In which Clockwork is introduced.

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In an unknown location, presumably the ghost zone

The darkness shrouded her like a cloak made out of the night sky, constantly twisting as if it was in itself alive. Perhaps it was, one can never be sure.

As she held out her hands in front of her, fire red ectoplasm burst forth from them, vanishing like an unwanted bill into the chasm below her.

As low growls slowly became more palpable and resonated throughout the chamber, she allowed a cruel, twisted smile to stretch across her face.

"Hush, pet. You'll be free soon enough." Her voice was much like a mother soothing a child back into sleep after a nightmare. Had anyone been listening they would have felt raw terror grip at their hearts, as they stood petrified.

A pained howl came from the chasm as she turned and floated away, long scarlet hair trailing behind her like a stained and torn wedding veil.

Amity Park

Meg sat on a couch; Danny was next to her, the black haired boy blinked blearily.

"I don't know where we just were, but I never want to go back again." He shook his head, attempting to clear his jumbled jamboree of thoughts.

"Hiatus zone, nasty place." After a rather pointed look towards the authoress, who could not be reach for comment or reaction, Meg stood up and stretched.

"Where were we, again?"

"Um…" Danny struggled to find a coherent thought that made sense in his mind, most of them revolved around tacos or cats, after precisely 5.2983746552 minutes he managed to find the relevant train of thought and jump on like a hobo desperate for a ride.

"Oh! Training!" He stood up, casting a quick glance around for anyone who he didn't want to see them transform, before doing said transformation.

Meg did her own transformation mere nanoseconds after Danny started his, she finished five seconds after.

"You know, we need to work on your transformation time, it can make all the difference," Danny said to her as they took off, phasing through the ceiling.

"What does it matter?" Meg asked, not really caring why as she did a twirl through the air, streams of ectoplasm spiraling behind her like deep, cerulean blue ribbons.

"Well, for starters, you're five times as powerful and heal ten times as fast in ghost form than you do in human form. And if you find yourself cornered by bad ghosts they're not going to give you time to transform, they're just going to shoot you down. Furthermore-" Meg cut him off by a ball of ectoplasm to the mug.

"I get it." She floated backwards on her back as they continued to rocket through the sky, remaining intangible to avoid colliding with objects. "I'll work on it later."

Meg took this time to look around at Amity; it really was a great place, if you excused the ghost attacks. After all, it had a lake, a park, a forest and pretty much everything else that teenagers needed to live.

It was a beautiful day. Which should have been the first warning that everything was about to go spectacularly wrong, really.

They were just passing over the park when they both froze in midair, ectoplasm wafting up from their mouths in what is known to many as a 'ghost sense'.

Their next movements were purely instinctive, surveying the area and forming orbs of ectoplasm in their hands.

After a few very tense moments Meg glanced at Danny.

"Any idea what that was?" She asked, her body still as tense as a statue as she extended her senses.

Danny shook his head.

Electricity seemed to be charging through the atmosphere as the two half ghosts waited in silence, the air seemed to grow thicker and it was becoming harder and harder for them to breath.

All at once it exploded into a flurry of action, a web-like blast of orange and green ectoplasm shot out and knocked Meg and Danny across the park until they had landed in the lake, sinking towards the bottom like a pair of rocks.

They struggled, they trashed, but they couldn't escape the grip of the net.

They hit the bottom of the lake like a cannon ball hits a fat man's stomach: Hard and painful.

The time they spent down there felt like hours to them, it might have been, Meg had no clue, but all at once it changed.

They were out of the water, and the ectoplasm was gone, but they weren't in the park.

The place around them was green; that was the first thing Meg noticed, that was shortly followed by her noticing the abundance of clocks. Big clocks, small clocks, some as big as your head… I'll stop.

The next thing Meg noticed was the ghost hovering right in front of them, he was definitely stranger than most ghosts she'd seen, it was mostly because he was constantly shifting from a small boy, to a middle-aged man, to an elderly man.

He wore a purple colored cloak and held a staff that looked as though it was made from parts of a clock, it was fitting, Meg supposed, given what the area they were in looked like.

Some part of her supposed that she should be jumping up to prepare to fight the ghost; she was just about to give in to that instinct when Danny spoke up.


