Okay, this is going to sound really stupid but I can honestly tell you that all the events are based on actual events. My English class after Chocolate.


Persephone walked in to the room wearing tight, faded flare jeans, and a ruby red t-shirt with the restaurant Chili's logo on it. She groans as she puts the heavy book bag on the ground by her desk. She looks up at her best friend Circe standing at her desk (it is right behind Persephone's desk) looking a science paper that was probably due sometime today.

Not looking up from the paper, Circe said, "Hey, how was interior design?"

Persephone leans against the book case beside her desk; on the right side (If you were looking at the desk from the front) and replied, "It was okay, one of the Sirens wouldn't shut up the entire class period though. How did we let Rhea talk all of the titans and Gods to come to the twenty first century to go to high school?"

"I have no darn Idea babe." Sylla walks up behind Persephone and raps his arms around her waist. She rolls her eyes and walks out of his embrace.

"Hey Sylla, how are you liking being in a nymphs body again?" Circe smirked at the boy.

He stopped smiling at Tiresias, who was across the room, and looked with hatred at the sorceress that had turned him into the horrible monster that had six ugly heads and was doomed to spend eternity stuck on a rock. "Well if it isn't the slut/witch. What are you jealous that Persephone fell in love with Hades now? Are you going to turn her into a monster? Cause I mean there is actually love in her relationship. Me and mer-boy were just hanging out together as friends but you decide to turn me into a monster? Huh." He lowers his head with his voice until he is right next to Sephs ear and whispered, "Make sure to check your showers for poison Babe."

He left his head on the obviously uncomfortable girl's shoulder until suddenly he was pulled back by, Hades. Hades Growled at Sylla and pushed him towards the front of the room. He rapped his arm around his wife's neck and smiled. "Hey, how was your day Cutie?"

She smiled lightly at her husband's thoughtful question before answering, "It has been okay but it would be better if you were there too Honey."

Before he could respond he was grabbed by Achilles and Hector with Polyphemus close behind. They went and got in a group with little Cronus on the outside. Then Zeus and Hera walked in with Helios. Finally the bell rang with Apollo, Aphrodite, two of the Sirens, Athena, Hermes, and a bunch of nymph girls running in to their seats.

Then the teacher came in and announced in a sugar sweet voice that made Circe and Seph wince, "Now everyone, we will start on our Greek Mythology Projects today. Who wants to go first?"
She around for a volunteer and then…….Polyphemus raised his hand to go first. "Okay now who wants to go after Geoffrey?" Yeah we all have code names.

I raise my hand to go and then it went slower. I noticed that the mortals had brought food, so I snapped my fingers and a large dish of custard appeared with her fake name on it, Ashley. Lolo got in front of everyone and started his presentation about how he only killed when threaten and how he only loved one sea nymph.

I had to bite back the remarks about how there were about three hundred souls in the underworld that would disagree with him but he still did well. Then the teacher motioned for me to get up at the wooden podeam and start my presentation about Persephone! I kept my face cold except for when I talked about myself being forced to leave my husband for half the year.

I say the blind prophet who could see for now…… making suggestive motions to my husband as Hades just kept his eyes on the board behind me. Well they don't call him the god of Earth for nothing. He has a face of stone sometimes.

I continued to tell them about Adonis and Aphrodite, I got a glare from little miss blonde when I spoke about that sore spot.

I ended it with the truth, I am resurrection so I belong to no one; I am to dead to be with the living and I am to alive to be with the shades. I see sadness creep into my lover's eyes. He hates to be reminded of that but I have to tell my story.

I sit back down and the Sirens presentations pass in a blur to me. I could only go over the thousands of years I have lived an all of my deaths. After the last presentation by my father, Zeus, the bell rang. All of the immortals had band third period so in a large group we left the room. All of the couples, me included, were walking and holding hands or the man had his arm draped around the girls shoulders.

But Hades just has to be different, so he had his arm rapped around my waist in a tight embrace and he carried both mine and his soccer bags. It was winter, so my bothersome mother couldn't do anything except glare at his 'PDA' as they say in this time. Hecate came and silently walked on my left side as she joined the giant group.

