This is the last of the requests.

Crazy, that was the only word to describe Gai Maito.

Kakashi had looked at his so called "eternal rival" with both eyes open and his breath caught in his chest. Usually when Gai appeared, Kakashi would run away as fast as he could, but today he had no choice.

Tsunade had decided that this particular mission was only to be completed by Kakashi and Gai. Kakashi would have rejected the mission but Tsunade had denied them that right.

Which was why Kakashi felt as if he could pull Gai's entire throat out if that was the only way to shut up the green monster. Kakashi could deal with a loud and obnoxious Gai, after all Kakashi had Naruto on his team. What Kakashi couldn't deal with was the fact that Gai wanted to start a new bet: to see which one of them could get Sakura to go on a date with Lee.

Gai didn't know what he was getting into. Sakura had a specific taste in men. They had to be mysterious, quiet, and usually have a good sense of style.

Lee was the complete opposite of her preference.

And that was why this challenge was the one that Kakashi agreed quickest to. Mostly likely it was because Kakashi was ignoring Gai and paying attention to the book in his hands instead.

Kakashi had an advantage over Gai. He had trained Sakura and knew her as well as her weaknesses when it came to boys. And she genuinely liked Kakashi, so maybe he would just ask her to do a favor for him.

It's only one date, right?

Kakashi landed on the roof of his building after saying good bye to Gai at the Village entrance. He expected Sakura to be at his apartment by now. Ever since Sakura had become a head medic, she had been assigned to Kakashi as his personal medic. Tsunade had realized that Kakashi would never voluntarily go for his post-mission check ups, so Sakura was assigned to him.

Every time Kakashi was given a long term mission, Sakura was given the day off so she could wait for Kakashi at his house. She was given the keys to his house so she could be there for him before he decided to leave for some extracurricular activities. She was given an all access pass to Kakashi's life and allowed to disturb him whenever she desired in order to give him a checkup.

As Kakashi slipped into his bedroom window, he saw his pink haired medic nurse sleeping on his bed. She looked heavenly peaceful with the moon lighting her face.

If Lee ended up with this girl, he'd be one lucky ass.

Shaking her awake, Kakashi looked at the beautiful girl beside her and smiled.

"So Sakura-chan, did you wait long this time?" Kakashi closed his eyes as Sakura smiled and fixed her physical appearance in front of Kakashi.

Sakura did her hand signs and ran her green chakra over Kakashi's scars and cuts, healing them slowly and making it seem as if they never existed.

"Not really Sensei. I was here this afternoon to clean up your mess. Shishou gives me off every time you are supposed to come back from a long term mission. So I figured that I might as well cook you something and clean your house," she smiled softly while she pulled off his hitae and healed his Sharingan eye.

Kakashi nodded his head as she finished healing his body. Sometimes he would ask her if she could heal his soul and heart as she did his body. Sometimes she said she would if she knew how to but that knowledge was far from her.

" I was thinking that I was going to starve tonight. Gai decided to race back from Iwa without stopping to eat or sleep. I swear that man is crazy," Kakashi sighed while walking to his bathroom.

Sakura took this to mean it was time for her to set the table for dinner. It had become routine to the two. Kakashi would go on a mission with Sakura waiting for him at his house when he came back. She would cook and clean the house while waiting for him to come home. Once Kakashi came home, she would check and heal his would as well as check his Sharingan. After that, Kakashi would head over to the shower while Sakura would set the table and reheat the food.

It was peaceful and satisfying to have someone to come home to. To both Kakashi and Sakura, this had become routine and enjoyable. Ino had once commented that Sakura and Kakashi were living a sexless marriage. Sakura was quick to point out that Kakashi would never be interested in her like that. Too bad Ino thought otherwise.

Kakashi returned to the kitchen clean and mask less. He had learned that there was no real reason for him to cover his face from Sakura. He had known her for nearly ten years. For the past three years, she had seen all of his body to heal him, what difference did it make that she saw his face also?

Plus it was nice to eat with someone without shoving food in his mask.

"You should go on a date. You should request a day off without having to take care of me. I mean when was the last time you went on a date or did anything non-work related?"Kakashi decided that it was best to throw the issue with Lee out, plain and simple.

Too bad Sakura wasn't prepared for it at all.

Right before Kakashi had asked her that personal question, Sakura had lifted her glass of water and taken a sip. And as soon as he let those words slip from his tongue, Sakura let the water spray out of her mouth, splashing all over her dress.

"Um, Kakashi, I didn't know you were all that interested in my personal life. But I do suppose your right. I haven't been on a date since last winter when I went to Hinata's birthday party with that creep. But you know, I've basically given any guy that's not already taken a chance with me. Who else is left but you and Genma?" Sakura cleaned her dress with the napkin that lay next to her plate.

"That guy was an asshole. I'm sorry I let you even near that bastard. Can you believe that he had the audacity to cheat on you with that no good? I should've kicked his ass when I had that chance to. Anyway, are you sure you've dated everyone? I mean not counting me and Genma. You are not ever going to date Genma, understood?" Kakashi passed Sakura his napkin as well.

Sakura smiled as she noticed that Kakashi had not exempted himself from her potential suitors list. Their relationship had progressed a lot since they stopped being student and teacher. He was no longer unapproachable and she was no longer the child in the relationship. Instead they treated each other with respect and honesty; two qualities that all of her previous relationships lacked in.

Sakura agreed to Kakashi requests to never date Genma and Kakashi continued his inquisition of her dating life.

"Have you ever thought about Lee? I mean the guy has been declaring his love for you since you've been declaring your love for Sasuke. You might as well give him a try. Even though it didn't work between you and Sasuke, it might work between you and Lee," Kakashi said.