Meg turned to him in confusion. "Clockwork?"

Danny nodded. "Clockwork, ghost master of time. A friend." He took care to stress the word 'friend', almost as if he sensed that Meg was thinking of attacking him.

The two half ghosts pushed themselves up and hovered in front of the boy/man/old fart. Waiting for him to speak.

He first nodded to Danny. "Danny, it is good to see you again, although I wish it could be under better circumstances."

He then turned to Meg, his eyes narrowed as he studied her. Meg felt a wave of icy cold energy spread throughout her body. Why was he looking at her like that? Like she was something unbelievable?

Finally, he spoke to her. "I have seen many different ways you gain your powers, and I have seen many different futures for you…" He trailed off, shaking his head. "But this is not the time for that. Perhaps when this is over."

"Clockwork…" Danny started, moving so he was in front of Meg. "What is 'this'? Why did you bring us here?"

Clockwork sighed before floating over to a large portal he motioned them over with a quick, almost frantic, wave of his hand. Meg and Danny exchanged a glance, what could have worked him up that much?

He twirled his staff like a baton and an image appeared in the portal.

It was of Amity, the two half-ghosts watched in horror as the city was being torn apart by malevolent spirits.

"No!" Meg jumped in shock when Danny shouted out next to her, but it didn't take her long to see why.

His parents, his sister, Sam and Tucker, they were all being held in ectoplasm cages.

Clockwork waved his staff again and the image changed, focusing on a ghost with paper white skin, red eyes, and long black hair.

"This is the one behind the attacks, she gained her power through her malevolence and hatred. Nearly all of the ghosts fear her and that is why she has so many followers." Clockwork sighed, his shoulders slumping.

Meg and Danny exchanged a glance before they turned back to Clockwork, determination shining in their eyes like a lighthouse through fog.

"What do we have to do?" Meg asked, crossing her arms over her chest and raising an eyebrow when Clockwork turned to face her.

Clockwork studied them for a few moments before smiling.

He waved his staff, the Authoress getting slightly bored of the redundancy as he did, and the image on the portal changed once again.

This time it showed four objects, a sword, a shield, and a spear.

"There are three objects hidden in time that you will need to defeat her. The spear is hidden in ancient Rome, the shield is hidden in the future, and the sword is hidden in a time long ago in England."

Clockwork took out two medallions.

"These time medallions are different, they have four preset times and you'll jump to the next one as soon as you acquire the object in the time frame you're in, after you obtain all three you'll come back here."

The two half ghosts took the Medallions and slid them on, the metal burning like a flameless fire against their skin.

The second the medallions were securely around their necks, the two Halfas vanished in a whirlwind of sickeningly bright colors.

When they reappeared they found themselves on top of a building overlooking a city.

Meg stared down as flying cars zoomed beneath them before turning to Danny.

"Is Clockwork always this vague?" She asked sardonically, placing her hands on her hips, she was a bit pissed off at Clockwork not giving them the details on how to obtain any of the items, or even where they specifically were.

"He has this 'personal growth' bit going on." Danny told her before turning invisible, Meg following shortly thereafter, the two half-ghosts took off, staying close by focusing on the other's ecto signature.

"But how the hell are we supposed to find the… Shield?" Meg came to the conclusion of which object they were looking for because, quite frankly, it was obvious.

Danny shrugged, not that any of you could see it, you not seeing invisible people idiots.

Meg sighed in disappointment and despair, the odds of them finding any of the objects without any clue of where they were hidden were less than the odds of Pigs being able to fly without outside help.

And, as dues ex machina would have it, Meg and Danny's amulets started glowing and a red orb shot out of each, flying ahead of them.

Meg and Danny looked at each other's ecto signatures, shrugged, and chased after the orbs of light.

After a rather long chase scene involving four pandas and a wookie, they found themselves floating in the abandoned area outside of a museum.

"A museum," Danny said flatly. "Of course it's a museum." He sighed and landed on the ground, becoming visible once again.

"Yeah, you'd think Liana could at least be more creative." Meg shrugged as she landed next to him. Used to it.

