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The bright sunlight mixed its color with the clear blue sky glazed with puffy white clouds and white birds gliding freely in the air. It was the best day for the seniors in Akatsuki High. Outside the school buildings, all of them were wearing black gowns and caps laid on their heads, with their families with them. For them, that day was the signal of getting ready to say hello to the world; that there will be new beginnings and new chances.

Everyone was smiling, while others could not help but cry. Happiness was the only thing that enveloped the people's hearts. It was graduation day.

Deidara gave his mother, father and grandma a tight hug then quickly ran to his friends who were smiling and laughing.

"Tobi graduates because Tobi is a good boy!" Tobi chirped as he danced around.

"Grow up, Tobi!" Deidara smirked. Everyone laughed.

Kisame tapped Itachi's shoulder. "So, Itachi-san… How does it feel to be beaten by Deidara? You see, he's the batch's valedictorian and you're only the salut—

"What's wrong with it, then?" he replied with his usual emotionless voice. "It's better that my friend has beaten me that anyone else."

Deidara smiled at Itachi. "Thank you, Itachi. I'll never be here without your help, un."

Itachi smiled back. "You also did your best. Even without me."

Deidara suddenly recalled something. He kept silent for a moment and tilted his head.

"I wish Hidan-san is here, un."

Everyone fell silent. They lowered their heads as they closed their eyes, and prayed silently for their friend Hidan.

Maybe you are watching us right now, un. Deidara smiled. You know, I think the graduation gown and cap looks good on you, Hidan. But I'm sure you're happy wherever you are right now. I miss you so…

When they have finished, Pain asked Kakuzu teasingly, "Hey, do you miss Hidan?"

Kakuzu jumped when he heard the question.

"Yeah! I'm sure you've missed him even just a little bit, un!"

Kisame pointed at Kakuzu's face, "See? You're blushing!"

Kakuzu then became aware of his true feelings. "I-I… WHY WOULD I MISS THAT NOISY BRAT?" his voice cracked and his face flushed more. "My life's better now. No more noisy Hidan."

"Admit it. You like him!" Pain answered. Everyone laughed.

"All I like is money. Nothing else."

"Then why did you keep on peering into the shower room when he was taking a bath, un?" Deidara finally asked while he was raising a brow.

Everyone was silent.

"WHO SAID I WAS DOING THAT?!" Kakuzu was exhibiting a different personality that time. There was something different in his voice and facial expressions which everyone noticed but him.

"Oh come on! We know you love sexy men." Kisame teased." You're gay!"

In the middle of their happy talk, Deidara noticed Sasori walking alone nearby. Earlier he was talking with some parents that's why he wasn't able to approach him. But now is his chance…

"Sasori-danna!!!" he shouted very loudly, catching the people's attention. He was grinning like a little kid, and when he was only a few meters away from Sasori, he spread his arms to embrace him.

While his arms were around Sasori's neck, Deidara's mind was muddles up with different thoughts. He had a lot to say but he do not know where to start.

"Hey, Deidara." Sasori smiled. "Congratulations!"

Releasing Sasori, Deidara said, "Have you seen me on the stage, huh?! Have you seen me receive my medal, un?!" He was too excited that he panted so badly.

Sasori patted his blonde head. "Of course I did! I told you, you can always do it."

He reached for something inside his pocket, revealing a dark blue box tied with a black velvet ribbon.

"This is for you."

Blushing, Deidara shyly too the box and opened it nervously.

Inside the box was a silver pocket watch that had embossed words at the back: "To my precious one." it said.

Deidara was so delighted that tears came out of the corned or his eyes. Sasori reached out to wipe it with his thumbs. "Hush, Deidara… You should be happy on this special day, right?"

Deidara nodded. "I am crying because I'm so happy, Sasori-danna! I really am…" This time, more tears began to trickle down his cheeks.

"I love you so much, Deidara."

"I love you more, Sasori-danna."

For the very last time, Sasori embraced Deidara regardless of the people around. For him, they were the only ones existing; only him and this man whom he loves the most.

Deidara didn't mind what others would say about them. He embraced Sasori back because he knew this will be their last embrace. This man had given him hope and strength to face the world. This is the man who had chosen to sacrifice his own feelings for his sake. This is the man who had taught him beyond Art books and papers, and taught him many important lessons in life.

And he promised to spread those lessons to everyone until he dies.

I've just been sitting around in this rocking chair these past few years, with nothing to do but to stare at the sky through the window. The sky changes day by day from sunny to rainy, and sometimes just cloudy. I am contented with doing nothing. By that I could feel peaceful.

Every day I do the same routine: wake up, wash my face and drink a cup of tea while staring at the window. When I eat, I only sip soup. That is an easier way.

Through simply staring I can recall how I've worked hard to provide my family a prosperous life. I've married a sweet lady who was the daughter of our client. We had a son and a daughter, and I'm proud to say that my daughter is a carbon-copy of me, un.

I've lived a long and happy life. Always, I ask God to end my life. Whenever I wake up every morning I feel sad. But I know that I have to be thankful for having another day to live.

I just want to be with my Sasori-danna again.

All my friends have gone and left me alone. Sasori-danna promised he would always be by my side. But he left too early. He was only fifty years old, never married.

And I know why.

Although I was married, I still couldn't stop loving him. It's not that I do not love my wife, but… there is really no one who could replace Sasori-danna.

Maybe he is laughing at my appearance right now. Why do I have to be all this wrinkled and toothless, dammit?!

Oh, I miss Hidan-san so badly.

I reach for the pocket watch that Sasori-danna gave me on my high school graduation day. I'm surprised that it is still looked so brand new. Is that the effect of constant handling?

Well, I'm proud I could say to myself that I had a happy life. Now I'm ready to rest.

My half-blind eyes close without my command, and my hands are numb. The pocket watch fall on the floor and I feel so nervous that it might break.

But I knew there is something good that's coming next. I smile.

I'm on my way, Sasori-danna.