Hello readers, and yes I'm writing another story! I'm not excatly sure when I will post the next chapter for 'the royal pain', or 'come to me'. It seems some things have come up, and I will probably be busy for awhile. When i have time, I think I am going to edit my stories cause I know I have quite a few things I can fix within them, and make them better. I also hope to find an editor cause I have a tendency to type really fast and not review what I wrote/type (how smart am I lol). Oh and since I'm editing my stories I changed a few things in 'He's Mine' (The story you are currently looking at).

Summary: When Gaara got to see his new-born baby boy, his heart started to pound for joy. But as the years went by his feelings grew into something else. When Naruto turns 6, he meets a boy named Kiba who happens to have a crush on him. When Gaara notices this he becomes jealous and begins to realize his true feelings for his son. What will he do with these new feelings? And what about his wife, Ino?! G/N