This is a Naru/MMPR crossover.

If you don't know MMPR you might get the idea of the show from this. Matter of fact if you don't know MMPR you've been living under a fucking rock the last 16 years.

Anyway this is Naru/Hina. Before I started writing I wanted to make at least one of my stories Naru/Hina and I chose this one as it. If you don't like it, too bad. I think the pairing is perfect if done right.

Anyway on to the fic.

"Speech" means Biju/Spirits talking

"Speech!" means regular speech

"Speech" means Biju/Spirits telepathic conversation

"Speech" means telepathic conversation

'Speech' means Biju/Spirits inner thoughts

'Speech' means inner thoughts

(In the forest surrounding Konoha)

We currently find our hero resting his back against the cabin he's sitting by. He just finished the Shadow Clone Jutsu and now was going to move onto another Jutsu on the list. While looking over the scroll there was a certain Jutsu that called out to him. He looked down the scroll and found a Jutsu that made him giddy.

It was called the Great Power Quest Jutsu. The description said the Jutsu was dangerous. No one knows what it does because all the people who used it just went up in a flash of light and were never seen again. The only person to use this Jutsu and get out without dying was the Yondaime. He described the other end as a big pyramid with a huge symbol on it. He said that he heard a voice say "Who dares seek the Great Power?"

Somehow the Yondaime was able to get back here in one piece and after giving this description he couldn't recall ever using the Jutsu. The only thing he said about the Great Power is that "To those who possess the Great Power, all things are possible."

After that, more and more people tried to use the Jutsu, but more and more of them died. Eventually, to stop people from using them, the Sandaime put the Jutsu on the Forbidden Scroll.

After reading this Naruto started to weigh the pros and cons of trying this. The pros were he could be better than Sasuke-teme. That was what sold him there. Just as he was about to attempt this, Iruka came into the clearing and we all know what happened.

(Skipping this part up to after Naruto does the shadow clone Jutsu.)

The hundreds of Naruto's commence attack on Mizuki. What they didn't expect was for Mizuki to A) have a katana with him clipped on his waistband; and B) be a better swordsman than Hayate Gekko. When the clones charged Mizuki, Mizuki took that as a chance for him to cut loose on the shadow clones.

Naruto instructed 10 of his clones to charge Mizuki. Mizuki just smirked and drew his sword. Mizuki spread his feet a shoulder-width apart, and gripped his katana. In an instant, all of Naruto's clones stopped charging Mizuki and went up in a puff of smoke. Mizuki turned his sights on the rest of the Naruto's and charged them, all while still having that smirk on his face. When he got out of the circle, 50 Naruto's went up in smoke. Next, one clone jumped him with a kunai. Mizuki blocked it with his sword and swiped the clone. Mizuki continued his mad dash, taking out more and more Shadow Clones by the second.

When there was 10 Naruto's left, Mizuki laughed like a madman and said "Whatever happened to killing me for hurting your precious 'Iruka-sensei?' Just like all the other demons in the world, you're all talk and no action."

When this began, Naruto was confident that he could defeat Mizuki because Mizuki was severely outnumbered. But in the span of 2 minutes, Mizuki drastically lowered Naruto's advantage. Naruto instructed all of his clones to form a ring so that Mizuki couldn't sneak up on any of them. Seeing this tactic, Mizuki just smirked and said "Is this seriously the best you can do? A tactic so elementary that we teach it in the first year of the Academy? You have really fallen from grace, you bastard fox. For me, and for everyone else who lost a loved one in your attack, I'll kill you right here and now, and rid our village of your evil forever! This is the end for you, Demon!"

Mizuki started channeling chakra throughout his entire body. There was a small, almost invisible, blue aura surrounding Mizuki's entire body as his face twisted into one of intense pain and concentration. Mizuki said "This is a technique I created just for tonight! Dance of the Prowling Lion!"

Mizuki suddenly disappeared, causing Naruto and his clones to be put on high alert. All of a sudden, afterimages of Mizuki started circling the ring of Naruto's. He was moving so fast, the afterimages were barely visible. After circling a few times, Mizuki took out one of the clones in the ring, causing the rest to look over there in shock. While they were in shock, two others went up in puffs of smoke. Mizuki started taking out more and more of Naruto's clones, until only Naruto was left. Naruto saw that the circle Mizuki was running around him started getting smaller until he was just out of Naruto's reach.

One instant, Naruto was standing with a kunai in his hand to defend himself. The next, Naruto let loose a blood curdling yell as Mizuki started to carve him up like an onion. Mizuki was moving like a madman, cutting Naruto everywhere. After what seemed like an eternity, Naruto dropped to the ground with blood gushing out of his wounds.

