Disclaimer: I do not own the Akatsuki, Naruto, your water buffalo, or really, my water buffalo. The government does. And Masashi Kishimoto. (He owns Naruto and the Akatsuki. Not the water buffalo.)

Looking For:

Artistically inclined woman, preferably about twenty to twenty five, good-looking, and doesn't mind creepy doll obsessed roommates. Or sharky roommates. Or plant men. Or religious zealots. Or mentally ret


A woman who is punctual, strong, and doesn't want a sexual relationship. Someone 'like' me, or who wouldn't mind being 'like' me. Details when we meet.

Looking For A Fellow Jashinist:

Likes really rich, sexy, intelligent, courteous, funny, honorable, thoughtful, romantic, masochistic men, and is preferably pretty, rich, and remotely intelligent, but not too intelligent.

Searching for Lady:

Who likes Finding Nemo, Jaws, and DOES NOT like Shark Tale, because it sucked, even if Will Smith was in it. Is not afraid of water or lobsters that sing when you walk past them.

Looking For Woman:


Trying to Find A Woman/Plant Who:

Is aware of the environment, doesn't mind schizophrenia, likes gardening, murdering innocents, gourmet food, (like Kages) and doesn't care about appearances.


I'm looking for a pretty girl who likes fun, senpai, evil organizations, fun, annoying senpai, and killing people! And likes hugs. ^.^

I Want A Girl Who:

Likes money, accounting, treasurers, talking about the economy, the business section of the paper, and thinks stitches are hot.


Number 1 (Deidara): 0. Everyone likes the strong, silent type, and he wrote so much he got cut off. Try to not write so much next time, Deidara-sama.

Number 2 (Sasori): 1. But she was never seen again.

Number 3 (Hidan): 3. again, no one knows what happened to them…

Number 4 (Kisame): 10. Cuz no one likes Shark Tale.

Number 5 (Itachi): 28. All the girls go for him, even when he says nothing?! The Uchihas are overrated.

Number 6 (Zetsu): 0. Come on, he's… leafy…

Number 7 (Tobi): 25. Itachi beat him by three. Damn that Uchiha charm! They're irresistible!

Number 8: (Kakuzu) 3. Personally, I think Kakuzu is Sports Illustrated Swim Suit Issue worthy, but popular opinion says… They liked him for their common interests, not looks. (Do they even have a male swim suit issue…?)


Well, this was the sequel to Wanted, which was basically the same, sides with L and Light, from Death Note, and their fellow Death Note peoples. Would you look at that? And while I'm asking for favors, would you review? Please?

Now I'm off to make Sports Illustrated: Akatsuki Swim Suit Edition.

PS: There was no Konan or Pein cuz they're together. I shouldn't have done Misa on the last one…:/