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The agent sat down at the table, looking back and forth between Will Du and Dr. Director. After years of fooling the arch foes of teenage hero Kim Possible into thinking they had been on their side, just as willing to do away with the pesky teen nemesis as much as them, they had in fact been on the side of Global Justice all along, working to bring such scum to justice that not even the best courts in the world could serve.

Five years...five long years...and now, the day had come.

The day GJ could finally unleash Operation: Retribution.

"You have done well these past few years, my friend," said Dr. Director. "You have done an excellent job of gathering this information against the deadliest threats to the security of the free world. And now, it is time. Do you have the list?"

The agent let out a crooked grin. "I've been up till the wee hours cooking this baby up," they responded. "It took me about four years to research these villains, to spy on them, to infiltrate them, to act as another friend to them rather than a foe, but now, I have the names."

Without having to be questioned any further, the agent pulled out a piece of paper and slid it across the table to Will Du and Dr. Director, smooth as silk, stealthy as a ninja.

Some of the names took them by surprise; others didn't. What they all had in common was that they were the biggest threats to Global Justice, and they were:

Dr. Drakken

Motor Ed

Monkey Fist

Dr. Gemini

Duff Killigan

Camille Leon

Adrena Lynn

Senor Senior Senior

Senor Senior Junior


An amused smile made its way onto the lips of Will. "You put your own name on this list, I see," he mused.

"But of course," replied the agent. "What would happen if any of these nine other people on the list were to come across this? The whole plan would be ruined! And not all of us have the technology to build a nano-tick."

The agent let out an almost villainous chuckle. "The invitations are on their way as we speak. It won't be long now before any of them contact me about these invitations, so I am afraid I have to leave. Good day, Dr. Director, and Mr. Du."

The agent got up and began to turn to leave, only to hear the voice of Dr. Director say, "One more thing."

The agent slowly turned around. "I would just like to say thank you," said Dr. Director. "For your assistance in everything. You have been one of the best agents Global Justice could ever ask for."

The agent smiled. "Indeed I have," they said wickedly. "Indeed I have."