Naruto didn't fool himself. He knew that with his wounds, he couldn't walk at all. He knew that he couldn't do a damn thing to defend himself. Even with his healing factor, he knew that these wounds were life-threatening to him unless he got IMMEDIATE medical attention. Realizing that he was about to die, Naruto's life started to flash before his eyes. Even though it was short and in black & white(allusion to Steve Urkel here), there were some moments that stuck out to him.


When Naruto was 8, he was constantly picked on by other kids. Even though Naruto didn't know it, those kids were told by their parents, and even some of the teachers, to make Naruto's life a living hell. Being bullied wasn't anything new to Naruto. The other kids always bullied him, but this one always stuck out to him. All the other times he was bullied, he was always alone and never had anyone to help him during or after the beating. This time, he did. The reason this one stood out to him was because this was the first time that someone his age helped him. After the kids who were bullying Naruto left, this girl came up to him. She had dark blue hair that was about 3 shades lighter than black, and she wore a baggy white jacket. She reached into a jacket pocket and pulled out some medical cream. She handed it to him, and he opened it and started to put it on his wounds. At first it stung, but eventually it started to stop hurting him. As he turned to her to thank her, she was gone, as if she was never there before.

When Naruto was 9, he walked into class on the second week of school. Naruto hadn't done well the last year of school, so this year he was studying very hard to do well. As he went into class the next day, the teacher collected their notebooks to grade their homework. Naruto's teacher looked at Naruto's notebook and tore it up right in front of the class. After class, Naruto asked the teacher for a second one, but the teacher refused to give it to him. Naruto started to yell and scream at the teacher, but she only gave him detention.

After detention, Naruto was walking home, depressed. Suddenly, he felt someone tap him on the shoulder. Turning around, Naruto saw that it was the same girl who helped him when he was being bullied. She held up a brand new notebook and helped Naruto through the lesson they were learning that day. This time, Naruto was able to thank her, before she disappeared.

A 12 year old Naruto was looking at a midnight-blue haired girl and finally asked the question plaguing him since he met her.

"Hinata, what's up with you? You faint out of nowhere, you blush when it's pretty cool out, and what's up with the stuttering?"

Hinata said "I-I-I-Its because I-I-I-I…sorry" Hinata then runs away quickly.

Naruto then said "Well, that's just weird. Ah well, SAKURA-CHAN!"

Naruto was walking away from school and it was raining. Everyone else had an umbrella, but someone stole his. He held his head down and walked away, crying a little. But all of a sudden the rain stopped. He looked up to see a black umbrella opened over his head. He looked to his left and saw Hinata there. He said "Thanks, Hinata."

She said "N-No problem. I'll walk home you home if you want."

Naruto said "That would be good."

They walked off in silence. When they got to Naruto's house, he said "Thanks again, Hinata. Hey, you wanna come in until the rain passes?"

Hinata 'eeped' really loudly and started blushing. She said "N-n-no thanks. I'm late for home as it is."

Naruto was 8. He had just joined the Genin Academy and the kids were treating him awful. He was swinging on the swing outside of school. He was very sad, damn near crying. The kids in the class made fun of him and said that he would never become a ninja. Being a ninja was always Naruto's dream.

He was on the swing outside school, wallowing in misery, when Hinata came over. She asked him "W-w-why are you c-c-crying?"

Naruto felt the tears threatening to fall, but through sheer force of will, he kept them back in. Naruto lowly said "The other kids. They say mean things about me, and hurt me and said I would never be a ninja."

Hinata scowled and looked at the direction of the Academy as she said, surprisingly without stuttering "What do they know? They don't know anything. You have just as good a chance of being a ninja as the other kids do. As a matter of fact, I bet you could become the greatest ninja ever."

While Hinata was talking, Naruto stopped crying a little. He rose his head up a little more while she was speaking. He said "You're right. As a matter of fact, that's my new dream. I will become the strongest ninja ever. That way, people will see that all these things they say about me are wrong. Hey, thanks…"

"Oh, Hinata"

"Thanks, Hinata-chan."

Hinata blushed, and said "No problem." She turned around and started walking toward the gate of the academy.

(End Flashback)

After thinking it over Naruto then puts the pieces together 'Hinata acts around me like I act around Sakura sometimes. Wait a second… could it be that? No way, there's gotta be another explanation. There's no way Hinata has a crush on me. I mean look at me, I'm basically public enemy number one around here! I practically live in a dump. She's the Hyuuga Clan heiress. She's probably the closest thing to royalty we have in this place. She probably has hundreds of guys who would throw themselves at her! I can't stack up to those people. Besides, a girl as nice as that doesn't deserve something as bad for her as I am. While thinking this through he played dead to fool Mizuki into not keeping his eye on him.

