The 1980s. Ten years after Orthopox 14 ascended the throne as Furon Emperor and donned the royal robes and scepter. Crypto was promoted to Pox's old rank of commander, and returned to Earth in a new mothership to continue harvesting the DNA. However, things aren't going too smoothly. Over the years, unknown mistakes in the cloning process has slowly deleted the Furons' genetic programming over the years. Politicians have begun using their political power to initiate the creation of armies to rebel against the Empire and overthrow Pox, turning the Empire into a Democratic Republic. Now, rebel forces have infiltrated the palace in Gorta. Pox is trying to reach an escape ship on a secret landing platform, as rebel troops swarm in.


Pox: [Making his way down the main corridor] Blast it all! I KNEW raising the taxes was a bad decision! [He ducks into and empty room as troops pass by, and takes a separate route to the secret landing platform, while pulling out a HoloPox Unit in the process] Crypto, come in, this is Orthopox!

Meanwhile, back on Earth, Crypto has just returned to his new mothership from collecting DNA and destroying humans.

Crypto: [He comes in and sets his guns down on a table] Man, I forgot how great the sound of screams was. It's good to be back, heheh.

[The HoloPox Unit in the corner suddenly switches on]

Pox: Orthopox to Cryptosporidium! Do you copy?!

Crypto: Crypto here, your majesty. Whats the situation?

Pox: The "situation" is that I'm in a terrible conundrum at the moment! There is a rebellion within the empire! I'm on my way to Earth now. Prepare the mothership for my arrival! [The HoloPox Unit switches off]

Crypto: Wow. I figured Pox wouldn't make a good emperor, heheh, only ten years on the throne and he's got half the empire at his neck.

Back at the Palace, Pox has just reached the secret landing platform. Some rebels are right on his tail. Pox uses his scepter to blast the top of the doorway, making it collapse, and buying him some time. Pox leaps up into the cockpit of his ship, and takes of just as the rebels break through the debris of the doorway. They fire at his ship, but Pox manages to escape into space, as he looks back on the smoldering palace. Pox's ship's engines were damaged by Disintegrator fire. He slowly approached the Mothership's hanger, but just barely lost control, flew in the hanger door and skidded across the floor.

Pox: [Climbs out of the cockpit] For Arkvoodle's sake! Crypto!

Crypto: Woah, Pox! You can't pilot worth a human waste. Why didn't you get your chauffeur to fly you here?

Pox: Because he's dead! [He shakes his fist]

Crypto: [He scratches his head] Don't tell me he overdosed on DNA capsules again...

Pox: No you dolt! He was disintegrated by invading rebels!

Crypto: Oh, you mean your new political buddies, heheh, I get ya Poxy.

Pox: Enough! Crypto this is SERIOUS. Several democratic ingrates want to overthrow the empire!

Crypto: Aww Poxy, you worry to much. You're the emperor now, and you've got more brains than the inhabitants of Cerebrus-23. Surely you're not telling me that you can't figure out a strategy to fight them off?

Pox: I'm sorry Crypto. The next time a group of crazed rebels come knocking at my door with high explosives, I'll be sure to stand there thinking while they blow me to pieces.

Crypto: But isn't that what happened back in the 60's?

Pox: Do me a favor and SHUT UP.

Crypto: Seriously Pox, lighten up. It's not light I've got problems with humans blowing down my door and storming in.

There is a massive explosion.

Crypto: What the?!

Pox: [Looks dramatically in the direction of the blast] What the Dodecalypse?!

Several humans that resemble the Majestic come storming in.

Pox: It... It CAN'T BE!

Crypto: MAJESTIC?! We wiped those cheap suits out ages ago!

Then, a familiar figure walks in. Silhouette. She's wearing the same suit she war in the 50s, but it has a cape with it. She can still be seen with helmet hair, from the mask she once wore.

Pox: Holy hookers of Arkvoodle...

Crypto: Silhouette?!

