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Exchanges of Love

Season One

He had to get out of there. Doctor Gregory House was now off the elevator and within sight of the hospital's front, glass doors. Only a few feet to freedom. Had his leg worked properly, he could duck out pass Cuddy, Cameron, and anyone else whose ass had been targeted by "cupid's arrow." What he once had in speed, he must now have in strategy.

He would duck around the nurses' desk, where Cameron was on the other side, her back to it. Then, he would follow the rather large family that was currently being discharged from the clinic—House could see them thanking Chase now, the large wife, the slightly smaller dad, and the whole band of offspring—out the doors to sweet, sweet freedom.

And on the way to freedom, he would have to avoid all the infectious, pink, red, and white bacterium that came with it being Valentine's Day. The nurses' desk itself was a risk, as it was the focal point for all those confetti-ed hearts and paper cupids. Cuddy would expect him to participate in the spirit of the holiday, for the good of the hospital. What disease that chocolate covered nougat in heart-shaped forms could cure, he'd love to know.

Now was the time! Cameron still had her back turned, and Cuddy was on the phone, frowning down at her desk. As quickly as his leg would allow, he limped his way towards the nurses' desk. He paused just behind one of the columns, watching the large family. They were rather chatty with Chase. House groaned.

"Come on, come on!" he muttered.

He moved behind the column closest to the hospital's doors. The wife was leaning on the door to the clinic, seconds from pushing it open. House readied himself to be put in the middle of the family, thus make his escape.

"Happy Valentine's Day, House!" came Cameron's voice from behind him.

He winced as if he had just been hit with a dart in the neck. He turned to see her holding out a red envelope to him. He dared glance at Cuddy's office. She was leaning towards the phone's base unit, ready to hang the phone up any minute. He was running out of time!

He snatched the card quickly from Cameron. She smiled.

"Happy Valentine's Day," she repeated.

"Yeah, yeah, yeah," he said, not even looking at the card. "You know, this holiday is pointless. It's just a way for candy companies to keep their sales going year round. The same with Easter, Christmas, and all the patriotic holidays. The only holiday worth celebrating anymore is Halloween…just because it's fun to scare the hell out of people for no good reason."

Cameron rolled her eyes and sighed. "I was warned, I guess."

House looked at her. "What? What were you warned about?"

She shook her head. "Nothing. Just…bye."

With that, she turned and walked off. House stared after her for just a moment before turning to check the status of his large family. His eyes widened to see them almost completely out of the hospital. He moved as quickly as he could to check up, only to feel a second dart collide with his neck.

"Doctor House," Cuddy said, freezing him in his tracks.

He turned slowly, annoyed.

"What?" he asked. "I'm going home."

She sighed. "I can see that. I can also see that you did not do anything to commemorate this holiday. But, it's almost over. So, happy Valentine's Day, House," she said, shoving a small, heart-shaped box of candies into his hand—the one still holding the card Cameron had given him.

"For me? Really? But…I didn't get you anything!" he said. Then, arching a brow and leaning in a bit closer, he added, "You're not trying to tell me you're pregnant or something, are you? Cause, if you are, I don't want your tainted chocolates!"

"I'm giving them to all hospital employees, House," Cuddy said, turning to walk away.

"Wow, haven't you been busy," he said, as she waved a hand at him as she departed.

He turned to see his cover family long gone. No point to them now anyway. He moved at his own pace towards the hospital doors, pausing only when he saw Wilson chatting to a nurse over near the clinic doors.

"Hey, Wilson," House said, moving towards him.

Wilson looked up slowly. "Yes?"

House shoved the Valentine's card into his hands. "Happy Valentine's Day. Just like to let you know I care."

Without waiting for a reply, House continued to exit the hospital, ripping into the box of chocolates as he went.

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