Once Mizuki turned his sights onto Iruka, Naruto made his move. Naruto quickly stood up, ignoring the stinging pains of protest his body gave him. He quickly ran to where the Forbidden Scroll was tossed at. Naruto quickly unrolled the scroll and saw the Jutsu he was looking at before. Naruto did the handseals from the scroll and called out "Great Power Quest Jutsu!" After that, Naruto's body started glowing white. Naruto felt he was being broken apart into billions and billions and billions of pieces. Then all those pieces were put together irregularly and moved quickly to another place. To outsiders it looked like he went up in a flash of white and the flash moved up into the sky.

(In an unknown location)

Naruto just appeared in an unknown location. It looked like he was deep in a forest. There were hundreds of huge trees around him. But that wasn't what calld his attention. What did was the HUGE temple in front of him that looked like a pyramid. It had a weird golden emblem of a crane, a frog, a wolf, an ape, a bear, and a falcon together.

Looking around, Naruto saw that a white falcon was coming up to him. The falcon flew by him, then started glowing white. The glow was so strong that Naruto had to cover his eyes with his hands. When he moved his hands away, a 50 foot version of the falcon was there. It looked to be as big as the temple. The falcon turned its' head to Naruto and looked at him with a huge glass-like eye. With a strangely deep voice without moving its' beak, it said "You, why are you here?"

Naruto was surprised by the size of the falcon and the fact it could talk, but pushed the feelings away for later. Naruto looked the creature right in the eye and said "My name is Naruto Uzumaki and I came here to acquire the Great Power."

The falcon gave Naruto a look as if he was crazy, then started laughing. The falcon said "You? Why should I bestow upon you the power other mortals such as yourself have been trying to get from me for years? I shall not give you the power you so desire."

Naruto said "Come on, I really need this power. I have to help a friend of mine."

The Falcon said "Too bad. You won't acquire the Great Power."

Naruto narrowed his eyes in anger and said "My friend is about to die out there. I need that power to save him and no one, not you, not the villagers, not even the tailed beasts will stop me from saving my friend. He's like a brother to me and I will do whatever I need to to save him. Now I won't ask nicely again, GIVE ME THAT DAMN POWER!"

The falcon just stares at Naruto. After a while, the falcon said "Naruto Uzumaki, you sure got guts to talk to me like that. You're the exact person I've been looking for, for 400 years. You need my power to save your friend. I'll give it to you, only if you become my successor."

Naruto just stares dumbfounded then said "Successor to what?"

The falcon then said "I have chosen you to be the successor to the Ninjetti power of the white falcon."

"What is the Nin-whatchamacallit?"

The falcon sweat dropped (if they can do that) and muttered something along the line of "Stupid mortals" and "don't recognize power when they see it."

The falcon then said "The Ninjetti are an ancient group of powerful warriors. They come from a distant planet far away from where yours is located. They are all dead now, but the animal spirits that they worshipped still live and watch over their lands. The animals choose a group of people to fight for justice and tip the balance of good and evil to the side of good. They each represent an animal of the Divine Ninja. The Ninjetti sealed us into a tablet to save us from the terror that killed them. There are various animals, but I and my friends were released.

"I have chosen you to not only be the second successor to the falcon powers, but also to choose the team. Even though we haven't known each other for long, something tells me that you won't disappoint. You might not be the sharpest talon on the claw, but when it comes to it, you're the one I can count on the most."

Naruto narrowed his eyes, as if he was weighing the pros and cons, then said "When do I start?"

The falcon said "Well, first you need to come with me so we can transfer the power and see if you are worthy."

The falcon takes his talon and puts it on Naruto's head. Suddenly Naruto feels weird and a light glows under him. It encases him and the falcon and they suddenly disappear.

(At an Unknown Location)

Naruto and the falcon had just touched down on some beach at some location. The ground was littered with rocks and no sand in sight. Noticing that the falcon had turned back to the regular size for a falcon, Naruto got a gloomy feeling. He thought to himself 'I get the feeling that this is gonna be a long day.'

The falcon said "Okay Naruto. Here we are."

Naruto said "This is cool and all, but I really need to help my friend."

The falcon said "My, My, aren't we impatient. Hold it kid I need to find something."

The falcon then takes off of Naruto's shoulder and looked around the beach. He eventually came back with a sword in his talons. It was completely white, with a black handle.

