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This is my first fan fiction (Hell, it's my first serious writing attempt too!), so I, of course, appreciate any and all feedback, provided it isn't rude or narrow minded.

Warnings: This is Yaoi (BoyxBoy), and it will, eventually, get graphic(Lemons!). There will be profanity (Because Grimmy's just so wonderfully profane!) and probably violence.

Disclaimer: I own nothing but a laptop, some manga and a pretty horrible sense of humor. Notice how I didn't say Bleach or any characters of.

--- --- --- --- ---

Eyes watched the sleeping body as it rose and fell rhythmically in a slow, unhurried tempo under the covers. A breeze blew lazily through the partially opened window, causing the room's occupant to shift slightly, adjusting to the cool wind. The predatory eyes continued, unaffected by the breeze, the vigil that they had begun hours ago when the moon had finally emerged from behind clouds that had hid it's presence through the sunset and the early hours of night. There were no noises to distract the figure that stood outside the window, none but the slow inhale and the relaxed exhale of breath which came from the sleeping figure whose body was completely covered by the blankets; chaotic orange hair emerged at the head of the bed, the unruly locks resting against a pillow, face pointed towards the ceiling. Even in sleep the same scowl still haunted his face, the watcher could see that from his vantage point, although it regressed to a less intense version of the frown and creased eyebrows. Instead of anger, there appeared an expression of someone deep in thought.

A new breeze blew, stronger this time, which ruffled and teased the loose jacket that the observer had donned previously. As this watcher felt the iciness that this spring wind still carried, he looked to the sky and noticed how the deep navy hue had faded to a paler gray-blue, one where the stars that had shone brilliantly no more than an hour past had become pale imitations of their former brilliance against the threat of the first golden rays of morning. The sudden chill had caused him to shudder briefly, due to the shortness of his jacket and the mere unexpectedness of such a chill, making him cross his arms across his chest as his piercing blue eyes sought out the one who would soon become his prey, hands in the junction of his arm and upper body, to ward off the invading frostiness that embraced his almost bare torso. As the jacket fluttered in the wind, the scar that marred the muscular chest of the man, if he could be called that, stretched from the bottom right of the stomach to the upper left shoulder. With no more notice than a slight breeze caused by rapid movement from the initial spot a few body lengths above the house to the intruders' new location in the boy's room.

The window was now open fully, indicating the means by which the room had been entered, and now the man stood by the foot of the bed, a hand in his hair, light blue and even more unruly than that of the boy who lay unaware in the land of dreams, considering his next course of action. Before him lay the perfect challenge, someone who was strong, but not stronger than him. An equal, or at least, a potential equal; someone who could take it, and give it back almost as strong, someone who would ultimately submit after the delicious competition for dominance. The dominance that he was sure he would win. 'Fuck. I can't….yet.' The frown on his face slowly elevated into a neutral, thoughtful expression that very few people imagined was even possible on the spectators face. 'Well, I might not be able to take action, but that doesn't mean that I can't have some fun now…'

Two steps later, the man was at the head of the bed, an arm's length away from the sleeping face. A smirk grew on his face as he bent down, his face almost touching the others', feeling their breath mingle in the small area that separated them. His left hand gently, but firmly, took the smooth chin of the boy and angled it towards him as he bent down, lowering his lips met sleeping ones. Gently, so as not to wake the other, he separated the lips with his own and slid his tongue into the depths of the warm mouth and ran it around the edges. He savored the texture of the inner cheeks, moving slowly before he began to disengage, taking a final moment to suck on the dormant tongue quickly, firmly and possessively before he released the kiss, his hand still on the chin of the sleeper.

Now the taste of his prey would linger in his mouth and memory, making the end of the hunt so much more desirable in the mind of the hunter. The boy responded unexpectedly to both the entrance and the exit of the tongue, groaning as their mouths connected, moaning as they disconnected, which caused Grimmjow to smirk again as his withdrew his hand from the boy's face, and broke the fragile and glistening string of saliva that continued to connect them as he headed towards the window. He moved quickly, his feet silent against the floor, so he could go somewhere outside of the town where he didn't have to worry about all the attention that a gargantua would receive from the shinigami in the area. Taking one last look at his prey, a strange glint entered the Sexta Espada's eyes and his mouth quirked into a maniacal smile "Don't worry Ichi, next time you'll be awake to enjoy it…" With that, he pushed himself out of the window and disappeared as the boy known as Ichigo Kurosaki began to stir as morning officially broke over Karakura town.

'And that's when I'll make you mine.'

--- --- --- --- ---

When Ichigo had awoken, the first thing he noticed was that his window was open, effectively dropping the temperature of his room to one that only penguins would appreciate. The second was the fact that he had saliva on his cheek, but he dismissed that as his semi-regular drooling habit (gross, right?). The third was that his mouth felt like it had been coated in something and tasted odd. Not to say that it was a bad taste, but it was most definitely odd. He swirled his tongue around his mouth, trying to salvage an idea of what exactly the mysterious taste could be. That was when he noticed the fourth and, by far, most interesting phenomena. Under the covers, at roughly the point where his two legs meet, there loomed a rather painful and obvious tent-like structure. This was unusual for several reasons; the first being that this erection was so strong that it hurt, an experience that our favorite strawberry was sure he'd remember had he felt it previously, the second being that it was just unusual for him to wake up with a hard on, at all. Normally, had his dream been one of a sexual nature, he would wake up to find a stain in those tight ass-hugging boxers he wore under whatever he had fallen asleep in.

Giving his erection an unreadable look, Ichigo moved to prop himself up on his elbows, and sighed as he leaned on them and his pillow. He stayed like that for a few minutes, not really thinking at all, with his eyebrows pinched together and his eyes glazed over. Finally noticing that his alarm had been going off for the past five minutes and that he hadn't made a single move to turn it off, he reached to the nightstand on the side of his bed and turned it off, his orange hair appearing even brighter as the sunlight from the window enveloped it. After tripping the switch on the clock, Ichigo continued his movement out of bed, pausing to stretch before he continued to the shower, giving another quick glare to his arousal before he shuffled awkwardly out of his room muttering.

"Look, as glad as I am to see you, this cannot be a good sign."

--- --- --- --- ---

So? How was it? Do you want more, or should I stop and never try again?

I'll try for a twice a month update schedule if anyone wants more, but I have very little idea of what's going to happen next, so ideas/suggestions/corrections on incorrect information are appreciated.