Danny raised an eyebrow and looked at her. "Who?"

"Never mind. Let's just get the shield and get moving"

The two half ghosts walked up the steps to the museum, both thinking about how out of place the ancient building looked in the futuristic world that surrounded it.

Inside the building was not very different from the outside, deserted and ancient. And just a little bit creepy.

The museum's guide quickly walked over; he was hunched over and had a nose like a vulture's beak.

"Yes?" Meg immediately cringed when he spoke, his voice sounded like glass and pebbles being charged through a blender with rusty blades. "How may I help you?"

"Um," Danny said, obviously trying just as hard as Meg to ignore the grating sound of the guide's voice. "We were wondering if you had an exhibit on shields."

The guide immediately looked as if someone had told him the building was made of chocolate.

"Yes, of course, follow me!" He quickly hurried off, the two half ghosts only moments behind him.

"Ya know," Meg muttered under her breath to Danny. "Given his voice I think I understand why the museum is so empty."

Danny gave a short laugh before they both skidded to a halt, both barely missing running into the guide.

The guide turned around and gave a flourished bow. "We are here."

Meg and Danny glanced at each other, their eyebrows raised.

"We are here?"

"We are here."

The two half ghosts walked forward into the room, looking around, their bodies tense as if ninja were lurking in the shadows waiting to spring out and attack them.

The room was filled to the brim with shields, all intricately designed and very elegant.

Meg stifled a groan; there was no way they would be able to find the shield in all that was the room.

They walked through the hall for what might have been hours, or it might have just been minutes, and still had no luck finding anything that could have been the shield they were looking for.

Their amulets gave no sign as to where the shield could have been, until they reached a shield that had orange and blue ectoplasm swirling around in it.

Simultaneously, their Horcrux detecting medallions- er, I mean, amulets started glowing.

Meg and Danny glanced at each other, raised an eyebrow, gave each other a fist bump, and walked forward to grab the shield.

When their fingers were mere inches away from the shield, so close that Meg could almost feel the rush of wind that signaled that they were traveling through time when a loud screech rang throughout the museum hall.

Meg and Danny jerked back away from the shield, covering their ears and clenching their eyes shut.

When they opened their eyes they saw what might have at one point been the museum guide that had shown them to the shields but was now a horrible vulture like monster.

"How dare you?" The monster roared, and if you thought its voice was bad before you do not want to even imagine what it sounded like at that moment, Meg was fairly certain that her ears were starting to bleed.

"I let you come in here and view my treasures and you try to steal from me! Well, now you must prepare for me to steal something from you, YOUR LIVES!!!!!"

Meg groaned silently in despair, it only figured that it would say what was probably the most cliché villain line in history.

(Second only to 'meet your doom!!!!')

The monster swiped at the two Half ghosts, who just barely managed to get into the air and away from the monster's attack.

Danny sent out a burst of green ectoplasm, which seemed to hit the monster but made no sign of damage.

Meg let out several curses, drowned out by the monster's horrendous roaring, before sending several blasts of ectoplasm at the creature.

No effect. At all. Meg felt like slapping herself.

"Danny!" She shouted at the fourteen year old, struggling to be heard above the noise. He looked over at her? Did he? Yes! He did!

"Yeah?" He screamed before dodging one of the monster's wings, just barely avoiding going the way of the fly on the car windshield.

"Distract him! I'm going for the shield!" Meg shot down like a rocket, flying faster than she ever has before in her brief time as a half ghost.

It was truly unfortunate that she was going that fast, because when her free fall was stopped abruptly by the monster's wing it just hurt all that much more.

Meg shot across the room, crashing through several displays in the process, before she finally stopped on a marble wall, a resounding crack echoing through the room.

The building shook, Danny sparing a glance over at where Meg was whenever he could, she wasn't moving, and the ceiling above her was starting to fall.

He turned back to the monster and fired several shots of ectoplasm before freezing. The ceiling… Fall… Shit.

Danny turned to look back at Meg; already he could see the chunks of ceiling falling around her.

He started flying towards her, but the monster placing a wing in his path stopped him.

"You shall not help your friend, thief." It roared, its voice causing the building to shake even more.

