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"Come on Cell," said Evil Gohan. "Throw that spirit bomb at me."

"Very well, if you're in such a hurry to die!" Thrusting his arms forward, Cell hurled the Spirit Bomb at Evil Gohan.

Evil Gohan chuckled as the immense ball of energy hurtled towards him. It contained energy from every being that had every lived, except Goku, Vegeta, Vegetto, and Gohan.

"Alright," said Goku. "Majin Buu was destroyed by just the energy from earth, this bomb contains energy from all of otherworld as well as the entire living universe."

"Gohan doesn't look too worried," said Vegeta. "Surely he isn't that powerful."

"Probably just being arrogant," replied Vegetto. "That Spirit Bomb feels like it's much stronger than him."

"How can you tell?" asked Goku.

"When we were Gogetto and using the 30x Kaioken, we were able to beat Gohan at one percent of his maximum power. I simply multiplied the power he was at by one hundred to estimate his full power, and from what I can tell, that Spirit Bomb is far too powerful for him to withstand."

Gohan had also sensed a great power difference between Evil Gohan and the Spirit Bomb. Like Vegetto, he was also confused about why Evil Gohan was simply standing there as the bomb approached him.

"He's just standing there," he said to Shin and Dende.

"He's arrogant," replied Shin. "He underestimates the combined might of the universe."

"I hope you're right," said Gohan, "because he looks awfully confident, and I don't like that at all."

"I know what you mean," said Dende. "I have a very bad feeling about this."

Evil Gohan smirked confidently as the immense mass of energy approached him. It was now within a few meters of him.

Cell smiled as he lost sight of Evil Gohan. I can still sense his energy over there. That fool's arrogance will be his undoing.

As the bomb exploded, everyone felt Evil Gohan's power suddenly drop as the cloud he had been standing on was completely destroyed by the Spirit Bomb.

"Hurray!" said Goku as he pumped his fist in the air. "Never thought I'd be celebrating the end of my own son."

Vegeta crossed his arms and chuckled. "Yes, this is a strange feeling, but it's still feels good knowing the universe is safe."

"Wow…looks like my future self's gone," said Gohan as he stared at the spot where Evil Gohan had been standing. A smile appeared on his face as he looked up at Cell. How ironic that he ended up saving the universe.

Cell smiled at the vaporized cloud. "Never thought I'd end up saving the universe. This actually feels pretty good."

"Who ever said the universe is safe," came a voice from behind.

All the laughter and cheering stopped as everyone turned to look at the figure floating behind Cell. He had a malicious grin on his face, as if he had been playing a cruel joke.

"No! How can this be?" said Cell as he backed away. "That Spirit Bomb was stronger than you."

Evil Gohan laughed. "Did you really think I didn't know that? I'm not an idiot like Freeza or Buu. I know better than to stand in one place while a fully charge Spirit Bomb comes hurtling towards me. I simply moved out of the way and concealed my power level. I wanted to see everyone get all happy."

Everyone looked on with a horrified expression as Evil Gohan knocked Cell out with a sharp blow to the head.

Vegetto nodded to Goku, before flying up to face Evil Gohan.

"Time for a rematch!"

"You must love getting your butt kicked," replied Evil Gohan as he casually blocked all of Vegetto's punches.

"Stop it Vegetto," yelled Gohan. "You can't beat him on you're own!"

Just then, Goku appeared in front of Gohan. "Gohan, come with me."


"It's time you went back to your own timeline. There's nothing we can do against you now, but with your knowledge, you can prevent yourself from turning into a monster."

"But there has to be a way to beat this guy! The father I knew would always find a way!"

Goku looked away with a slightly ashamed expression. "He's not invincible, and someday we might find a way to beat him, but this is our fight. Go back to your own timeline Gohan. I know you won't end up evil."

Placing a hand on his son's shoulder, Goku used the instant transmission to transport them to another part of otherworld.

Bulma was waiting for them. Her time travel device was set up, and she had programmed the coordinates to be Mt. Paozu, shortly after the battle with Dabura had ended.

Gohan walked up to the portal, but turned around to look back. "I…I just feel guilty leaving everyone like this."

"We'll miss you Gohan," said Bulma as she hugged him. "But you have to go back. You've got family in your own timeline."

"You're right about that…but what if I turn into a monster like I did in this timeline?"

"You won't" replied Goku. "Bulma's already told you everything about why you became evil. All you have to do is to counter-act it."

"Besides all that, you have party to enjoy," said Bulma. "After facing this terrible future, you at least deserve to enjoy it."

Gohan looked at the ground, he was still too conflicted to leave.

"Hey Gohan," came a familiar voice, which snapped him out of it.

Smiling, Gohan look up and saw Piccolo floating in the air. The namek descended to his level and approached him with a smile.

"It's good to see the old you Gohan. When I heard you were in our universe, I just had to find a way to see you."

"Thanks Piccolo," said Gohan as he started to tear up. "I'm so sorry about what happened here."

"Stop crying!" scolded Piccolo. "I thought you were over your crybaby phase." Placing a hand on his shoulder, Piccolo gave Gohan a reassuring look. "We'll be fine. I'm sure we'll eventually find a way to beat your older self, maybe even turn him good again. Right now, you need to focus on your timeline. You've got all the information you need. Now go back to your own world and enjoy that party."

Wiping away his tears, Gohan looked back up at Piccolo with a smile. "Thanks Piccolo. That was just the pep talk I needed." With a last wave goodbye, Gohan entered the portal.

He felt himself loose consciousness as time travel put something of a strain on his mind. When he opened his eyes, he was lying in the grass in front of his house.

Opening the door, Gohan rushed inside. It's here…it's all here. He then felt for his friends and family's power levels. They're all here too. I'm back…I'm back in my own time! Oh! The party, I've got to get changed and return!

Getting changed, Gohan took off for the party at Capsule Corp. However, he still had to find a way to prevent himself from turning on his friends and family.

He then remembered Bulma's words.


"Do you remember when you were fighting Raditz…when you injured him while in a blind rage?"

Gohan nodded.

"Well, that was actually you evil power coming to the surface. Normally, you didn't sustain it long enough to turn on your friends, even when you fought Cell; you only unleashed a portion of it. Then the Old Kai awakened your hidden powers."

Gohan's eyes widened. "You mean my powers are…"

"That's right. You might have control now…but repeated use of it in sparring caused the evil to gain a stronger foothold over you. It was your mystic power, which triggered your tail's growth. Then that pushed you over the edge and turned you evil."


A serious expression appeared on Gohan's face as an idea popped into his head. That has to be it. I know what I'll have to do.

The next day…

Goku and Gohan appeared in the world of the Kais.

Shin and Old Kai rushed over to them.

"What brings both of you here?" asked Shin. "Is there some sort of trouble on Earth?"

"No," replied Goku as he scratched his. "Gohan just asked me to bring him here. He said it was important."

"So Gohan, what's so important that you'd need to come all the way here?" asked Old Kai.

"Well Old Kai," replied Gohan in a serious tone. "I was hoping you could…reseal my hidden powers."

Everyone besides Gohan gasped.

"What?" Old Kai was stunned. "After all the time spent on awakening your powers, you want me to seal them back up again. I can do it, but why would you want me to?"

"It's a long story, and it might sound unbelievable, but it's the truth."

Shin, Old Kai, and Goku listened intently as Gohan told them about what had happened to him yesterday on the night of the party.