Chapter 1 Fallen Angel

"I will…I will…I will survive!" yelled Heero Yuy as he aimed his mobile suit, the Gundam Wing Zero's main gun at the falling space battleship. As the heat from reentering the Earth's atmosphere built up inside the suit a blast of energy shot out of the end of the buster rifle. The beam of energy shot out hitting the falling battleship square in the center creating a blinding flash of light. Heero gripped the controls as the explosion consumed his mobile suit. Suddenly an alarm started up as the white light became green.

"What is going on?" thought Heero as the light changed again and then it started to change faster than even he could follow. Suddenly the lights stopped as the normal heat of reentry returned only this time he couldn't detect any of the other Gundams, the remains of the battleship or for that matter even a single mobile suit his computer knew. Instead there where many different unknown ships and mobile suits high above and where not following him down.

"Looks like I am going to the Earth." Thought Heero as he pushed buttons spinning around to face the Earth, when he did he saw another mobile suit entering the atmosphere along with a large white ship with two large leg like structures coming out of the ship. Heero watched as the ship moved in an attempt to get to the falling mobile suit.

"Looks like they are trying to get that mobile suit back." though Heero as he pressed another button and a female voice filled the intercom.

"Kira come in Kira! Can't you get back to the ship?"

"I could help but I don't know what is going on." thought Heero as suddenly his Gundam's eyes flashed green giving Heero the answer he needed "Ok Zero let's go!" With that he put back on his helmet and punched his already strained engines to their max as he shot forward.

"New Contact! Coming in fast!" yelled Sai Argyle as he ran his hands over the computer pad.

"What!" yelled the Captain of the Archangel Murrue Ramius as she turned to look at Sai

"Yes, it's heading right toward the Strike." said Sai

"What is it?" asked the head of combat operation Natarle Badgiruel as she turned to Sai.

"It's…it's a mobile suit, computers have no idea what it is." said Sai as he pulled up a picture from one of the working gun camera's and put it on the main screen. It had a shield like the Strike and some of the same color scheme but this one had two huge jet like engines on its back.

Heero and the Wing Zero closed with the unknown mobile suit. When he was near he turned on the radio. "Do not move I am returning you to your ship." said Heero as he grabbed the back of suit by the back of the armor.

"Captain the unknown suit as grabbed the back of the Strike." said Sai "It's bringing the Strike back."

"It is?" asked Captain Ramius as a clink was heard throughout the ship as Heero landed on the ship.

"Sir the unknown mobile suit has landed on the legged seat." said a Zaft soldier to the masked man standing by a window on the bridge.

"Very well then." said Rau Le Creuset as he watched the red stripe of the legged ship head toward the Earth. Heero sat his chair as he watched the earth get closer.

"Looks like we are going to Africa." Thought Heero as the heat died down as the first clouds appeared. Suddenly a voice popped into his head set.

"Unknown mobile suit this is the Earth Alliance carrier Archangel, the ship you are currently standing on." said a female voice.

"Earth Alliance?" thought Heero as he pushed the radio button.

"Any response?" asked Murrue Ramius

"It's unlikely that he can respond he may be out like a light, Kira's a coordinator and he is out." said Sai as suddenly an image of a man in a black space suit that, except for the helmet, looked exactly like a ZAFT suit. All the facial details where hidden behind the thin tinted glass of his suit.

"This is Heero Yuy of Wing Zero responding to the Earth Alliance carrier Archangel." said Heero as he looked at his screen to see a room filled with people in military uniform. One he picked out as the leader, she sat in a chair overlooking everything. She had brown hair and brown eyes.

"Heero Yuy I am Captain Murrue Ramius." Said the woman

"I will return your mobile suit." stated Heero

"We thank you. Is there anything we can do for you?" asked Ramius

"My suit is damaged I need a place to repair it and to find out what is going on." said Heero

"You are welcome to come onboard, but be warned any threat against this vessel will be dealt with." said Ramius

"Understood." said Heero as he cut the link.

"Can we open the hanger bay?" asked Ramius

"Yes." said Miriallia Haw as she pushed the buttons and the large hanger door opened.