After setting it down by Naruto and getting back on Naruto's arm, he said "Naruto, in order to find the power you need to save your friend, we need to go on a journey. We are currently on the planet of Gratha. We need to travel to the top of a special mountain on this planet. There, I have built a ceremonial ground where the powers of the Ninjetti can be passed on. "

Naruto, who is still worrying about Iruka, said "But every minute I spend here my friend is-"

The falcon, after hearing this for the umpteenth time, gets annoyed and said "Boy will you pipe down. I know your friend is being attacked and I assure you he is perfectly safe. I'm using my powers to stop time on your planet. I can only hold this for 2 days though, so if I were you, I'd come on and come quick."

The falcon flew off of Naruto's arm and onto the ground. Suddenly, it was engulfed in light. When the light cleared, the falcon was a human. The person standing there had on a white toga. His hair was black and so were his eyes. He bent down and picked up the special sword and said "Come on Naruto, we gotta get a move on."

Naruto looked on amazed. He said "What the hell?"

The falcon man said "This is me, in my human form. Now wipe that surprised look off your face and let's go."

Naruto listened quickly and ran after him. They walked all along the beach. They eventually found a path that allowed them to get to higher ground. They hiked up and up for hours. Naruto looked back at the beach. It looked like they weren't making any progress. Naruto just sighed and moved on. After going a little further, Naruto said "So, what do I call you exactly? I can't go around calling you 'Guy' or 'Dude' all the time, can I?"

The man said "You are right Naruto. Call me Takaseirei."

Naruto gets a thinking look on his face and said "'Falcon Spirit'. That's subtle."

Takaseirei chuckled a little and said "Whatever. Just get going."

After getting to the top of the cliff, they moved through the forest. Takaseirei was using his sword to cut up the forest around them and clear a path for them to walk.

While they were going through the forest, they heard a scream. Naruto looked around for it, but Takaseirei didn't. He said "We need to get out of here quickly Naruto."

Naruto said "Someone just screamed. They're in danger. We have to help."

Takaseirei said "There's no danger. The scream is-"

He was cut off as the bushed rustled and 10 human-like creatures came out. They had on black spandex suits with red jagged lines all on it. They had a blade on their right hands. Their mask covered their entire face and they had a design of a dragon on it.

Takaseirei sarcastically said "Great. The scream is their hunting call. Naruto, we gotta fight our way out of this."

Naruto nodded, crouched into a fighting stance, and said "Right."

Naruto charged the closest creature. The creature raised his right hand and tried to slash Naruto. Naruto dodged the slash and kicked the creature in its stomach. He then grabbed it by the head and threw it toward another one.

Naruto immediately had to duck from an attack by another creature. He came back up and was about to punch the creature that tried to attack him, but got kicked in his back. He turned around to see another one there. He got up and was about to attack it, but was grabbed from behind by a creature. It had his arms in a full nelson grip and wouldn't let go. Naruto tried and tried, but couldn't break out.

The two creatures that he was fighting walked toward him and started slashing at him with their blades. Naruto's clothes were getting dirty and cut up. The wounds that had been healed during his walk with Takaseirei had started to open up again. Naruto tried to break out of the grip, but couldn't. Naruto thought to himself 'How do I get out of this? …That's it! Iruka said you could focus chakra through your body to make you stronger. One of the very few lessons I didn't sleep through.'

Naruto then thought of a plan to get out of this situation. Naruto bent his legs a little, pulling the creature behind him forward more. When the other two creatures tried to attack him again, Naruto jumped back on the creature holding him, forcing the creature holding him to lean back. Naruto focused chakra into his feet and kicked the two creatures that were about to attack him.

Naruto then shifted his weight so that he was falling forward, forcing the creature holding him to come along for the ride. As he was falling, Naruto grabbed the creature's head and positioned it over his shoulder. As soon as Naruto's butt hit the ground, he pulled the creature's head to impact with his shoulder, causing the creature to let Naruto go and jump back in pain. Naruto wasted no time in getting back up, and delivering a kick to the creatures' head.

He turned around to see that Takaseirei had just knocked out the other creatures. Takaseirei turned around and said "Come on Naruto, we gotta go."

Naruto didn't need to be told twice. He took off, following Takaseirei. While they were running, Naruto asked "What were those creatures?"

Takaseirei said "Those were the Kelzaks. This is their home planet. They were like the humans of your planet a long time ago, but they naturally have that blade on their right hand. Those clothes they wear are actually their skin. They also have increased strength, speed, and endurance. Their life here isn't as comfy as life on your planet. You guys have chakra, but they don't."

Naruto said "Well, how can I beat them? I have no training in Taijutsu, Kenjutsu, and I barely have training in Ninjutsu."

Takaseirei said "Don't worry. Just fight them. You'll learn better by doing anyway. Also, don't concentrate on just one. They hunt and fight in packs. I've seen packs as big as 100. You have to focus on the entire group or you'll be killed."

Naruto said "Thanks. I'll keep that in mind."

