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In order of appearance:

Squad XIII:

Mijitsi[spell knight] Misaki[archer] Uko[thief] Detiuss[alchemist]/Ako[mage]

As the Squad [XIII] walk off someone was following them no one had noticed until NOW when a giant ball of fire flew across the sky leaving ash be hide it had moved so fast that it had burnt the air there was a tiny little bunny in the distance hopping around Misaki's favourite animal was a bunny and the fire ball was heading straight for the little rabbit Misaki instantaneously burst into a sprint because she thought she had seen this rabbit before even though she knew it was hopeless Misaki kept running tear practically filling her eyes in the group Detiuss was the fastest but could never be bothered. Misaki tried her hardest to run faster but she just couldn't do it was just to far to run in such little time Misaki wanted to stop but she wanted to save the bunny more she run until she fell. Misaki could feel the tears rolling down her face as the fire ball moved closer and closer to the helpless rabbit until she felt a blast of heat in her back blood covered her view and she couldn't move she was all most out cold she felt hand holding her she tried to open her eyes. She soar Mijitsi holding something under his jacket he had quickly covered Misaki with his coat because when the fire ball exploded on impact a heat wave had hit her now she was being carried somewhere. Misaki had just enough strength to say 'where are you taking me' but no one answered Misaki tried again 'where are you taking me' all she could hear was hurry up get her there she might die DIE Misaki thought I don't wana die I'm to young to die I dun wana die yet not yet not yet not yet Misaki was laded down somewhere it was cold and hard she couldn't move she heard one voice say what wait look at this there was a pause then a door opened and a voice said heres the culprit a girls voice said so watch gonna do hit me Misaki heard the same voice when it from before it said Misaki-Chan your my sister another voice said oh my god brother Uko a voice said what's been going on why did you.............................................................