The only problem with having a husband that is on the good side of every other deity, is that they steal him away from you all the time. So for the free time we had that day in class (the director was out) my lord was with that prophet, Sylla, Cyclops, Achilles, and Ares.

I, on the other hand was with Circe, and Hecate. Ever since my marriage I haven't been one for being with large groups of people.

Circe looked up from her spell book and waved to one of the many oceanids that lived off of her island, before looking at Hecate and accusing, "You aren't nearly sociable enough. I bet no man here knows your fake name. Why don't you go and talk to Strife? That pale god has been eyeing you since you took on that body." That was Circe. She was the one that always was trying to get me and Hecate with someone. Even after my marriage! You should have seen all the foreign gods she tried to get me with after the whole Minthe incident as the Shades have taken to calling it.

I could only glance at Hecate in sympathy as she glared at Circe's smiling face. Then they both had evil, make-your-skin-crawl-with-fear glares on as they looked over my head.

Right when I was about to respond that there were no real, available men around, someone rapped their arms around me from behind. I looked up and saw it was only a mortal. But then he tried to feel me up and that made me get (what is a good clean word?) pissed.

I through myself around and out of his hands, before I could think about it I slapped the large black haired boy, hard. As I readied myself to look at the one that had dared to cause such a scene, he was yanked down the bleachers by someone who looked like Achilles. He was then dropped at Hades feet.

My husband was growling.

That in its self was a very bad sign. He never, and I repeat, NEVER let his emotions go out in public like this. That poor boy.

He punched the boy while yelling, "You dare! To do that to My girl? Who do you think you are?" He was about to use his powers. I squealed in annoyance (when did I start squealing like a scared little girl?) and jumped over the rows of bleachers and landed on the ground right in front of Achilles back.

I shoved him to the side and ran to Hades. I touch his arm and he looks into my pale green eyes. We have a whole conversation just like that, and he takes his booted foot of the idiots back, but he grabbed the boy by the front of his polo shirt and lifted him to his feet.

In a voice so harsh that even though it wasn't towards me, I shivered in fear, he growled, "If you ever even THINK about touching my girl again, you will have signed your own Death certificate. Understand?"

The frightened boy nodded before Hades set him on his feet. The boy ran away with a glace over his shoulder at the large group of murderous glares that the men were sending him.

Then Hades turned to me and smiled while his eyes still held anger. Oh great, now he has to do the your-mine-and-no-one-else's act. "It seems, dear wife, that you are too much of a temptation for the mortal men to resist. I guess that we should show them just who it is that you belong to." He rapped his arms around me and moved in to kiss me.

I shove my hand in his and way and angrily respond, "I don't belong to anyone but Me. Dear. But you may kiss me as a show of affection for your equal that you love with all your heart." He nodded as I moved my hand, before crashing his lips to mine is sweet passion.

His warm, soft lips moved over mine and I couldn't help but kiss him back with equal vigor. He wasn't kissing me like a boy would kiss his girlfriend. He was kissing me like he kissed me every time I come back to the underworld; with the passion of a lover that is trying to apologize for the time that he has been apart from you. I don't really think we should do that in public, let alone a school. But hey, you weren't going to see me complaining after this.

He pulled back from the kiss and smiled sweetly at me before letting me go. We would continue this after we get back to the Underworld, that was what his eyes told me. Those dark eyes were never hidden from me.

We ate lunch and then went to Biology were Circe met a new boy toy, Ryan. Then came Hades and mine, soccer practice. It went by without much of a change, so then we (all the immortals) met up at a school near the school and we went home.

I was back in the Underworld with my husband grasping my hand tightly in his own. I breathed a sigh of relief at the familiar darkness of our domain, but my husband had to ruin the moment.

Now that he was back in his tall, pale skinned body with his black locks framing his face, I felt a new wave of desire, but then I noticed that while he was in his usual black tunic, I was in my soccer shorts and t-shirt. What?

"I believe that is easier to remove than one of you beautiful gowns, my dear. And plus I like the jock look for you. It complements your curvy figure and blond hair, and don't get me started on your eyes, my love. And don't we have some unfinished business to attend to?"

I giggled as I ran through our dark palace. I heard his booming laughter follow me and then the bounding of his feet on the ground. He would catch me soon, that I know. I'm not all that fast for a goddess, but I also want to be caught.


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