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"I don't know what he sees in her," Lauren told Jessica. They were both sitting in the lunchroom stealing glances from the Cullen/Hale table. "I mean she's so skinny, you can almost see all her bones, it's disgusting and her hair, it's so choppy. What did she do, cut it herself?" Lauren laughed as she picked her red apple up from her tray.

"Lauren, you shouldn't say things like that," Angela spoke up, looking down at her plate.

"Excuse me?" Lauren growled before biting forcefully into her apple.

Angela continued to look down at her plate, "She's really nice, Lauren and something could have happened to her as a child, she was in the foster care system."

"She's so weird. And, so what? That was like ten years ago," Lauren said bitterly as if it dismissed everything that could have happened.

"What do you mean she's weird?" Eric asked, coming to Angela's defense. Angela sent a small smile toward him. "I always thought she was nice."

"Like she'll start dancing in the middle of P.E. and in the locker room she'll like stare off into space and than smile. It's really creepy."

"Lauren, your just jealous," Mike said.

"Yeah Lauren," Jessica agreed, attempting to impress Mike. "Jealous."

"What are you talking about?" Lauren barked as she slammed her apple back down on her tray, a look of disbelief on her face as she turned to face Jessica. "You're the one who said she had no boobs!"

Jessica sat, shocked as she tried to come up with a credible answer as the rest of the table waited for her response. "I--I only said that because—"

"Whatever, it's not like they can hear me anyway," Lauren mumbled as she picked up her apple and chomped down on it, taking another bite.

Little did she know that was not true. Jasper was clenching his hand tightly under the table trying hard not to jump up out of his seat and tear Lauren piece by piece for saying what she had about Alice. Alice was holding his other hand rubbing soothing circles on the back of it. "It's okay Jazz," Alice muttered trying to relax him. "She's just jealous. You know she likes you."

Jasper's nose crinkled in repulsion. "You are far more beautiful her, on the inside and out."

"You may be a little bias Jazz, but thank you," Alice said with a smile as she squeezed his hand. Alice really was not bothered by what Lauren had said. Truth was she was not the first person to say negative things about her body and Alice knew she would not be the last. It always bothered Jasper more as he was horribly protective of her. "I know you love me just the way I am Jazz, so it shouldn't matter to you what she thinks." Jasper smiled slightly at her.

"Do you feel any better?" Alice asked as she continued to rub his hand.

"Yes, Thank you."

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