Renee and Elliot were released from the hospital a week later and while Charlie went to bring them home, Emily, Angela, Sue and I decorated my house with all sorts of blue streamers, balloons and banners. Jacob, Embry, Sam and Billy were outside, grilling up hamburgers as we finished up the decorating. We went into the kitchen and set up everything else, from different types of salads and sides to a huge cake made by Emily.

Charlie got home just as the food was almost done, and we met them outside as they made their way into the house. Elliot was sound asleep, totally oblivious to the excitement around him. Everyone fawned over him, exclaiming how much he looked like Charlie. Renee brought him upstairs and laid him down in the crib before coming down to visit everyone.

We all sat around, eating and talking about everything that had happened the past week. Once we were done eating, the girls and I went inside to clean everything up. I heard the baby start to cry, so I went and got Renee, not trusting myself to carry him down the stairs.

The rest of the night was spent with everyone taking their turn holding Elliot, who never once fussed at all the commotion. Renee was starting to get tired, so everyone congratulated them then said their goodbyes and left. Jacob and I took down all the decorations before heading up to my room to go to sleep. I was wiped out and I fell sleep once Jacob laid down next to me.

The rest of the summer passed by fast and was spent opening up the boutique and getting ready for college. The boutique was a huge success and there was a long waiting list for the items that Sue and Renee had made. Jacob and I helped out as much as we could, spreading our time between the store, watching the baby and spending time at the cottage.

It was the weekend before we were to start our classes and the Pack had a huge bonfire to send us off. Even though we were staying local, they still wanted to celebrate. Charlie and Renee came, bringing the baby with them. It was really warm out still, and they set up a giant blanket on the sand, laying Elliot down with some toys.

Sue showed up after closing up the boutique for the night, bringing Leah and Seth with her. They made their way towards us and Seth knelt down next to the baby, meeting him for the first time. Renee picked him up so that everyone could get a closer look at him when Leah froze, a strangled cry escaping her lips. Elliot noticed her and started to cry uncontrollably, squirming as if trying to get to Leah.

Leah nervously took the crying baby from Renee and he immediately stopped crying, his tiny hands reaching out to touch her face. A lone tear slid down her cheek as she gazed at him with so much love and affection that it was evident what had happened.

Everyone just watched the two of them, surprise on their faces. I looked at Jacob and he took the baby from Leah, giving him back to Renee. Elliot immediately started to cry again, but his demands would have to wait. Jacob, Leah and Sam took a walk while my parents looked at me as if I would explain what had just happened. It wasn't my place to explain, so I shrugged and played it off.

A few minutes later, they returned and Leah once again took Elliot in her arms. I took Jacob's arm, leading him away from everyone to see if my suspicions were right.

"She imprinted on my brother, didn't she?" I asked, unsure about how I felt. Jacob looked at me, a pained expression on his handsome face.

"Yeah, Bells, she did. I am so sorry, you know it can't be controlled though." he said, looking at me, his eyes pleading with mine. I sighed, knowing it was true, so I stepped in front of him and wrapped my arms around his waist.

"I know, Jake, but YOU get to explain that to Renee and Charlie because I know they are going to wonder why Leah is so fixated on him" I said, smiling wickedly. He groaned, knowing that it wasn't going to go over well at all, then took my face in his hands.

"And this is funny, how? I think you love to torment me" he said, his trademark grin plastered on his face. I giggled, pulling his face to mine and kissing him.

"Yeah, I do, only because you love to torture me in bed" I laughed against his lips.

"Oh, but you love it when I do things like this" he said, cupping my backside and lifting me against his body. I groaned, wrapping my legs around his waist. We continued to kiss and touch each other, but we knew we couldn't have sex just then. There were too many things left to do, namely telling Renee and Charlie that Leah was Elliot's soulmate and that they were destined to be together.

We made our way back to the group and Jacob signaled to Sam to come over. A few minutes later, they came and took Renee and Charlie for a walk while leaving me in charge of the baby. They were gone for a long time and I was just starting to worry when I saw them coming back. Charlie looked visibly shaken and pale while Renee looked like she was stoned, an enigmatic smile on her pretty face.

They came over to me, wanting me to go talk privately with them. Renee handed the baby to Leah, smiling gently at her while Charlie turned red. Oh shit, this was bad….

We walked down the beach and sat down in the sand. I tensed up, knowing I wasn't going to like what was about to be said.

"So, the La Push boys are werewolves" Renee said. I nodded my head, not trusting my voice.

"And you've known this for how long?" Charlie asked me.

"Uh, about a year." I replied.

We sat around quietly lost in our thoughts. I was really beginning to feel uncomfortable when Charlie broke the silence.

"So, Jacob imprinted with you?" he asked.

"Yeah, but not right away. I was too heartbroken to return the imprint, so it took awhile" I said quietly.

"This is nuts. Next you're going to tell me that Bigfoot and Vampires exist" he said, running his fingers through his hair. I didn't answer and he looked at me, then he groaned.

"They do, don't they, and the Cullens are all vampires, aren't they?" he asked.

"Yeah, but they aren't bad vampires. They only feed on animals because they don't want to hurt anyone. They love me like their own daughter and they would never, ever hurt anyone" I said, defending them.

"Isabella Swan, how could you get involved with a vampire?!?" Charlie said, his voice raising. Renee touched his shoulder and shook her head.

"We both know that the heart wants what it wants, Charlie. We cant help who we fall in love with, but I have to say that Jacob is a much better choice. A healthier choice and I couldn't be happier knowing that our children will be protected from whatever other creatures are out there" Renee told him, looking at me and smiling.

"Yeah, I know, but it's all so much to take in, Renee. You know I don't do well accepting things." he replied.

"I know you don't, but you have done a great job so far, so just be happy that our children will never have to feel the pain of a breakup or a lost marriage." she told him. He sighed, then looked over at me, his face softening.

"You're going to have to explain more of this imprinting thing to me some day, Bella. Just give me time to wrap my head around everything first, ok?" he said to me, and I smiled, nodding my head.

We got up, hugging each other and headed back to the fire. Elliot was sleeping in Leah's arms when we got back, and my parents allowed her to hold him until it got late. Everyone was starting to leave, and I walked my parents over to their new mini van.

"Are you going to the cottage with Jake?" Charlie asked as Renee put the baby in the car seat.

"Yeah, but I'll be home Sunday night." I told him. He nodded, then got into the van. Jacob came up behind me as I watched them drive away. We made our way to the cottage and spent the rest of the weekend making love and planning our future together.

My life had gone through so many upheavals the last few years, but I was happy with where I ended up and where my life was headed. For the first time, I felt whole, complete, and I had direction. I had found a way to begin living again after Edward left me, and I thanked whomever was responsible for my life taking the direction it had. I thought my life would end with immortality, forever surrounded by ice, but instead I was embraced by fire, surrounded by the loving arms of my personal sun, my soul mate, My Jacob.

A/N: I would like to thank everyone who supported me during this fiction. I was so nervous because it's my first long piece of writing and I wasn't sure how it would be received. Your kind reviews and support helped me continue and finish this story, and I will forever be grateful to you all. I am planning a sequel and will publish it as soon as I get about 10 chapters done. I wrote this story with so much speed and intensity that I might take a couple of days off just to rest my mind and get more ideas outlined. I do plan on writing at least 2 more fictions continuing from this story and will let you know when they are ready. Again, thank you all so much and God Bless.