All of a sudden they heard another scream. Naruto and Takaseirei looked around for where it came from, but it was too late. They were surrounded immediately by 10 Kelzaks. Takaseirei immediately jumped to one and attacked them.

Naruto didn't have time to run to them. They came at him quickly. One tried to slash him with their blade. Naruto dodged the attack, and then kicked that Kelzak. He jumped backward as two of them came from his sides to attack him. He ducked as another one behind him tried to impale him with their blade. While crouched down, he twisted around and swept the Kelzak behind him off its' feet. A Kelzak dived and tried to tackle Naruto, but Naruto barely rolled out of the way. He stood up and blocked the punch one Kelzak threw at him. He tackled that Kelzak to the ground and rolled off of him.

Naruto looked around and saw he was surrounded. He tried to attack one, but another ran forward and blocked him. Eventually he was grabbed by the monsters and was being pummeled. Luckily Takaseirei came forward with his sword and saved Naruto. Naruto stood up on wobbly legs and said "Thanks, Takaseirei. I owe you one."

Takaseirei said "You can repay me later. For now, let's move."

And move they did. They kept moving and didn't stop until nightfall. By nightfall, they got to the base of the mountain and camped out in a cave. The next morning, they kept going forward, barely running into danger. By midday, they got to the top of the mountain on Gratha.

On the mountaintop, there were a bunch of rocks arranged in a circle. There was a small pit dug in the center of the circle. Takaseirei walked forward and turned to Naruto, saying "Come on, Naruto. We can't wait long. Soon my powers will fade and your friend will be in danger."

Naruto said "what do I do?"

Takaseirei said "Sit by the pit. I'll start the fire and start this thing."

In a few minutes, they were ready to start. Takaseirei sat down on the side of the fire opposite Naruto and said "Alright Naruto, meditate. Clear your mind of all that's troubling it. In order to pass this test, you'll have to let me see your entire life. I'll have to see every moment to make sure that my faith in you hasn't been wrong. After that, I'll transfer the power to you."

Naruto gave a weak nod and closed his eyes. He slowed his breathing and waited for a while. Suddenly, he felt something weird in his head. Like something weird just entered it. He heard Takaseirei's voice say "Keep meditating, Naruto. This will only be a minute."

After a few minutes, Naruto felt weird again. Like whatever went in his head had just left. Takaseirei's voice came again. He said "Wow. I'm very impressed Naruto. You're a natural born leader. You actually care about someone other than yourself. You're a little bit of an idiot, but I know you're ready for this next step."

Takaseirei said "Naruto Uzumaki, after looking at your memories, I grant unto you, the power of the Ninjetti White Falcon Ranger. Will you accept this power and lead the Ninjetti Rangers to victory against evil?"

Naruto said "Yes, Takaseirei, I do." without hesitation.

Takaseirei laughed and said "Good." Since Naruto's eyes were closed, he didn't see. But Takaseirei was engulfed in a white light. The light got smaller until it was a little white ball. The ball sailed through into Naruto's body. Naruto felt a weird power rise inside of him. After a while, he said "Naruto, open your eyes."

Naruto opened his eyes and saw that Takaseirei was gone. He looked around, but then felt something on him. He looked down at himself to see that all of his clothes were replaced. Naruto stood up and thought to himself 'What happened to my clothes?'

He heard Takaseirei's voice again. It said "Naruto, this is your Ninjetti Ninja Form. Before you ask Naruto, I'm inside your body talking to you telepathically. Anyway, with the power of the Ninjetti, you have two different forms. The first is the Ninja Form, the one which you are in now. Your power, speed, reflexes, and endurance is multiplied many times over. In this form, you have the natural ability to fly.

"The second form is the Ranger Form. The Ranger Form is much stronger than the Ninja Form. You have more special powers and have special protective armor. I can't go into detail about it now because we have to get back to your home planet."

Naruto said "But how do we get home?"

Takaseirei said "One of the abilities of the Ninjetti is to transform matter into light, and allow them to move at the speed of light. That is how I will get you home."

(Back with Mizuki)

After Naruto went up in a flash, Mizuki just started laughing.

"Heh Heh Heh. It looks like your student just went up in a flash. Seems he abandoned you when you needed him the most. Fool, I told you. Once a demon, always a demon. Now, prepare to die, demon worshipper. "

As Mizuki was about to dash a flash of white light appeared where Naruto took off at not a minute earlier. When the flash of light subsided, there was a person standing there. He had on a white headband with a black diamond in the center of it. He had on a baggy, thin, white gi that went down to his waist and was tightened with a black martial arts belt so it wouldn't get in the way of a fight, but also wouldn't restrict movement. He had on white wristbands that went up to mid-forearm and had the sleeves of the gi tucked in to them. The wristbands had black diamonds in them that looked like it absorbed all light and reflected none.

