Bonus Chapter Mark II

An old man, named Frank West stood in a blue T-shirt looking out over the factory floor as the next generation of mobile suit rolled out. The Leo mark III looked a lot like the original Leo's from all those years ago only with upgrades based off recovered and then lost Impulse Gundam and other parts left behind on the battlefield. "You know the President wants a report within a couple of days." said Duo as he stood in the doorway in a Pereventer uniform.

"I know." said Frank "She just doesn't understand I am not Howard, I may have been his floor chief in the building Peace Million 2 but I am not as good as him."

"She wants everything now." said Duo "I have been graduating new pilots none stop for over two years all to prepare for a war we shouldn't be fighting."

"Don't let her hear you say that." Said Zechs as he walked in also in a uniform "She would have you head."

"You are right, it's just I can't build the new gundams, work on a jump drive and run the factory floor all at the same time." said Frank "It's just impossible."

"Well you have to tell her something." Said Duo

"Well we have finished the frames for 4 out of the five gundams and last one should be finished early next week."

"She will want details about their designs." Said Zechs

"Well…" said Frank as he pulled up the blue prints on the screens. "The only one we have one time, is the PG (Pereventor Gundam) -01 Omen."

"This is the one you based off Deathsythe right?" asked Duo as he looked at the blue prints of the black and dark grey mobile suit.

"Correct, like the Deathsythe it is designed to go in unseen and hit the enemy up close and personal. However unlike the Deathsythe this suit is armed with a sword and a shield. Located inside the shield is a small one handed scythe that can be used instead of the sword or duel wielded with the sword." said Frank

"Can it be thrown?" asked Zechs "Because at the moment that suit has no range weapon."

"We are working on that but at the moment we are not sure." said Frank "The back up to that is to add an a ball and chain to the end of the scythe."

"Either way it's a badass suit." said Duo "Zechs as head of the advanced flight training school who will you recommend for this suit?"

"Your son he is a natural pilot." said Zechs as Duo grinned "That is if he can sit down and finish the written part of his flight training."

"Well I was never big on written tests." said Duo

"Like father like son." said Zechs "What about the others?"

"Well the PG-02 Sikyonis slightly behind but nothing a few overnight work sessions won't fix." said Frank as he pulled the image of the red and gold mobile suit with a large shield."

"Looks like one of those Spartans from ancient Greece, it even has the head dress." Said Duo

"Well I based it off them, in history they were the most defended soldier and you seen the firepower the Strike Freedom can up out. Well this gundam is designed to take those blows and still come at you." Said Frank "It's shield holds the strongest version of the energy shield with could make and it has a median range spear that can be thrown and a back up sword. Three weapons and a shield simple but effective."

"I think Aeneas would be best for this one." Said Duo

"Isn't he Wufie's top student?" asked Frank

"Yes." said Zechs "The way they act you would think they are father and son instead of teacher and student."

"What about the other three?" asked Duo

"Well the frames for the Tallgeese mark IV and the Sorra are almost finished." said Frank as Zechs lowered his head.

"My kid's machines." said Zechs.

Flashback 2 months after the Battle of the Neo-Plants

"Noin." said Zechs still calling his wife by her old last name.

"Yep." said Noin as she walked into the dinning room only to find Zechs looking at a bunch of papers laying all over the table.

"Looks like I have no choose in order to make any money I have to stay with the Preventors there just isn't much use for a mobile suit pilot outside of that." Said Zechs

"I think Heero would understand why you couldn't retire." said Noin "But maybe instead of being a frontline commander a flight instructor would be better."

"Maybe I heard Heero and Luna run their own school over there." Said Zechs

"Besides you can stay home and be with your kid." Said Noin as Zech's eyes snapped wide opened as he looked at his grinning wife.

End Flashback

Nine months later Noin gave birth to a little boy named Bernardo after Zechs father and girl named Merena after Noin's mother. Now those two kids were getting there own suits.

"The PG-04 Tallgeese Mark IV is made out of Gundamiun like the others but its basic design of Tallgeese." said Frank as Zechs looked at his son's machine. It looked a lot like his, had the whip, arm cannon, sword and shield. The real difference lied with the fact it was made out of Gundamiun and its head was like the original Tallgeese instead of his own. "It's a perfect suit for the Lightening Prince."

"Lightening Prince isn't it strange Zechs how our son's changed our nicknames just a bit, I was the god of Death, and Victor calls himself the Angel of Death and you are the Lightening Count and he is the Lightening Prince." said Duo

"Ya, but I wish it they had decided not to follow in our footsteps." said Zechs as he turned his focus to his daughter's machine.

"The PG-03 Sorra, is built for speed." Said Frank "When completed this will be the first mobile suit to go into orbit without the need of a booster of any form. We based it off the captured parts from Murasame and like them it can transform into a sweep wing fighter. Armed with sword, shield and a fast short to medium range gun it will close with it's enemies at high speed before destroying them up close."

"Merena does like to fly and speed." Said Zechs

"The last one is the PG-05 Ragnarok ." said Frank "This one is the one really behind."

"Looks a little like Heavyarms." said Duo

"Correct." said Frank "It is armed with three times the number of missiles as Heavyarms but instead of machine guns on both arms with have a single Beam gun on one hand and on the other we have a rail gun. This can send a solid round down range at such speeds that it can go though our best shields and Gundamiun alloy. Nothing can stop the round once it is fired."

"Sounds up Dimitri's alley." Said Duo

"Isn't he the one who in a training session sent his own people to die on a suicide mission just to win?" asked Frank

"Ya, he doesn't care who gets in his way as long as people die, I think he is crazy and shouldn't be within 100 miles of any weapons but the President has ordered that he gets a gundam." said Zechs

"When we watched the video of the battle with Orb and Zaft he broke out laughing when the nuke went off." said Duo

"And why would the president want him to be a gundam pilot?" asked Frank

"Simple, he will carry out the mass murder of every single coordinator he finds." said Zechs

"And we are giving him and the others the tools to kill innocent people." said Frank as he looked at the blue prints of all five gundams.

Well here is another bonus chapter; you now know all 10 of the new gundams and their pilots. I hope you like them. Also if all goes right I should have the first chapter of the next gundam story up this Friday. However I am sorry to say I will not be ably to update everyday like before my hopes is to have a new chapter every Friday. Who would think I would have less free time during the summer then I do at school. Sorry for that. So keep an eye out for Raising Angel coming next Friday. Thanks Wilkins75