Sakura looked at Kakashi and tried to understand what he was saying. There was no way Kakashi would willingly set her up with the prodigy of his greatest rival. Kakashi was always known for "looking underneath the underneath" so Sakura decided she would trust him and agree with what he wanted. After all, if she could trust this man with her life then what was one date?

"Sure why not? I mean Lee might not be the best dressed man, or the most mysterious, or even the best looking man, but he's not an asshole. I might as well give him a try also," Sakura said as she walked over to the skin with hers and Kakashi's empty dishes.

As she washed the dishes, she thought about where and how she would go on a date with Lee. Lee wasn't a bad guy, but he wasn't really the type of guy that Sakura liked. Sakura knew that she liked the mysterious, aloof type of guy that tended to stick to himself. Lee was loud and very attention seeking while Sakura liked guys who were quite. The more she thought about it, the more she seemed to like the type of guys that were most similar to Kakashi.

But he would never like a girl like her so there was no point in even imagining the scenario. But it wasn't like she couldn't help imagine a what-if with Kakashi.

Everytime she came to his apartment, she liked to pretend that she was coming home. She liked to imagine that she was cleaning and cooking for her significant other, not just her former teammate and sensei. Sakura liked to believe that she was an important part of Kakashi's life. She liked to believe that he cared for her the way she cared for him.

Once the dishes were done, Sakura bid Kakashi a goodnight. Normally Kakashi would walk her home, but tonight she wanted to head out herself.

Kakashi sighed as he closed the door behind Sakura. She was really going to do this. She was going to go out on a date with Lee, and Kakashi was going to win this round against Gai. Somehow all of this wasn't satisfying. Kakashi decided not to think about it and went off to sleep.

The sun was glaring on Sakura's back as she walked home from the hospital. Tsunade had decided that there was no need for Sakura to be in the hospital that day. Sakura complained to Tsunade that she could have at least told Sakura that she didn't have to show up for her shift earlier that morning so that she could sleep in.

So now she was here in the middle of the town at seven in the morning walking home so she could go back to sleep.

While walking past the training fields on her way home, Sakura heard someone training. To her knowledge there are only three people who would train that heavily this early in the morning: Lee, Tenten and Neji. Tenten and Neji were out on a long term mission so that meant that Lee was training this early in the morning. Sakura walked closer to the training ground. If she was to go on a date with Lee then she might as well ask him now.

"Gai-Sensei! Today is the day that I will get Sakura to say yes to go out with me. The power of youth is with me and I will certainly succeed today," shouted Lee with an anxious glee in his voice.

"The power of youth is with you, Lee! You will go out with Sakura no matter what! I have used my youthful mind to cleverly make my eternal rival compete to get Sakura to date you. So no matter what happens, you will be going out with her!" Gai responded to Lee.

At first Sakura was shocked. She had expected Kakashi to have given her Lee's name as a suggestion because he honestly thought that she was well-suited for Lee. But relief soon began to seep over her as she realized that maybe; just maybe, she could still have a chance with Kakashi himself.

Sakura waited until Gai was quite and headed over to the pair.

" Gai-sensei, I've been looking all over for you. Anko-senpai has been asking where you are all morning. I think she has something important to discuss without you," Sakura said. Gai seemed to take the bait and was about to leave Sakura and Lee alone, when Sakura decided to ask Lee out.

" Hey Lee, I've got two tickets to this new drama being performed at the Konoha Center. I was wondering if you'd like to join me tonight. Kakashi sensei gave me these two tickets and I thought you could come with me." Sakura was the most intellectual person in the Rookie Nine and she knew how to name drop better than Ino. She would let Gai know that Kakashi won the deal and she would in the end let Kakashi know that she wanted him, not Lee.

Lee accepted, and Sakura told him to come pick her up at her house.

Sakura wore a strapless black satin dress that ended just about mid thigh. The dress was see-through lace from below her bust line right up until her pubic area. It was what she would consider wearing to a club not to a performance hall, but if everything went according to plan then she wouldn't have to go to the hall at all. She paired it with some heels and a locket that held a picture of Team Kakashi, Sasuke and Sai included, as well as a picture of her parents.

She knew that she looked sexy but she needed Kakashi to know this as well. Realizing this, Sakura climbed out her window and traveled to show off to Kakashi.

Letting herself in, Sakura leaned on the window sill of Kakashi's bedroom as she waited for Kakashi to get out of the shower.

She lay on his bed waiting for him to walk from the bathroom to the door. She languidly stretched out her body and watched as he entered the room with a towel wrapped around his waist and nothing else on his body.

She was growing hotter than she could imagine she could feel about a man, and it was because of Kakashi.

Kakashi stepped back as he noticed Sakura lying on his bed. She looked fantastic in that dress but he couldn't help but think about that skin that was hidden only a bit by that lace. He wanted to know why she was dressed like that.

"Sakura, did you need anything? I mean you usually don't end up in my room so late at night" Kakashi shook his hair trying to get the water to stop dripping down his body.

And as Sakura sat up she couldn't help but wish to be that droplet of water trailing down his body. She decided to muster up the courage and ask Kakashi what he thought of her outfit to her date with Lee.

She twirled a bit and she noticed Kakashi holding his breath. She walked closer to him and made sure got a good look that she was barely dressed.

Kakashi smirked as he felt Sakura's body radiate the same heat that was emitted from a highly aroused body.

"Sakura I think that outfit would knock the youth out of Lee. How about you let me take a shot at that outfit before you kill the poor boy?"

Lee stood in front of Sakura's door for nearly twenty minutes thinking she would open the door any moment now. Too bad the screaming he heard a few blocks away sounded exactly like Sakura.