Danny watched in horror as the falling ceiling slowly covered Meg.

He turned to face the monster once more, a fire burning in his eyes, and he allowed his ectoplasm to charge up around him. If he couldn't get to Meg than he would have to get the shield.

He charged down, dodging the creature's wings and weaving around its attacks. He was even more determined than before to get to the shield.

He crashed into the floor right in front of the shield; his amulet was glowing as bright as the sun by this point, and glared up at the monster.

He reached up and grabbed the shield. Immediately wind and his own ectoplasm formed a cocoon around him, if he looked to his right he would have seen a glow that showed the same thing was happening to Meg.

There was a brief moment where Danny and the monster locked eyes; Danny gave a small smirk as the monster screeched in horror and rage before he vanished into the time stream.

As any aspiring time travelers should know, going backwards in time is a lot harder on the body than going forwards, given that time is constantly moving in a forward direction, going backwards in time can be considered the equivalent of swimming up a river.

When Danny and Meg exited the time stream they were in a field, a large field, the type one might go frolicking in were they not on an important mission.

As soon as he regained control of his senses, well, four of them, he didn't want to test whether or not he had the ability to taste back yet, he quickly rushed over to Meg, who was lying on the grass, she did not appear to be, no, she definitely wasn't breathing.

When he pressed two fingers to her neck, Danny could feel a pulse, it was a weak one but it was there.

Most people would be panicking, forgetting whether or not they knew CPR, but Danny had been through so many disasters, so many situations where panicking literally means life or death, that he could keep himself focused just enough that he remembered what to do.

He tilted her head back, pressed his lips to hers and breathed out.

There was no way for him to know how long they were like that, Danny desperately breathing for her as bruises blossomed across her body like flowers in the spring, but it seemed like an eternity.

Finally, after Danny was just about ready to give up, Meg gave a weak cough followed by a shaky intake of breath. Her eyes slowly fluttered open.

She let out a low, slightly pained, moan as she tried to push herself up. Danny caught her by the shoulders and helped her.

Almost immediately after becoming upright, Meg turned to her side and coughed violently, violently like Chuck Norris when someone insults him violently, blood and ectoplasm streaking across the ground.

After a few more coughs, Meg managed to start breathing normally, after a few panicked gasps, again.

They sat there in that field for three minutes, the only sound being both of them taking deep breaths to assure themselves they were alive.

After a while, Meg and Danny found themselves standing, surveying the field.

"I take it you grabbed the shield?" Meg muttered as she surveyed the overly flowery field surrounding them.

"Would you be here if I didn't?"


The field was empty except for one big rock in the center, that did nothing to help them so the ignored it.

"Why would the amulets send us here?" Danny muttered to himself. "There's nothing in this field except that big stone… Thing."

A light bulb went off above Meg's head, only it wasn't a light bulb, given the current time period, it was actually a candle. A candle went off above Meg's head.

She slapped her forehead. It finally dawning on her where they were. "Oh, duh!" She quickly started running over to the stone, Danny trailing behind her after he stopped to pick up the shield.

"What are you doing?" He called after her, why he didn't just fly to catch up with her is a mystery to us all.

Meg turned around, she kept running, but now it was more of a backwards skip. Her injuries were already healing thanks to her ghost powers, so it was a dull throb instead of the stabbing pain it should have been for her to be moving at all.

"Remember the artifacts Clockwork told us to find?"

"Yeah, sword, shield, and spear. Why?" Meg didn't bother to wonder why Danny didn't understand; he didn't seem like the type to read mythology anyway.

"Sword in the stone!" Meg turned back around, running as fast as her legs could carry her.

Meg and Danny reached the stone and froze, staring in awe at the magnificent sight before them, the sword seemed to be glowing with an energy that wasn't quite like their own, but it was powerful.

Danny started to reach out to grab it when a bright flash of light appeared in front of them.

Meg and Danny jerked backwards and stared in surprise when Stewie and Brian appeared before their eyes.

The baby and the dog stared wide-eyed at the two half ghosts.

"What… The hell?" Stewie asked, his jaw hanging slack. "Megan? Is that – what?"

"Where are we?" Brian asked, looking Meg and then Danny up and down.

