I was sitting in class one day, when she came to sit behind me. The bell had just rung but she didn't actually have any work to do. She was a Driver's Ed student, but came into the Spanish class when she didn't drive. I glanced back at her before finishing my work. Of course, being the perfectly mannered girl that she is, she waited for me to turn around. I had just seen her outside at lunch, but I knew that there hadn't been that burning in her eyes thirty minutes ago. She smiled sweetly, "How are you today?"

I answer in the usual vague way, "So so."

A regular smile curled over her teeth, yet it looked so close to a snarl, "Oh, and what are you doing tonight?"

I gave a lopsided smile, "I don't know."

The snarl/smile stayed in place, "I'm going to the nursing home."

I smirked then, "Oh, have fun."

The fire in her blue eyes got just a bit brighter, "Oh, you don't understand me. What a pity. Though I did tell Circe that I would wait for her as a witness before I went nuclear."

Confusion flowed through my mind; I had no idea what she was talking about. "Well, it would help if you let me in on what I did."

A smiled was given to me, "I really didn't expect this from you. It was very stupid, as you know me a bit better than Achilles does. It's a pity that I made that promise. Really, Hades, did you want the atomic bomb dropped?"

True to my violent and badass nature I answered, "I'm not afraid of the atomic bomb. Much worse stuff out there."

Being her, she had to shoot me down, "Not when the atomic bomb is named Persephone. You have admitted to drawing a blank when it came to my temper, as you have come to understand that you haven't seen it."

I was getting frustrated, "Well, why don't you tell me why I'm stupid?" I had to repeat the question under her firry gaze until she answered.

She gave a tight smile, "Do you like my jeans, Hades?"

I didn't allow any emotion to show on my face, "Yeah. Why?"

Her smile got a little bit bigger, "How does my butt look in them?"

Realization dawned on me. Achilles had told her what I said. Crap, She was going to go nuclear on me. Why the hell did I tell Achilles of all people that her jeans were a bit too loose in the back yesterday? What the heck was I thinking?

The fake smile turned into a snarl of victory when her predator like eyes caught my realization. Her blue eyes were so pale they looked almost white, "So Cody, anything you want to reword?"

I raised my hands in defense, even as my military mind pointed out the irony that I, a six foot three god who was feared by most people in the school, was actually scared of what this little woman of five six could do to me. At least my voice didn't shake, "Persephone, I just said they were a bit loose. Nothing is wrong with that."

I think her ears actually flattened against her head just a bit, "You said I had a granny fanny."

I hadn't said that, for that criminal was the one who had sent this firry demon from hell after me. As I imagined ways to kill Achilles, without thinking, two words fell from my lips, "Oh, Shit."

The cool facade that she had kept cracked just a bit, "We have talked about that mouth of yours too. Maybe I should just cut out your tongue before I make you wish you had never been born?" She didn't wait for an answer and soon my world faded into a blur and I fell into the world of retribution that the secret love of my life placed me in. I am never talking about her ass again. And Damn, am I glad she can't read minds.