Hey folks, these are just going to be random scenes and ficlets, some funny, some sad, some downright disturbing, so I'm slapping this at a T rating right off, might have to bump up to M later. If you see a scene you'd like to build off of, lemme know so I can read what ya get from it.

Hinata's Mistake

Hinata was walking back from the store, having gone out for some snacks. She was enjoying the warm sunshine, when she felt a tiny tug on her bag. Turning to look at the bag in question she saw a golden fox staring back at her determinedly. The oddest thing about this fox was that it had a worn, scratched, and battered headband on it's head. In fact if she didn't know better, she'd almost swear she knew it, and this fox was starting to remind her of someone.

Leaning close she imagined the fox was giving her a wide smile that even caused its eyes to close mischievously. This caused her to gasp in shock. "N...Naruto-kun?" she asked nervously, getting a small nod from the fox.

"Oh Naruto..." Hinata whispered, pulling it into a hug. Sniffling quietly she pet the fox gently. "Don't worry Naruto, I'll take care of you... I'll always be here for you Naruto-kun... it's... it's because I love you Naruto-kun."

The fox seemed confused as it cuddled into her, almost as though trying to figure out what she'd said. However, the musing of the fox's curious reaction was cut off by a tanned hand reaching in and pulling off the headband. "Hey Hinata, thanks for catching this fox, he stole my headband! What was that about me?" a familiar voice asked, while Hinata's eyes bugged wide. Looking up she saw Naruto smiling widely at her, nearly identical to the grin the fox had given her. "Hi... so how about dinner sometime?"

That was about the time when Hinata passed out.