"Well, according to this," Stewie said as he looked over his device. "We're in the universe where Meg's a half-ghost and fights the forces of evil, it's a crossover apparently." He paused. "Oh, look, fifth best story."

Meg chuckled nervously and rubbed the back of her head with her right hand. "H-hi?"

"Let's just go," Brian said as he pressed the button, as the two disappeared in a blinding flash of light the words, "This universe is just too weird." Could be heard.

Meg and Danny glanced at each other and Danny raised his eyebrows. "Friends of yours?"

"They're my youngest brother and the family's pet, I think." Meg placed her hands on her hips. "The way life has been going these days I'm not quite sure anymore." She nodded to herself.

"Let's just get the sword and get to the next place." Danny sighed, reaching for it, and jerking in surprise when Meg's hand shot out and grabbed his wrist.

"Wait, what if we're messing with the natural progression of things? What happens if we take the sword? We could be fucking some part of the timeline up royally." Meg and Danny glanced at each other before Danny shook his head.

"Hey, it's Clockwork, he'll set the timeline straight once we're done." They looked squarely into each others eyes and leaned in for the kiss… Just kidding! God, you guys didn't really think I'd do that, did you? Anyone? Anyone? Bueller?

What really happened was Meg nodded with determination before stepping forward, before Danny could do anything else, and grabbing onto the sword.

The world around them spun and Meg and Danny soon found themselves standing outside of a Coliseum.

Danny glanced at the sword in Meg's hand. "That last one was too easy."

Meg shrugged. "I think LW is getting tired of putting off finishing the chapter."

A glowing spear shot out from the coliseum and embedded itself in the ground next to them.

"Now I know she is."

Meg held out her hand above the spear.

"Hey, Danny." She smirked as she glanced at him.


"Get ready to do the Time Warp again." Meg grabbed on to the spear and the world melted out of view around them, kind of like when television shows do a visual aid for a drug trip, yeah, kind of like that.

When Meg and Danny reentered their timeline, they were standing in the center of Clockwork's lair.

The Ghost of Time was standing in front of them.

He saw Meg holding the Sword and Spear, that's right bitches, they be capitalized, and Danny holding the Shield, and he nodded.

"Good, now hurry, Amity needs your help." He snapped his fingers and the amulets vanished from around Meg and Danny's necks before a tornado of some sort picked up around them and the lair vanished from around them.

They reappeared in Amity.

Right in front of the bitch that was taking over the town.

She looked at them and her lips curled back in a snarl.

"Well…" She said, her voice coming out in a melodic hiss, like a snake singing opera. "Look who decided to crash the party?" She laughed as black ectoplasm swirled around her. "What, may I ask, is the cause of this prestigious honor?"

Meg positioned the spear and sword, one in each hand, while Danny held up the shield.

"We're here to get the town back, bitch." Meg shouted at her, her aura flaring, and no, not the phoenix, out around her.

The ghost laughed before abruptly stopping, black ectoplasm gathering in her hands.

"Oh please," She said, her face looking eerily reminiscent of a drawing of a vampire, not the Twilight ones, but a real one, possibly mid-transformation into bat. "I doubt either of you could last five seconds against me."

"Maybe if we were apart!" Danny shouted at her, the emblem on his shield starting to glow. "But when we're together we're stronger than you!" And with that, Danny fulfilled his cliché for the day.

The ghost smirked and snapped her fingers. "Oh really? Let's test that out."

A rumbling started up in the ground, Meg and Danny looked around in panic before looking at each other.

The ground burst apart and a large serpent creature rose up from the ruins.

Ectoplasm smoke curled out of its lips and its eyes glowed red, Meg winced before curling her lips back in a speculative snarl.

"Aren't you a real beastie?" She muttered to herself before launching upwards, ectoplasm shooting out of her feet like rockets, and slashing the sword along the monster's chin.

The creature howled before snapping at her, its jaw latching onto her sword and catching her in midair.

Meg let out a surprised shriek when the monster started shaking her around before squeezing her eyes shut and sending the largest charge of ectoplasm that she could manage up the sword.

The beast screamed before sending Meg flying down to the ground, landing hard enough to make a crater.

