A uthor's Note:

I DON'T OWN ANYTHING IN HERE! Nothing. Except the little top phrases unless they're quoted. I need a song for more Charachters...especially Lissa. Her title is already planned out!

Lissa : Know Her, Hate Her, Let's All Crate Her!

Anyway, submit ideas. Feel free to laugh at Jeb and Omega's...Yes, they are funny. If you don't understand why I picked those two's songs, Omega IS white and nerdy, and Jeb IS a creator of...well... not monsters...unless it's those fish-zora kids! Yulllch! They were yucky...*sideways smile*

Anyway, feel free to suggest stuff. Comments loved. You don't have to read all the songs, just understand why I picked them. By the way, The Faxness song is like....my favorite , scratch that. The Flock Song. Eeee....I luvluvluv One X.

I want suggestions. I need Lissa and Sam songs! I actually wanted to use the waffle song or the song that gets on everybody's nerves for Lissa....XDD

You see my problem.

-Luvs, hugz and kissez, Angel.