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Exchanges of Love

Season Two

If Cuddy wanted him to participate, then participate he would. A week prior to Valentine's, and the Dean of Medicine had started in on him. She wanted him to participate in the holiday—no matter how hokey it was—to boost morale. In a hospital. However, she had made the mistake of saying, "any way you want."

House smiled, making his way out of the hospital's gift shop, his purchase in hand. He paused just outside the doors, tearing open the box of children's Harry Potter Valentine's Day cards—foil, of course. Looking towards the nurses' desk, he spied his cards' first recipients. Wilson and Cameron stood, idly chatting. He limped his way over, stopping close enough to them for him to warrant their attention. Wilson raised a brow.


"Happy Valentine's Day," House replied, tearing off two of the cards and handing one to each of them.

Cameron stared at hers for a moment.

"You didn't even fill these out, House," she said.

"Well…it's the thought, right?" he said, walking away.

He made his way to Cuddy's office, and, seeing that she wasn't in there, dropped a card onto her desk and left. Passing the nurses' desk once again, he noticed the nurse on duty eyeing him. He sneered at her.

"Nurses don't get one," he said, heading towards the elevator.

In minutes he had dispensed the cards to random members of the hospital staff—nurses excluded—and to a couple of wandering patients as well. By the time he reached his office, where Foreman and Chase were present, he had run out of the cards. The two looked up at him, expectantly, as he stared into the empty box.

"Aw, man," House said, turning the box upside down. "All out. Oh! I know how to fix this!"

Turning the box over, he tore out two of the sample cards off the back. He handed one to each of the two doctors, who frowned up at their boss.

"Happy Valentine's Day!" House chirped mockingly, limping to his desk and sitting.

Chase eyed his cardboard card and looked up at Foreman.

"I don't look forward to next year," he said.

Foreman shook his head. "Who does?"

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