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A sixteen-year-old Gotenks flew through a city. It was in ruins, and there wasn't a single building left untouched.

Looking around, Gotenks scanned for survivors. Looks like nobody survived…why…why did this have to happen? Of all the people who could terrorize the earth, I would never have expected him.

Gotenks stopped his search after reaching the outskirts of the city. He was keeping a low profile, and was only in his normal form.

He turned his wrist communicator on, and a face appeared on the screen. It was Android Seventeen.

"Let me guess, no survivors again?"

"Yeah…he's always so thorough. I just wish I knew how we could stop him."

"Well I think it's best if you come back to the cabin where it's safer. You don't want to be cauuuu-"

The communicator went on the fritz. Gotenks tapped it a few times. "Darn it! Why'd it have to go on the fritz now?"

"Bet you wish Bulma was around to fix it."

Gotenks' eyes widened as he spun around to see a tall, muscular figure standing before him. "You!"

The figure was about six feet tall, and had a bulky build. He had long, silver hair that went down to his waist, and fur of the same color that covered all of his upper body except the head, neck, fingers and palms. He had no eyebrows, instead having pronounced brow ridges. His upper body was exposed, and he wore purple gi pants, and black boots.

The figure took a step towards Gotenks. "Long time no see, Gotenks. My you've grown up."

"Stay back!" Gotenks erupted into his super saiyan 3 form.

The figure laughed. "This looks like it'll be fun."

A large explosion took out the an entire section of the city as well as much of the surrounding mountains.

As all this was unfolding on the earth, King Yemma watched with a dismayed expression.

"This is awful. The only reason I'm not busy is because there are hardly any people left to die."

"Just in sir," said an ogre. "The population of earth has plummeted to just ten percent of what it once was."

"Ten percent!" King Yemma reclined back in his chair. "Oh, he gives me such a headache. He used to be such a good boy too."

"You called for me King Yemma?" Bulma walked into the room. The halo over her head indicating that she was dead.

"Ah Bulma, I was waiting for you." King Yemma showed Bulma an image of what was unfolding on Earth.

Bulma covered her mouth. "That…that's horrible!"

"Yes and it can only get worse from here."

"So…what can I do about it?"

"Well…I've thought it over a couple times and, you built a time machine didn't you…well the you from an alternate reality?"

"I did…where are you going with this?"

"I was thinking, that perhaps you, and several other scientists in other world could get together and build…something along the lines of a time portal. Something that would, instead of just traveling to the past, would open up a rift between the past and the present."

Bulma thought for a moment. "It's very difficult, not to mention that there's a slight risk in doing that, but I suppose I could do it. Especially those Tuffle scientists will help me out."

"Then it's settled. I just hope you can get it up and running before the entire population of Earth is exterminated.

7 years earlier:

Gohan stood, leaning on a railing on a balcony at Capsule Corp. He was enjoying the party there. Everyone he had known through his father was there, including Piccolo, Tien and Chaotzu, who rarely if ever, attended any of the parties.

He let out a deep sigh, all the dancing and talking was fun, but something didn't feel quite right to him. Maybe he was just paranoid, but he had found it hard to believe that it could all be over.

It had been the perfect ending. They had beaten the ultimate bad guy by bringing the whole planet together. Hercule had redeemed himself for all his lies, and his father was now back and living with his family. Krillin was finally married, and Piccolo had learned to loosen up a bit more, not to mention the fact that Gohan had a beautiful girlfriend as well as a bright future as a scholar.

This was like a fairy tale ending, but it seemed too good for Gohan to believe. There was bound to be a new threat…there had to be one.

It had happened before, in Future Trunks' timeline. It was technically a fairy tale ending when his dad finally returned to Earth and beat Frieza and King Cold once and for all. Bulma was able to get Vegeta to open his heart, and ended up with the man of her dreams and a child. They were all free to settle down…until Goku died to that heart virus, and the androids showed up.

If it could happen in that timeline, then it definitely would in this one.

Gohan's restless spirit was stirred when he sensed a familiar power level.

Frieza? Here, and with his father? But how? Not bothering to try to answer those questions, Gohan took off to face this new threat. The others were apparently too busy partying to notice.

He flew after the power levels with a vigor he had never experience before; he was so excited to get some action again.

Landing in the middle of the desert, he saw Frieza and Cold standing before him. They seemed changed some how, though Gohan couldn't quite put his finger on it.

"Look who showed up. Looks like Yemma was right." Frieza smirked when he saw the questioning look on Gohan's face.

"Yemma sent you?" asked Gohan.

They both chuckled. "Wouldn't you like to know," said Frieza.

"Tell my how you were able to get here. You two are supposed to be dead."

"How about this," said King Cold. "You beat us, then we tell you."

Gohan raised an eyebrow. "You must be joking. Surely you know how powerful I am. I'll finish you both off in an instant."

Frieza laughed. "Cocky aren't we? It's not wise to underestimate your opponent."

"We'll see!" Gohan powered up to his mystic form. He knew it was overkill, but just felt like it. Heading straight for Frieza, he aimed a punch.

He was shocked when Frieza blocked his punch. "You're holding back. You'll have to do better than that if you want to win."

King Cold phased behind Gohan and put him in a full nelson. Gohan struggled to break free.

This is insane! How can these two be so strong?

"Didn't I tell you not to underestimate us?" Frieza laughed at Gohan's priceless look.

"Take this!" Gohan blew Cold off with an explosive wave. Rushing at Frieza, he assaulted him with a barrage of punches and kicks. He was able to land a solid punch to Frieza's cheek, sending him to the ground.

Frieza and Cold regrouped and both started firing a barrage of Death Beams, surprisingly, they weren't aiming for any vitals.

Gohan blocked with his arms. The attacks were too fast for him to dodged. When the barrage ended, he cautiously peeked from behind his arms to see both of them hovering at his level.

"This is too easy," said Frieza. "He's much less powerful than his future self. "

"What are you two talking about?"

King Cold wagged his finger at Gohan. "Beat us first."

An enraged Gohan charged at them and took them both on. He found himself at a disadvantage as he exchanged blows with both of them.

Frieza kneed Gohan in the gut, causing him to double over. King Cold them sent the hybrid to the ground with a haymaker to the back.

"What's wrong, I thought you were the one defeated Cell."

As the two of them laughed, Gohan's rage rose to new level. It was just like when he went ballistic against Raditz. His eyes lost their pupils and his aura turned black. He sent out a pulse of power to blow Frieza and Cold farther into the sky.

Gohan then rose up into the sky, and extended his hand to them. "Necroblast!" A large black wave of energy came out of his hand and slammed into Frieza and Cold, knocking them unconscious.

Gohan panted as he regained control of himself. What's going on? What was that attack? I've never used it before, yet it came out of me as if I knew exactly what to do.

Shaking his head, Gohan then approached his unconscious opponents. Just then, they disappeared.

A shocked Gohan looked around before shrugging. He would think about this later. He decided not to tell any of his family or friends since he didn't want to disrupt their perfect day. What they didn't know wouldn't hurt them.

Back in the future, Frieza and King Cold regained consciousness. Bulma, and King Yemma were looking down at them.

"So how did we do?" asked Frieza as he and Cold stood up.

"You both did fine," said Bulma. "But that was a close one. It's a good thing we attached those time strings to yank your bodies back to our time."

"Did you get the data you needed?" asked Cold.

"I got some of it, but I'll need to send someone else back to get more."

"How about me?" Dabura stepped into King Yemma's room.

Bulma shrugged. "Sure, you can go…just don't turn Gohan to stone."

Dabura smiled. "I gave up using that vile power a long time ago. "