Meg groaned and tried to push herself back up, but the truth was that he body was still weak from her previous experience with crashing, no matter how well she'd managed to heal.

The monster loomed above her, ectoplasm seeping out of its wounds as it visibly charged itself up for an attack.

Meg clenched her eyes shut and braced herself for the attack.

She heard the sound of the dragon releasing the energy, she heard the crackling of the air exploding as it rushed towards her, and she heard the sound of it stopping abruptly, wait, that wasn't right.

Meg opened her eyes and gave a small jolt of surprise when she saw Danny standing in front of her, shield raised and deflecting the ectoplasm.

Danny glanced over his shoulder and looked her over. "You okay?" The flow of ectoplasm stopped and he backed up so he was right next to her.

Meg nodded, breathing heavily as she pushed herself to her feet. "I've been better." She held up the sword and the spear and narrowed her eyes at the monster.

A plan formed in her head, it was a stupid, crazy, and suicidal plan, but there was a good chance that it would work.



"Grab onto the spear, and when I give you the signal, charge as much energy as you can into it."

"What? Why?"

"Just trust me, I've got a plan."

They could see that the monster was already charging up for another attack. Meg let her own energy pump into the spear and sword.

The monster sent its attack at them; Danny held the shield up and blocked it once more.

"Now." Meg said once the attack faded, Danny poured his energy into the spear, all the while hoping that Meg knew what she was doing.

Meg watched the monster closely for the next five seconds, but those five seconds may as well have been and eternity.

The creature opened its mouth once more to attack them and Meg wrenched the spear out of Danny's hands and threw it up at the monster's open mouth.

The attack stopped seconds after it started as the spear went down the monsters throat through some sort of physics only achievable in fiction.

The creature looked at them with wide eyes before the spear inside of it caused it to explode.

Yes, I said explode. Do you want to go back and read it to make sure? I'll wait…………… You're back? What did it say? Explode? Of course it did. Of course it did.

Meg threw up a shield just barely in time to protect her and Danny from the monster's remains as they splattered all over.

Meg and Danny glanced at each other and wrinkled their noses. "Eww…"

After a few seconds of having the shield up, Meg let it fade.

The two halfas then turned to where their almighty villain was… Throwing a hissy fit.

"No. No. NO!" She shouted angrily, stomping her foot down. "You're supposed to be DEAD!" She crossed her arms and her lips stuck out in a pout. "It's just not fair."

Meg and Danny glanced at each other and Meg handed Danny the sword. "You want to do the honors?"

Danny grabbed the sword and smirked as the glow surrounding it changed into a swirl of blue and green. "Gladly."

He charged at the woman, sword and shield at ready, while Meg gave a small, tired laugh and sat back on the edge of her crater.

She looked down at her body as her lack of energy finally caught up with her, manifesting in her de-transforming.

She smiled tiredly as she watched Danny suck the ghost into the Fenton thermos before he looped it around his belt.

Danny walked back over. "You know," He said as he sat down, de-transforming. "I thought she would be a lot harder to beat."

Meg didn't answer him as she had fallen asleep.

The last thought that echoed in her mind? She could definitely get used to this.

From his lair in the ghost zone, Clockwork watched this unfold and sighed before turning away from the portal to look at the Observants.

"She is still early into her powers, this is the first real taste of her true enemy she has had," He said to them, floating over to the chess table they were sitting at.

"If the girl cannot learn to fight on her own, then she is not going to be able to defeat her when the time comes." The Observant playing the black pieces said, moving his rook and capturing the white queen.

"You must think of it, Clockwork, if you allow her to be this dependant on others then the world, both theirs' and ours', is doomed." The white Observant moved a pawn forward.

"She will learn; every path leads to it." Clockwork turned away from the Observants and hovered through his lair.

"Clockwork." The black observant called after him. Clockwork glanced over his shoulder, not really caring to speak to the Observants any longer.

"You have too much faith in the girl, just because she defeated her enemy once before this doesn't mean she will be able to defeat her when the time comes."

Clockwork stiffly nodded before turning back and floating away. Disappearing into the shadows of his lair.

The black Observant moved his queen into position against the white King.



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