"I am heading down to see this Heero Yuy." said Captain Ramius as she got off her seat. Meanwhile Heero flew Wing Zero down the inner landing bay with the strange mobile suit in his arms, it had lost all its coloring. He landed as a man dressed in an orange jumpsuit with tools hanging from his belt looked up at the two mobile suits with a stunned confused look on his face. Slowly he lowered the Strike to the deck; Heero walked Wing Zero in one of the mobile suit bays he was luckily that his Gundam fit in. As he began the power down sequence the same woman that was on the bridge appeared through one of the doorways.

Captain Ramius stopped for a second as she looked at the strange mobile suit, it did have a lot in common with the Strike. It had dents and cuts all over its body. "That machine has been in one hell of a fight."

"Captain what is happening?" asked head engineer Kojiro Murdoch as his team opened up the Strike and pulled an unconscious Kira out.

"This mobile suit saved Kira." said Ramius as the engines from the strange mobile suit shut off but to everyone's surprise it didn't lose its coloring. Everyone watched as a door opened below a large green circle. A boy maybe as old as Kira stood there, he had brown hair and brown eyes. He had on a black space suit with a little bit of red and white mixed in. Everyone watched as he grabbed a pulley like thing hanging from the side. He put his foot into it as it started to lower him to the ground. When his foot touched the deck he jumped off and the wire began going up again and the door inside the mobile suit closed itself. Instantly the few soldiers in the landing bay where on edge as the boy walked toward Ramius.

"I am taking a big risk in trusting you but I have no real choice." said Heero as he looked into Ramius' eyes.

"His eyes are so cold, like a trained killer." thought Ramius "But he is only a boy."

"All I want is to repair and rearm my Gundam and then I will leave." said Heero as Ramius eyes widened.

"That is your Gundam?" asked Ramius as the door to the Gundam closed.

"Yes and if anyone tries to mess with it. It will self-destruct and destroy this ship." said Heero as Ramius nodded her head.

"Alright but we need to talk to you." said Ramius "Then we will repair your mobile suit."

A few hours later the Archangel was hiding among the sand dunes of Africa. "We landed way off course." said Mu la Flaga as he stood in Ramius' office.

"I know but we couldn't lose the Strike." said Ramius "But right now it's this Heero Yuy that has my attention."

"I saw that kid's mobile suit, it's damn impressive." said La Flaga as he leaned up against the wall. "What got my attention was the fact it didn't power down."

"It is powered down." said Ramius as La Flaga raised an eyebrow "It's made out of some allow that we have never seen before, it's four times as hard as our Phase Shift Armor but requires no power."

"Does he have a name for this alloy?" asked La Flaga

"Gundanium." said Ramius "That is why it's called a Gundam."

"Ok then, the big questions is where he is from and is he a natural or a coordinator?" asked La Flaga

"He doesn't have any of the DNA markers to increase his skills and the Doctor says that he has too many healed broken bones and other past injuries to be a coordinator but his reaction tests are even above Kira's." said Ramius

"How is that possible?" asked La Flaga

"He would only say he has been trained since birth to be a soldier." said Ramius "As for where he is from, we have some idea's based on radiation levels and what he has told us which isn't much but our best guess is in far right field."

"What is that?" asked La Flaga

"We think he is from another universe, see there is a theory that at each choice we make creates a different universe." said Ramius as La Flaga looked at her.

"And you think he is from one of these universes?" asked La Flaga

"Yes I do, at the moment he is free to move about the ship." said Ramius

Meanwhile Heero Yuy sat in his Gundam's cockpit looking at one of his screens, "Damage to face plating but noting that can't be fixed. Other damaged areas can be fixed easy." said Heero as a data sheet shot up onto the screen. "I know Zero, we need to find a way home but first we need to fix you up. Shall we begin?"

The next morning Ramius walked onto the bridge. "What's the news about Heero Yuy?"

"He never reported to his assigned sleeping quarters." said Natarle Badgiruel "He has been working on his mobile suit all night."

"All night, he hasn't slept all night?" asked Ramius

"Hasn't eaten either." said Badgiruel as she pulled up a video of him single handedly watching over the load up of rounds into the shoulder cannon and even placing new face plating on his suit.

"That kid is a machine" thought Ramius

Heero Yuy sat in the cockpit as he ran the last of the checklists. Zero's eyes glowed again. "I know Zero, the face plating isn't Gundanium we will just have to run power to that armor." said Heero as leaned back in the chair making it go flat as Zero closed the outer door and locked it. Heero closed his eyes and let sleep take him. Meanwhile in the medical bay Kira Yamato opened his eyes as his fever broke.

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