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Event: First day of school

Where: Akatsuki High

Description: Exclusive school for boys

Time of first class: 7:30 am

Time now: 8:00 am

In danger: DEIDARA.

"AAAAHHH!!!! First day of school, you're late!" shouted Grandma Asuka as she thumped the door as hard as she could. "Hey you, what time do you think is your first class?!"

"Granny, it's a waste of time! I'm telling you, first day is the most boring day in school because of the dumb introductions and other stuff un." Deidara looked away from his mom, burying his face in a pillow. From the first place, why did she enroll me in that dumb boys' school un? Maybe she didn't want me to have a girlfriend.

"Get up, sleepy head. You're late." she grabbed Deidara's arm and helped him stand up. "There you are, my strong lad! Be a good boy, okay?"

Deidara breathed heavily, "Yeees, granny…"

When he arrived in school, Deidara walked through the clear corridors of the school. He got a piece of paper from his breast pocket and unfolded it. Room 4-D, 3rd floor. As he passed the other classrooms, the boys inside were looking at him; some were murmuring something, some were wearing blank faces.

God, what the hell are they thinking un? He smirked at them, and they blushed.

Soon, he reached his classroom. When he got inside, everyone was silent. "Is he a girl? A tomboy?" whispered one with the grayish hair. "He's cute…"

"Good morning, mister…." Konan checked Deidara's name in her attendance list. "Asuka. Please take your seat."

Deidara saw an unoccupied chair by the window and immediately he knew it was his. "Um… I'm so sorry for being late un!" he said nervously, tilting his head. His blond hair was flowing smoothly against his royal blue uniform.

"A man should learn how to be punctual. You should all remember that." their Homeroom teacher, Konan, said seriously.

"Hai!" They all responded. The voices were deep and loud; it spread in every corner of the room.

"We're done introducing ourselves, Deidara. It's your turn." she winked.

"I'm Deidara. Nice to meet you, guys un." he smiled. Behind him was the guy with gray hair, at his right was a weirdo with a spiral orange mask, in front of him was— according to him— 'Sharkbite', and at his left was the window that overlooked a wide field with tall trees at the side. "God, what will happen with my fresh, supposed-to-be-happy life in this all-boys school, un? What will happen to my new life? What will happen to my New Year's resolution to get good grades? " he prayed silently, focusing on his classmates.

Ms. Konan left the room after an hour. Their next subject was Art. Deidara was so bored; he rested his head on the desk and suddenly fell asleep. Other boys were talking to one another, and Tobi was the only one who noticed him.

"Look, Deidara-sempai's asleep!" Tobi hopped on his desk that made everyone look . "Tobi won't sleep in school because Tobi is a good b—"

Just then, a teacher with messy red hair came. He was wearing white long sleeves with a dark gray tie. His eyes were serious, making the noisy boys freeze. But he was short after all.

"Who's that lad over there?" He asked in his emotionless tone, glaring at the sleeping Deidara. "Wake him up immediately or I'll send him to the principal." Kisame and Tobi shook Deidara's body hardly.

"Deidara, you dork! Wake up!" Kisame whispered as silently as he could, but his words were still heard throughout the room.

"W-what's going on, un?" Deidara asked as he raised his head. There was a very visible drip of saliva on the corner of his mouth. He saw the man standing right in front of him.

"Who are you, brat?" Sasori asked.

"Sorry, Sir. I didn't mean—

"I'm asking you a question." The heels of his shoes made noises as he walked towards Deidara.

"I'm Asuka Deidara, un." He lowered his head because of embarrassment. Stupid me! Why can't I control myself from hating school, un?!

"Okay then, Deidara…" The teacher's maroon eyes glared at the poor boy, with one of his eyebrows raised. "…do it one more time and you're dead."

"I'm so sorry." Deidara's eyes were glowing while he was looking directly in the eyes of the man. When the redhead walked in the aisle going to the blackboard, Deidara couldn't remove his eyes off him. He was pretty scared, but not terribly.

"My name is Akasun Sasori and I will be your Art teacher for this school year." He glimpsed at the right side of the classroom to check Deidara, and he was surprised to see him smiling at him. Suddenly, he felt uneasy. "Uhh, well, I am 35 years old… and…that's it." Some students laughed silently.

Deidara raised his hand fervently, "Sasori-danna, isn't art fleeting, un?" For the very first time ever, he was interested with even just a subject.

Sasori 's brows wrinkled and his grip in his notebook became tighter. "Art is eternal! I never believed that art is something that fades in an instant. Here in my subject, you will all learn that art will last forever."

Deidara was shocked. What was it I said, un? "Sasori-danna, are you okay, un?"

Sasori blushed terribly. Damn. I think I overdid it. Deidara walked in front of him and touched his forehead. "You're hot, Sasori-danna." His soft fingertips slithered against Sasori's forehead, brushing the red hair strands away. No one knew that during that moment, there was a small little something that formed in the hearts of two men.

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