He had on a facemask much like that of Kakashi Hatake with a hood on the back. He had on white ankle-length karate pants. His white boots went up to mid-shin and had his pant legs tucked into them like his wristbands had his sleeves tucked into them. His shoes doubled as shin guards. They also had black diamonds in them like the wristbands. Over his chest, he had a sleeveless, padded vest that went over his shoulders and provided protection for them also. On the front of his shirt, there was a gold plated emblem of a falcon overlooking the horizon.

Mizuki was wondering who this person was. He was close to being scared when he looked the person in the eyes and saw the blue eyes of Naruto staring back at him, even though they looked a little pale to him. Also, when the hell did Naruto become 5' 10"?

He smirked and said "Well, well, well, the demon came back to get his punishment. I hope you enjoyed your pathetic life monster, because I'm gonna end it now."

Iruka was relieved that Naruto came back. But Naruto got his ass handed to him last time, this time all he has is some new attire, how is that gonna help any? Mizuki charged Naruto with a battle cry and a smirk on his face. Naruto just stood there and remained still. When Mizuki was inches away, he hunched over Naruto's shoulder with a look of pain. He then started to be lifted up and you could see that Naruto's fist was buried in his stomach so far, it looked like it was about to come out his back. After throwing Mizuki to a nearby tree, Naruto moved his head to see Iruka still injured.

He looked to Mizuki and said "Mizuki, you have messed up my life for the last time. You injured me, almost killed Iruka, and you tried to steal the Forbidden Scroll and pin it on me! For that, I'll make you pay."

Naruto closed his eyes and when he opened them his eyes were a lot paler than before. He crossed his arms in front of him, on top of the insignia on his chest. All of a sudden, his forearms started glowing. The light started giving out stray sparks of white electricity. The anomaly grew to encompass his forearms. He then said "Ninjetti! Falcon Spirit, Ranger Form! ". He moved his forearms to his side and the strands of electricity formed two rings around Naruto right on top of each other. The top ring moved towards the sky while the bottom ring went towards Naruto's feet. As the rings were passing Naruto's body, his clothes started to change. After the rings subsided, Naruto looked a lot different.

He had on white spandex. Over it he had on a black vest with a gold outlining and in the middle was the same emblem his other costume had. He had gold forearm and shin guards, a golden belt on his waist, gold arm bands on both arms, gold shoulder guards, and also there was 2 small slits in the vest in the back like something is supposed to belong there. Also he had on a white helmet with a falcon design on it. It had a golden beak, over the visor, then a grey part for the mouthpiece. It also had small blue eyes and what looked like feathers on each side of it's' head.

He had an odachi sword with a gold sheath on his waist. The grip was white with black diamonds in them. The pommel was a black-eyed white falcon. The handle was a ½ foot long, and the blade was 4 feet long.

Naruto turned to where Mizuki just got up from being thrown into a tree. Mizuki looked to where he dropped his sword when he was punched and started thinking up a plan to grab it.

Naruto, in a much deeper voice, said "Mizuki, now you'll pay."

With that, Naruto moved his hands to the gold sheath on his waist. Naruto gripped his sword and drew it. The sword was completely white with a golden blade edge. Naruto grabbed the odachi with both hands, then disappeared. He reappeared behind Mizuki with his back facing him and his sword held horizontally in front of him. All of a sudden, a 'squelch' was heard before Mizuki's arms let loose a torrent of blood. Mizuki yelled in pain as he dropped his knees.

Naruto disappeared and reappeared beside Iruka. He said "Now your life is over Mizuki."

Naruto held his sword up vertically. The sword glowed white while the gold edge lit up with a golden glow. The glowing sword started to break up into thousands and thousands of small little pieces. The pieces floated over to Mizuki and started to circle him. While Mizuki was looking at the glowing pieces with awe and a little bit of fear, Naruto pointed a finger to Mizuki and all the blades surrounded him and sliced through him. After the attack died down, Mizuki was bleeding immensely and blood was gushing out as Naruto walked up to him with his finger still pointed to Mizuki. Naruto then opened and raised his hand and the blades shot up and onto the hilt of his sword. They then reformed his sword.

The person looked toward Iruka and walked up to him. After going up to Iruka, Naruto said "Iruka-sensei?"

Iruka said "Naruto?"

"Catch me."

Iruka was about to mutter 'Huh,' but before he could, the rings that transformed Naruto reappeared and repeated their performance from before. This time though, they took the suit off of Naruto and left him in his old clothes, completely fixed. Unfortunately, Naruto was falling towards the ground, with Iruka barely catching him in time. Iruka was confused by all of this, but took Naruto to the Hokage's Office regardless.

