In order of appearance:

Squad XIII[13]:

Mijitsi Misaki Uko Detiuss kills Misaki

Thanks Mijitsi Misaki smile

As Uko and Detiuss stared mouths gaping open as they sow an alley way drenched in oil and bot parts 'only a few more to go' Misaki smile and walked out 'so we have 18 scrolls' Uko looked in his bag and counted 'yeah' Misaki suddenly slapped Uko and Screamed 'Why do you always have to be so mellow any way it your turn to take out a squad so don't be such a spool sport have some fun we are in a training exercise you know' Detiuss and Mijitsi were walking away in the horizon as Uko got up he screamed at Misaki ' What the bloody hell was that for you idiot' 'what did I do Uko I didn't do anything' 'You idiot Misaki you just hit me' 'I didn't hit you I simply high-fived you face anyway Mijitsi and Detiuss are walking off again so we better catch up with them see ya' Misaki ran off and left Uko there standing stunned as he thought 'You stupid idiot' by the time Uko had moved Misaki had already caught up with Detiuss and Mijitsi. Detiuss smirked as Misaki ran up to them and attended to fly kick Detiuss but he simply grabbed her leg and hung her up side down as Misaki said 'why do I even try' 'Me ether' replied Mijitsi as Detiuss moved Misaki into a head lock and gave her a noggy and scuffled her hair 'What the score now something like 35 to 8 and I'm still owning you easily 'Detiuss Laughed 'Shut up' Misaki yelled. Everyone looked like stunned mullets for a few seconds when suddenly Misaki Screamed 'OH MY GOD GET IT OFF GET IT OFF' Mijitsi took the tiny baby spider off Misaki's shoulder as Misaki ran behind Detiuss as he slapped his forehead and said ' You will fight giant chaos demons and destroy cities but your scared of an little baby spider oh my god your weird' 'It just caught me off guard that's all' Misaki replied Mijitsi moved the spider closer to Misaki 'EEEEEEPPPP' Misaki cried 'As I said weird' Detiuss said As the squad walk into the horizon laughing and telling jokes no one has yet to realised that they are being followed.... yet any way for know till next time