Omake: The Golden Star At Dawn

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Warning: In this omake, the definition of canon is like that thing that Pachebel is so famous for.

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A couple of months later, Mogami Kyoko was stalking the halls of LME. The murderous aura that surrounded her made people step back to move out of her way.

She has gotten quite the reputation around LME to breathe fire when she was riled up. And today, she was really, really riled up! She was on the prowl and she was being deprived of her prey.

So when she heard that he was in the building…

To him, great suffering before death!

To his manager, instant death!

She ended up in the lobby of President Takarada's office and, as if on cue for any drama she has worked on, the doors opened and the President - flamboyant as ever - strode out laughing as he escorted the young actor and his manager out.

There was a crackle in the air that reached a critical point and the sight of him made her shout out, "TSURUGA REN!"

Her use of his name without the appropriate honorific befitting his status, considering that she is known around the industry to be the kouhai that looked up to him with adoration who possesses a strict conformity to hierarchical structure, with such ferocity got the three men's attention instantly. Not to mention the President's secretary.

"Mogami-kun?" the president looked at her, horrified. She knew how she must look – the face that launch a thousand demons. The face that she probably had on during the audition that made him decide to put her into the Love Me Section.

But she wasn't concerned about appearances at the moment. She walked towards the man in question. "T-this is you, isn't it? You're Actor X and you're playing BJ!!!" she sputtered out, nearly shoving her phone that was running the first official trailer for a movie to his face. "Aren't you!?"

For months all teasers that have been released for the movie were always indecipherable. In fact, none of them last for more than 10 seconds! And this morning in an LME conference room, she was excited to finally see the official trailer while she and the Bridge Rock boys were horsing around waiting for a meeting for Kimagure Rock to start.

The President glanced at the phone and smiled, "So it seems. People who know Ren would recognize him. That's very astute of you, Mogami-kun. But then again, it's expected of his… kouhai. Well, now that the cat's out of the bag…" Then he turned on his serious voice. "That information will never be revealed to the public though. After all, it's highly unusual for Ren not to be credited for a movie this big so people would think twice if it was him or not. But it's a great move for his career. Don't you agree, Mogami-kun?"

Kyoko gaped and turned to him. "Tsuruga-san!!! Y-you… you could have told me you know!"

"Why should I?" He raised an eyebrow at her. "It was part of my contract to keep absolute secrecy about it." Then he flashed her that infinitely annoying, sparkling smile of his. "Ah… could it be that you're concerned about that time that you told me that Natsu's in love with BJ?"

She felt her face heating up.

"That all this time," he continued, his smile growing brighter. "You've been having fantasies about me? Am I right? Mogami-san?" Then with the skills of the high-caliber actor as him, he shifted to a shy look and let out a big sigh. "How embarrassing."

Blood rushed to her face at the use of such embarrassing language in front of the President, his soon-dead manager, and the secretary who were hanging onto their every word. Damn this man!!! She glared at him, her lower lip quivering for the lack of anything to retort.

Is this man even really Japanese???


Omake Notes:

- I really intended the chapter to finish at seven. But I can't stand that I ended the story with in such a cheesy headdesk note. But once I read what I posted, I got hives and was left unsatisfied... not that this helps the story improve in anyway. ~Besides, I forgot about The Golden Star At Dawn! Plus, Ren has been too abused through and through on every chapter of this fanfic. It's about time, Ren emerges victorious in one chapter.

- Also, I wanted to exploit one last time the whole Natsu has a crush on BJ thing one last time so I just wrote this.

- This is to pay homage to the Christmas 2008 special and Ren's Acting Test for Katsuki. ^^ Well, not really homage. I just stole lines from those chapters XD

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