(Hokage's office)

The Hokage watched this entire confrontation and was left speechless. He suspected Mizuki of being a traitor all along but didn't have sufficient evidence to back up this claim. After seeing Naruto disappear suddenly after yelling out Great Power Quest Jutsu he knew he needed to get down there immediately. He threw off his formal robes and put on his battle gear. Just as he summoned the Monkey King Enma, he saw that Naruto came out to be alright. He saw his fight with Mizuki and honestly Sarutobi was impressed. He never saw anyone fight like that. And Naruto dominated Mizuki easily.

He wondered what the extent of this power was. When he saw Iruka pick Naruto up and started to bring him here, he knew Naruto was destined for great things. He took his armor off and dismissed Enma and waited for Iruka's arrival.

(With Iruka)

Iruka finally arrived at the Hokage's Tower after taking all the back streets of Konoha that no one lived on. He suspected that some ninjas would still be going after Naruto so he took the long way. After climbing up the stairs he reached the Hokage's Office. He opened the door and found the Hokage waiting for him. He went in and set Naruto down on the couch and started talking to the Hokage.

After sleeping for some hours, Naruto finally woke up. He looked to see Iruka and the Hokage Sarutobi there looking at him. He looked around to see that he was in the Hokage's office. He looked at Iruka and said "What happened here Iruka? How did I end up here and where is Mizuki?"

Iruka adopted a look of surprise on his face and said "You don't know? You beat him and tossed him to the curb like yesterday's news, then sliced him up into ribbons! It's thanks to you I'm still alive."

Naruto now looked confused "I don't know what you're talking about Iruka. I only remember getting the Great Power from Takaseirei and being transported. After that it's all a blank."

"Who's Takaseirei and what is this Great Power you're talking about?"

All of a sudden a distant voice pops up and said "I think I can answer that."

Then Naruto, Iruka and the Hokage go up in a white flash of white.

(Takaseirei's Lair)

Naruto, Iruka, and the Hokage were transported to the ceremonial ground where Naruto received the powers of the Ninjetti.

Then came out a person with a baggy white toga with a hood on the back. He was also carrying the sword that Takaseirei had. He then said "Hello, my name is Takaseirei. Welcome to my humble lair."

Sarutobi, who didn't really care where they were, replied "Who are you?"

He said "I am Takaseirei. I am the one who took over Naruto's body before. And I am also the great falcon spirit who was worshipped by the Ninjetti."

"What happened to these Ninjetti people? Why did you say 'was'?"

"I say was because the Ninjetti were killed ruthlessly by a planet-size godlike being called Dark Specter." Takaseirei sighed and said "I guess I should start from the beginning.

"You see, I come from a different planet, called Phaedos. On Phaedos lived hundreds of warring factions. One of those factions were called the Ninjetti. They practiced what you call 'The Way of the Ninja'. But their own power wasn't enough to protect them from the others. While the other factions were warlike, the Ninjetti wanted peace. They eventually started praying that someone would give them the power to bring peace to Phaedos and protect their kind. Me and the other animal spirits responded. Some of the Ninjetti offered their bodies to house our spirits. In their bodies, we protected the rest of the Ninjetti and brought peace and order to Phaedos. This human form I am in now is the body of a man named Takeru, who gave his body to me.

"Afterwards, the entire planet started worshipping us Animal Spirits and thanked us for bringing peace to their planet. They were united under the Ninjetti name and peace reigned over Phaedos for 100 years. But the peace didn't last. When word got around space of our power, Dark Specter got jealous. That beast is godlike in power, and the size of his body is only dwarfed by his ego and his thirst for destruction. He wanted our power for himself, so he came to Phaedos.

"When the Ninjetti got word of Dark Specter's arrival, the 1st Grand Leader of the Ninjetti, named Akuma, asked them to build a pyramid. The Great Leader ordered all the Animal Spirits into the pyramid. He named me the Grand Leader of the Ninjetti, and then sealed all of us in the pyramid. He put special seals on there so that only someone with a pure heart and pure intentions could open it. One of my friends, the Dragon Spirit, must have known what Akuma wanted to do, because he left Phaedos before we were sealed in and I hadn't heard from him until a little while ago.

"Akuma stayed out to fight Dark Specter. Unfortunately, Akuma lost. Dark Specter then had the Ninjetti try to open the seal, but they were all met with failure. Dark Specter then killed the Ninjetti and left. That was 400 years ago. Ever since then, I had been looking for someone to break the seal. Someone who could help me get revenge on that bastard for what he did to the Ninjetti.