Silhouette: That's right you little gray freaks. Did you miss me?

Crypto: It can't be! I crushed your puny human carcass back at the Octagon in Capitol City!

Silhouette: Why yes you did, I remember it vividly. However, you can't keep a good woman down!

Crypto: Whatever! I'll squish you like an Irodian Zorgbeetle, again!

Silhouette: You can try you little gray freaks! Ponsonby dear, why don't you come in here and visit our old friends!

Ponsonby then walks in. He looks similar to the way he did back in the 60s, except his suit is black.

Ponsonby: [Sneers] Have they soiled their spandex trousers yet my love?

Silhouette: If not, they're close to it.

Silhouette was right. Crypto and Pox both gazed in amazement. They were dumfounded.

Pox: But... how... I watched Crypto annihilate you both!

Ponsonby: Well, as much as we'd love to discuss it over tea, I'm afraid that you must die. Attack men!

Pox and Crypto dive for cover as the Majestic agents begin to open fire with their lasers.

Pox: Now what, mister "I don't have any enemies!"?

Crypto: Shut up! I have no clue how the hell those wackos are back from the freakin' dead!

Pox: Well what do you propose we do now?

Crypto: I say I fight them off one by one.

Pox: Well, if you're going to fight them, you'll need a little assistance, right Crypto?

Crypto: What? You mean you actually found Gastro after we lost him through the saucer's view dome in the crash back in the 70's?

Pox: No you dolt! ME! This confounded Civil War is my responsibility. I once commanded Navy troops, but now I command ALL our people! I need to take charge and fight to keep this empire's glory in once piece!

Crypto: Ok... who are you and what have you done with the real Orthopox?!

Pox: Just shut up Crypto.

Crypto: Say Pox, before we do go out their and get our gluteal regions handed to us, I just wanna say I'm proud to finally have you fighting with me... and I also hope Gastro makes it back, he was a great ally, and he made the best damn cortex souffle I ever tasted.

Pox: Honestly Crypto, I'm sure he's fine.

The scene then suddenly flashes to another scene. Gastro is sitting in a lounge chair by a pool in Hawaii.

Gastro: [Motions to the butler for a martini, as several women surround him] Easy ladies, there's plenty o' Gastro to go 'round! Gastro can only take six at a time... well, make it seven.

The scene then flashes back to Pox and Crypto's current situation.

Pox: Are you ready Crypto?

Crypto: What the hell are we waiting for?! Lets boot these monkeys right back out our door!

Crypto swung out from the hiding spot with the Disintegrator Ray firing full blast. Pox soon followed. He leaped into the air, swinging the royal scepter above his head, and landed in the center of a crowd of agents. With a high amount of speed and dexterity, Pox swung the scepter and bashed the agents, flinging them of in different directions. He then fired and energy beam from the scepter and took out some more, then stood in a defensive stance.

Crypto: [As he fights] By the Sacred Crotch! Pox! Where'd you learn all those moves from?!

Pox: I was a general back in my day, Melee combat was required! I was once a skilled fighter with a Furon Plasma Saber and a bow staff!

Crypto: Ya gotta teach me some of those!

Pox: You were never interested in anything I tried teaching you before!

Crypto: Yeah... well, that was all boring scientific mumbo jumbo.

Pox: Impudent as always I see!

They both continued to fight, but soon realized they were hopelessly out-numbered. They ducked behind cover once more.

Crypto: What now? Were outnumbered!

Pox: I can see that Crypto! Wait, I have an Idea! Call the saucer to just outside the window and then activate your oxygen helmet!

Crypto did as Pox said, and Pox also activated his oxygen helmet. Pox then aimed at the window and blasted it, sucking him and Crypto out. After they were out, a steel covering shut tight over the open window to stop the explosive decompression. Crypto and Pox immediately boarded the saucer and fled to Earth, as the Majestic watched from the mothership.

To Be Continued...