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Chapter 1: Into The Arms Of Morpheus

You can blame...I mean thank Legendarie L-T for this. I've had this idea tumbling around in my head for a while, but she's the one who beat me into submission and forced me to get on and write this.

Anyone who looked into the small hospital room would've believed that there was no way it could get any more depressing. The stark walls were completely colorless and the single, small, grimy window looked out at nothing.

The room itself was deathly quiet. In the silence, each beep from the heart monitor was deafening, like a death knell.

The patient lying on the bed was young, no older than 15. His breath came ragged, wheezy. His skin was pale and there seemed to be no life in his limbs.

He peered up at the three figures standing around his bed. "So" He rasped. "Who died?" The woman standing next to his bed let out a kind of squeaking gasp and clutched his hand. A man stood behind her, his hands on her shoulders. He was trying to fight back tears.

He opened and closed his mouth several times, trying to find the words, but only succeeding in looking like a fish out of water. Finally, he simply closed his mouth and nodded. The patient returned the nod and turned to the final figure.

It was a girl about his age with long blond hair. She looked down at him with a sad smile. The patient returned the smile, then, reached over to a table next to the bed and picked up an old, worn, journal. "Sorry it took me too long" He said, handing the book to her. The girl nodded and clutched it to her chest. Silence reigned again.

A nurse quietly slipped in the door and stood invisibly in the corner. The scene would've affected her...twenty years ago. But since she had joined the hospital, she had seen the scenes like this too often. Too many, too young lives snuffed out too soon. Once all the tests had been run, all the treatments tried and all the hope exhausted, there was nothing left to do but wait.

After a time the beeping slowed and the breath became more and more ragged, until both stopped completely. All that could be heard was the monitors single, unbroken tone.

The woman squeaked and again. The man's face remained exactly the same and the girl bowed her head.

The nurse stepped forward and began to shut down the various machines. Then, she escorted the living out of the room.

For the next few hours there was a small stream of people flowing in and out of the room, taking tests and filling out forms until finally even this stopped.

Late that night a single, pale, weak ray of moonlight filtered in through the window. Slowly, it traveled across the room and up the bed until it crossed the patients face. And even more slowly, a cold smile split that face.

And so it begins. What exactly I have no clue. I'll update soon, I hope. I usually take my time and plot out the whole story before even starting it, but this time around I felt like taking the plunge and just making it up as I go along. I have a basic plot never fear, but I'll have to fill in some holes as the story continues. Wish me luck!

What a wonderful world such should be...