Angela Miller looked in the mirror and made a face, readjusting the collar of her blazer yet again, trying to get it straight. She refused to admit to being nervous, there was no reason to be nervous, it was just an interview. Just another interview, like the half-dozen that had come before. Nothing big, it could only mean the future of her career. No pressure. She hadn't expected there to be so many interviews. When she left S.R.T in the hopes of doing something more to combat bio-terrorism, she had expected to be tested on her skills and judged on her experience, not answering questions. Especially not questions about where she saw herself in five years. She didn't know where she saw herself in five years, hell she didn't know where she saw herself in five months let along five years. Her world had changed too much to do any long term planning right now. Now she just wanted to find a new career and maybe work on getting a certain person to return her calls.

After everything that had happened, when the world felt like it had completely changed and all the rules had been rewritten, Leon had become the one stable person in her life. After everything had died down, Angela found she just couldn't go back to working with the S.R.T., couldn't go back to the every day things like collaring punks selling dope or breaking down meth labs. Not when she knew there were worse and more deadly things out there. So she'd given her resignation and set about trying to find a position that would leave her with the feeling that she had made a difference. It was just hard to adjust to the different world she now found herself in.

Angela was doing her best, and she was grateful that Leon had been so willing to help. She knew she was probably bothering him a lot with all of her questions, but he never seemed to get upset about it. Then again, it was hard to tell just what Leon S. Kennedy was thinking a lot of the time. He wasn't big on sharing, and he certainly didn't offer information on how his day had gone. Angela had a feeling that it would take years to unravel the mysteries that surrounded Leon, and she couldn't say she was entirely opposed to the idea of trying to unravel those mysteries. In fact she would welcome the chance to try and understand Leon better.

Angela smoothed down her hair, trying to decide if the ponytail was too severe or if it made her appear serious. The inane thought entered her head of what kind of hairstyle Leon liked. Yet another thing she didn't know about the White House Agent, but something she felt like looking into. She thought Leon was interested in her, he certainly had seemed to be dropping hints during the whole WilPharma incident. She found that it was very hard to forget what it had felt like to be in Leon's arms, or what his lips had felt like when they were in the water tank. Or the way he had tried to encourage her as they fought against the mutated form of Curtis.

Of course there was also the fact that Leon was about the only person in her life right now who could really understand what Angela was going through. He had been a cop once too and like her he'd gotten caught up in a bio-terrorism incident that had changed his life. Angela wasn't just attracted to him, she also greatly admired Leon. He had decided to move on, to do something to try and stop those responsible, like she wanted to. Her mind flitted back to the words he had said, "I'm going to scrub these viruses from the face of the earth.", and how they had given her strength. Of course he hadn't said those words to her, he'd said them to that girl, Claire Redfield.

The thought of the red head brought a frown to Angela's face and she turned away from the mirror, going over to the table to gather up her resumes. Angela had mixed feelings about Claire. She hadn't really believed it when she'd been told that Claire was one of the few survivors of Raccoon City. Part of her couldn't accept that the petite red head holding the little girl could possibly be one of the survivors. Another part of her had been angry too, even though she knew it was unreasonable anger. She had just been angry, why had that girl survived and gotten to live a normal life when Curtis's wife and daughter were killed? What made her special? Why had she been spared when so many others weren't?

If she were truly honest, some of her annoyance had also stemmed from the way Leon had immediately jumped to her defense against Senator Davis, not once but twice. There had been a lot of emotion in his voice when he talked about Claire, and it had been obvious that they were familiar with each other. Something which had only been confirmed by the conversation she'd overheard in the tent. It had prickled Angela, especially since she'd already noticed that Leon was both handsome and capable with a hand gun. In essence, the perfect guy for a cop to date.

Angela had been surprised to realize that Leon himself was a Raccoon City survivor. In a way it made sense then, as to why the White House had sent him, and only him, to help with the airport. After all who better to help with an outbreak of T-Virus than someone who had already dealt with one? She'd listened to how he had tried to comfort Claire, and part of her had been mollified by the regret she heard in the other woman's voice. It had eased some of the anger she'd felt about the fact that Terra-Save, the very group Claire worked for, had been the reason her and Greg hadn't been given the vaccine. The reason Greg died.

It hadn't taken away all of the pain, or all of the anger, but it had helped. She knew she couldn't really blame Claire, even though she wanted to. Because if she did, then she would have to blame herself for what happened in the airport too, since it was her own brother who had let the virus out. Blame and accusations weren't going to get her anywhere, and it was a waste of time and energy. Time and energy she could put into better and more productive things.

Things such as finding those blasted heels she would need to wear for this interview and making sure she had everything. Angela had a feminine side, something that a lot of people assumed female cops decided to get rid of once they put on the badge and suddenly had to keep up with 'the boys'. Angela liked wearing dresses and being somewhat fashionable, she just didn't like the suffering for fashion part. Before she had to go to a dozen interviews, dressing up used to be something special to do, since most of her work days were spent in combat gear with upwards of twenty pounds strapped onto her.

Angela didn't think Claire was the fashionable type. She definitely gave off the aura of a function over fashion type. Of course she'd only seen her in that one outfit, most likely because her luggage had ended up under the 747 or lost entirely. Glancing in the mirror Angela wasn't sure she and Claire really compared. Claire was pretty, but Angela knew she was sexy, lord knows enough people had told her about it over the years, describing her as some kind of cross between Cindy Crawford and Angelina Jolie. Besides, there obviously wasn't anything going on between Leon and Claire. They might be really good friends, but it wasn't anything more. They definitely hadn't acted like they were anything more than close friends. It was completely natural for close friends to worry about each other and defend them.

Angela refused to contemplate the fact that there had seemed to be hints that it could have easily become more than just friends. She had decided to focus only on the positives today, and as far she knew, Leon S. Kennedy was completely free and available. Free, available and helping her hopefully locate a position. She'd mentioned being interest in B.S.A.A., one of the few times she actually managed to catch him on the phone, and he had mentioned he knew some people in the organization. He had said he would check and see if he could give her their number, but he'd sounded reluctant about it. When she pressed him he said that the person he knew was kinda tough, but that didn't worry Angela. She was a tough woman, after all you didn't become captain of S.R.T. based off your looks and personality, despite what some former colleagues liked to say.

Angela grabbed her phone, checking it for messages before she dropped it in her purse and stepped out the door. No new messages, well it was still early and people did have lives and jobs to get to. She'd try again later.


And that is the end, though I do have a semi-follow up in the works. As I mentioned earlier, I live for reviews of all kinds.