Author's Note: Written in Physiology class. Because two hours of doing nothing makes me write. I hope you enjoy it, because I wrote it with Maiko in mind and I kinda-don't-really-like-absolutely-stay-away-from Mai/Zuko writing. But here you go, read it, eat it, digest it, and like it.

Summary: Mai realizes something too late.

Minor Detail

It was the little changes in her life when she noticed what was happening. The hugs weren't the same, the conversations weren't as long, the kisses became lighter – even the way he said her name had changed; like he meant to say something else, but stopped before making the error. Something had changed in him, something that couldn't be changed back.

Their life moved on as it was; their love-flame growing weaker everyday. Her eyes narrowed, her face more grim, her voice – void of any emotion, except resentment. Her words came back with underlying ferocity. She retorted more, her sentences dipped in sarcasm. It was wrong, she knew, it was hurtful. But she didn't stop.

Her change did not go unnoticed. Her quickness in step when he tries to kiss her, the disgust she holds back when he touches her. The little changes in his life made him noticed their actual relationship. It was planned – his voice gave it away, his actions revealed his motive. She took what he whispered and threw it away. The love she had for him had faded and she consented without any argument. The fingertips trailing against her hand meant nothing; the tickling in her ear from his breath meant nothing; the nearly-invisible smile he left her meant nothing. Everything he was/is/meant – is nothing.

It was the love she saw him give to that - - foreigner. Him twirling her hair, caressing her face; she knew, damn Agni, she knew.

That was the love meant for her.

Author's Note: Do you get it? No/Yes/Robots? Maybe, I shouldn't write in Physiology class anymore. Thanks for reading!