"Eventually, Dark Specter put together an alliance called the Galactic Alliance of Evil, with him as the Grand Monarch of Evil. Together, the entire group plans to take over the entire galaxy with force. One of the last places standing between them and galactic domination is a planet on the other side of the galaxy called Earth.

"On there I have a friend named Zordon. He filled me in on what happened after I got sealed in the pyramid. He gave special powers to 6 teenagers on the planet to fight off the forces of a woman named Rita Repulsa and a man named Lord Zedd. The team called themselves the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers. They were victorious and eventually were able to take the power of the Ninjetti also. The Red Ranger gained the power of the Ape. The Blue Ranger gained the power of the Wolf. The Yellow Ranger gained the power of the Bear. The Pink Ranger got the Crane. The Black Ranger got the Frog. And the White had me, the Falcon.

"Unfortunately, their base of power was destroyed. Without their base, there was nothing anchoring us to the Power Rangers and they lost our power. We ended up being captured by someone named Rito Rivolto. Rito was a servant of Dark Specter's, and was ordered to bring us to him, then start their domination plans on this side of the galaxy. Luckily, Dragon found us. He busted us out, but there was only a window of time for three of us to leave the prison. The Ape, the Bear, and the Frog spirit knocked me, Crane, and Wolf out, and told Dragon to carry us to safety. He took us to our current base and since then, I've been looking for someone to help us. I came to this planet to find someone pure of heart to lead a team of heroes to protect this world from the evil forces of the Galactic Alliance and destroy the Galactic Alliance of Evil once and for all."

Sandaime then said "But why Naruto? Why not pick ninja who have experience? They're just kids."

"Because compared to the enemies they would have to fight, your ninja are nothing. I would need a team I can groom and train into my own warriors. A team who hasn't learned much and who can adapt easily. Also, I need those pure of heart. Someone who would be able to ignore the rivalries of your world and concentrate on saving the world as a whole. Can you honestly look me in the eye and tell me that you would use the power to protect everyone on the planet and not just Konoha?"

Sandaime was speechless. After hearing this he saw that Takaseirei's ideas were right. The ninja in his arsenal were already taught and wouldn't be able to learn something out of the blue that well. But kids who were genin were only taught the basics and not any specific style. They were the perfect students. And Takaseirei was right that he couldn't. Takaseirei would need someone who wouldn't be playing favorites. Someone who would protect all of the planet and not just Konoha.

Sandaime then said "How many warriors do you need to accomplish this?"

Takaseirei said "I will need at least 4. I, the Crane, the Wolf, and Dragon, all need acolytes. I have chosen Naruto. The other animal spirits won't leave our new base for fear of being discovered by Rito, or worse, Dark Specter. If more than one of us leaves the protection of the temple, we could be tracked by Rito. Even though he's a bumbling idiot, he is still strong. But I have talked to them and the other animal spirits agreed to trust Naruto's judgment. We'll let Naruto decide who becomes Ninjetti, with him as the leader. But first, we need to ask Naruto if he wants to do this. This is a lot of responsibility and I don't want to pressure you into this Naruto. Choose wisely."

Naruto looked up into Takaseirei's eyes and said with a glint in his eye "I chose the moment I did the Jutsu. I accept!"

"That's why I picked you Naruto. I knew you wouldn't disappoint me."

"Thank you Takaseirei."

"Good decision Naruto." Said Iruka gladly.

"Now Naruto, take this" Takaseirei handed Naruto what looked like a silver watch. "Naruto, press this black button right here to be transported back to Gamma 4 where I and the Ninjetti spirits live. There we will begin your training."

"Thanks, I'll make you proud Takaseirei."

"Hold up." Said Sarutobi. "What will happen if Rito wins?"

"Right now, there are few teams battling against the Galactic Alliance of Evil. The Power Rangers of Earth, the Aquitian Rangers of Aquitar, the Gold Ranger of Triforia, and this team I'm putting together here. The other three are not aware of our presence, nor is the Alliance of Evil, but if even one team falls, the Alliance will be able to take over and rule the galaxy. If we lose here, all hope for good in this galaxy will be gone."

That statement had them realize how big this situation was. The fate of the universe lies in their hands. Sarutobi stepped up and said "If there's anything we can do to help, you have my full support."

"Thank you."

"So when do we start?" Said Naruto

"Today. I will take you to Gamma 4 to the other spirits. There we will help you train in martial arts and help you control your powers. We will train you for a week, and then you will go back to your home planet to pick out our teams."

"Okay then, let's go."

Iruka came up and said "make us proud Naruto."

With that, Sarutobi and Iruka went back to Konoha in a flash of black. And Naruto and Takaseirei went to Gamma 4 in a flash of white.