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What Exactly Are We?-

"Thank ya Cena!" I say giving John a kiss on the cheek as the two of us enter the arena.

"No problem, I'll see you later tonight." He says giving me his signature grin and a wave goodbye.

Entering the Diva's locker room, I'm greeted by none other than Layla and Mickie, Mickie's hello being a little less warm than Layla's.

"So how was it?" Layla asks, getting straight to the point as usual.

I don't look up from my bag as I answer her question. "How was what?"

"John Cena? Private Plane? Need I say more?" Layla asks again, and without looking at her I could already tell the expression that was on her face.

"It was okay I guess, no big deal. I needed a ride so he gave me one."

"I bet he gave you more than that." Mickie mumble under her breath, I guess I set myself up for that one.

"What was that supposed to mean?" I snap back, Mickie doesn't reply she just gets up from the bench she was sitting on and leaves the room. "What the fuck was that all about?"

"John is kind of a touchy subject for her, she acts like this whenever she finds out that he's with someone." Layla answers sounding sympathetic for her friend. "The two of them aren't an item but you know how girls get whenever they catch feelings for a guy that they're sleeping with."

I let out an agitated sigh, slipping on some basketball shorts and heading towards the door to talk to Mickie. "I'll see you before the show starts Layla." I head down another long hallway, guessing Mickie went to the ring, when I see John. "Have you seen Mickie?"

He shakes his 'No' before handing me a script. "They changed up the storyline."

I skim through the script, looking at the changes the creative team had made. "I'm in a feud with Mickie? Are you serious!"

"Remember they hinted towards a relationship between Mickie and I a while back?" I nod my head in response. "They're bringing it back. Pretty much you use me to get into Mickie's head which will at some point down the line give you the Women's title."

"So there's no storyline between you and I?"

"Nothing long term. Creative team doesn't want to turn me heel anymore, so they figured this was the best way to involve us in a storyline without making any major changes to any of our characters and still being able to push you. You're the bad ass seducing the good guy who's with the good girl in order to get what she wants. And later on it'll reveal that you did all this because you're teaming with Beth Phoenix who you pretend to despise during this whole thing."

Even though the situaton was fucked up, I had to give it to the creative team, the storyline was much more interesting and better than the one they originally had for us. "This is great John but it's just horrible timing." John raises his eyebrows at me curiously. "Mickie is pissed at me cause she thinks something is going on between the two of us."

"And there's not?" John asks.

"NO! We just slept together once that's it. You and I are friends." I reply, trying to convince myself and John about this, which was hard cause the two of us had never really been friends before.

"Got it, I'll talk to Mickie."

"No, I'll do it tonight, we're having a girls night at the hotel after the show." I reply, deciding that was the best way to handle this situation.


Backstage Segment

"Hey Cena!" I yell, running up to John, interrupting the conversation that he was having with Mickie. "Thanks for last week, I had a great time." I wink, beginning to walk away but am stopped by Mickie who turns me around.

"What is that supposed to mean?" She asks, looking back and forth between John and I for an answer.

"Oh it was nothing Mickie, he just showed me some moves in the ring. He's very hands on, it helped me a lot. See you out there!" I reply, referring to Mickie as I walk away and the segment ends.

End of Backstage Segment

"Mickie can I talk to you?" I ask, once the segment ends, she nods her head in agreement and I continue. " I'm sorry about-."

"It's not your fault, I was just overreacting, the two of us aren't together."

"You sure?"

"Yeah, I'm sure Roxy." She replies, wrapping her around my waist and the two us head toward the gorilla postion to begin our match.


"Cena?" I say, confused as I open the door to my hotel room preparing to leave.

"Did you talk to her?" John asks.

I raise an eyebrow at him, not too sure what was going on. "Uhh...yeah, why?"

"Well, uh..." He begins to say.

I stand there with my hand on my hip, eyeing John. "Spit it out Cena. I got to go."

"You and I are nothing....right?"

"Yeah..." I drift off, still confused.

He lets out a sigh, blurting out. "I'm dating Mickie."

I drop the bag I had in my hand on the floor, speechless. John and I aren't together, but why am I so....jealous?

"Roxy, say something." He speaks, but I can't hear what he was saying as a million things run through my head.

"ROXY!" John says a bit louder this time, snapping me back into reality.

"Huh? Oh...uh, that's great." I reply, my response not too convincing.

John eyes me for a second before saying anything. "You sure?"

"Is this what you want?"

Please say no, please say no...I find myself thinking as I wait for his response.

"Yeah, you were right we are better off friends." John replies, looking at me for some sort of reaction.

I have none as the both of us stand awkwardly in the doorway.

"I should...um, go." I mutter, stepping past him. "Congrats."

"Thanks.." He mutters as the both of head in opposite directions down the hallway.