taking requests. [closed]

Pairing: Kakashi&Sakura
Length: something less than 3 pages.
Genre: anything besides AU

I was bored with school and didn't feel like working on my real multi chap stories so I took requests on Live Journal

These are the requests that will be uploaded
1. Redbrunja:
Sasuke comes back to find Kakashi and Sakura in a relationship. Sakura isn't going back to her crush.

2. rashaka:
. Kakashi tries to write his own porn novel but to his frustration all he can write about is Sakura, and it's all sappy instead of porny, which really takes the wind out of his coolness sails.

3. rashaka:
Kakashi has to go out of his way, out of his comfort zone, and work really hard to win Sakura's heart/affection. Whether for the first time or winning it back, I don't know. But I always read fics where Sakura pulls these daring stunts or games to get his attention, so let's flip that around.

4. nimblnymph:
Kakashi trying to ask Sakura out on a date. Because you KNOW he'd make it incredibly awkward. Lots of round about dialogue and such. And he's wondering why the HELL he can't just freakin' say it...

Then, Naruto walks right up to her and goes, "Hey, Sakura-chan, wanna go on a date?"

To which Sakura smiles and says, "Sorry, Naruto but I'm already booked. Kakashi, rather than have you spend another ten minutes trying to ask me, I'll just say yes and you can meet me around eight tomorrow night, okay?"

Or... something to that effect.

5. teh_amazing_one:
Maybe have a story where Kakashi is proof reading an Icha Icha installment for Naruto. Much like Jiraiya's books had Tsunade (unless this is more fanon), this prominately features Sakura. Where that goes is up to you.

6. nekokatsu:
Sakura is older, like 25-27. She's a fully accomplished kunoichi and medic. She's been away on a mission for a few years, returns, and Kakashi is like HOLY HELL *swoon*. They haven't really been in contact in years, and now Kakashi becomes enamored with her. His awkwardness and hilarity and sexiness ensues. :3 Smut is ALWAYS welcome. ^^

7. royalbk:
Sakura thinking about Kakashi's death would be awesomeness if you could do it! Since the manga did decide to take him out..

How about them already in a relationship, and when their friends first find out about it. Kakashi and Sakura have already accepted the whole age difference and former teacher/student thing, so now it's just a matter of dealing with the various reactions of those around them. Reactions can be anywhere from shock, to anger, to even being happy for them.

9. flametwirler:

Ideas range from: Sakura and Lee dating and Kakashi doing ridiculously childish things to sabotage their dates or just to harass Lee (itching powder in the suit, that kind of Naruto-ish pranks - maybe he even gets him to be his accomplice.)

Or Sakura tries to use Lee to make Kakashi jealous (only one she could find to go on a pseudo-date with her last minute.) Or Kakashi cons her into going on a pseudo-date with Lee, perhaps as a dare with Gai-sensei, or just to get Gai off his back (and then Kakashi would of course have to pay retribution later.)

So many places you could go with this - I don't care if it's any scenario I mentioned as long as it's something cracktastic involving the three of them.