbing on several levels."

"Quite. But as far as I know that whole story is simply heresy out of the mouth of a sociopath. I'd love to get Jerry Jacks on the stand and tear apart his statements bit by bit."

"Well Sonny believes its true and, as you can imagine, he did not take it well when he heard."

"And that's where I come in. I understand he is being held because of some trumped up reckless discharge of a firearm charges."

"Trumped up? There is nothing trumped up about your client's charges."

"Hogwash. This is a stall tactic to keep my client off the streets so he can't take out some good old American style street justice on his allegedly culpable of attempted murder wife."

"Not true. Your client is being held because a room full of people were put in danger when he fired his weapon in the middle of a restaurant last night."

"We'll just see about how well these charges stick after I learn the circumstances of him discharging that weapon, if that did indeed happen. Do you have witness statements to attest to that fact?"

"I can get them."

"You don't seem to have your ducks in a row, Alexis. I'd like to see my client now so I can get his side of this story. I'm sure he was just protecting the life of his ex-wife when his current wife was trying to kidnap her. You can't charge him if he acted in defense of himself or another person, as you very well know."

"As you very well know, Diane, you have to prove he was acting in defense of another person and not just trying to murder the wife he was angry at."

"Why waste money on a trial when a room full of people witnessed my client protecting his poor, helpless ex-wife who would have been kidnaped if not for my clients heroic deeds?"

"Oh, please! You're laying it on thick this time."

"And I can lay it on thicker if this ever comes before a judge. You really want to prosecute the hero of the Metro Court Mayhem?"

"Is that what they're calling it on the news?"

"Has a nice ring to it, doesn't it? The Metro Court Hostage Crisis was already taken."

"I'm never going to another party at that place again. I should have known better."