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Bella's POV

He guided me towards the forest next to my house. I was unsure what to expect, his severe coldness to me for the past couple of days had made me very nervous of what this conversation will be composed of. He lead me a little deeper into the forest then abruptly stopped, he turned to look at me, his expression completely unreadable.

"Bella, I just wanted to say goodbye, we're leaving" he spoke in a voice I've never heard before, it was so distant, no emotion in it at all.

"what do you mean you're leaving?" I asked absolutely astonished

"My family is waiting for me, we're leaving Forks………….forever"

"how……………..what…………why?" I couldn't make myself believe that what he was saying was true

"It was so stupid of me to even think this would work……..we can't be together Bella……..not now, not ever." He said with no form of kidding at all on his beautiful face

"No! Edward Anthony Cullen please don't you dare do this to me!" I said feeling the burning in my eyes starting to take place

"Bella, we don't have any other choice……..you're….holding us back" he said and I could have sworn I saw pain flash his eyes but it was quickly covered up.

"no……please…." I was trying to keep my voice steady but failed miserably; it just came out in a muffled whisper

"I'm sorry Bella………goodbye" he reached out to brush his finger tips gently across my cheek……….then in a flash he was gone

"Edward!!!" I cried helplessly not bothering to conceal the tears that were now freely falling down my cheeks "please…….come back…….. we need you" though the last part came out as only a whisper

I put my hand to my stomach as I fell to my knees against the forest floor, before curling up on the ground, not able to control my eratical sobbing.

Chapter 1:

I wasn't really sure where I was, I remember being with Jake and the pack at Emily's we were all laughing and enjoying ourselves when an excruciating pain ripped through my abdomen, causing me to double over in pain. I remember Emily's calm assertive voice as she spoke to someone "She's going into labor! Jacob get her into the next room now!" Then it got fuzzy and I don't really remember what happened next. My eyes were out of focus as a struggled to get them open I could hear a voice trying to wake me up, to bring me back.

"Bella, honey, you need to wake up!" it was Emily again and I felt it as she put a cold towel to my forehead. It helped, as I finally started making sense of what was going on around me I felt the pain again, this time a bit stronger than the first.

"Where's Jacob?" I asked a little confused knowing he had been here not to long ago

"I'm right here Bella" I heard his calming voice answer, but he sounded a bit nervous

"Bella listen to me, you went into labor okay? We need your help in order for the baby to be alright" Emily cut in before I had a chance to really say anything. But I knew she was right and I knew what I had to do.

"Jake?" I asked holding up my hand for support, he took my hand in his incredibly warm hand

"Ready Bella?" Emily asked and I nodded despite the fact I really didn't want to do this "1…..2….3!"

I think I must have past out again because I was once again a little unsure of my surroundings. I wasn't sure what had happened really happened. Had I really just given birth to a baby? I asked myself trying to recall if it had really happened. Then it hit me, it did happen. It was all real. I had given birth to a little baby girl. But just then another wave of realization hit me. It was his baby, and he had no idea. I forced all thoughts of him out of my mind as I struggled to pull myself back to reality. I opened my eyes to find that I was in a full sized bed in a room I remembered to be Emily's. I propped myself up on my elbows and gazed across the room to see Jacob fast asleep in a chair, snoring slightly with his mouth hanging open. I chuckled silently to myself as I watched him sleep. Jake has helped me so much, I don't know how I would have been able to deal with all this if he hadn't been there. I didn't know where to turn after…………..he left and when Charlie basically disowned me when he found out I was pregnant. Jacob was the only one who didn't hesitate to take me in, he was the greatest friend anyone could ever ask for. He was my safe harbor.

I watched as he slept peacefully, his face so peaceful, so young, like I remembered it when we first met. I sighed before there was a small knock on the door.

"Bella?......" it was Emily. I sat up as she pushed open the door and silently walked over to the bed and sat down on the edge. Her face was wary, and she had a serious look on her face, like something was wrong.

"what is it?" I asked, panic rising inside me

"it's the baby" she said "we're not really sure how to deal with the situation, Bella……"

"what do you mean by 'deal with the situation?' what happened? Where is she? Is she---------?" she put up a hand to stop me

"she's fine Bella, right now she is sleeping, but……" she hesitated before going on " We can't get her to drink anything, and Sam's worried she might have inherited certain traits…………from her father" I flinched when she said that, then wrapped an arm around my chest. "…and she is growing way too fast……. We just don't know what to do, I'm sorry Bella" I saw the pain in her eyes and knew that her words were sincere.

I wiped away the tears that had spilled over with the back of my hand "I want to see her" I told Emily. She nodded then took my hand helping me up and out of the room. We walked out into the living room to where there was what looked like a very old play pen was placed in the middle of the living room floor. Sitting as far away from it as possible were Sam, Embry, and Quil watching it intently like they were waited for it to do something huge.

They all looked up as we walked into the room, and Emily led me over to the pen. I saw them all jump up from their sitting positions.

"Bella, I'm not sure….." Sam started before Emily held up her hand to him and gave him a meaningful look.

"it's okay, go ahead." Then she nodded at me in encouragement

I walked over to the pen and kneeled down over it. There was no stopping the tears that came now. She looked so much like…….him. She was unimaginably beautiful; all her features were absolutely stunning. I clutched at the pain in my chest that was throbbing even worse than it normally does. Gazing down at my daughter brought back all the memories that I had been trying so hard to forget. They came crushing down so hard on top of all at once, I couldn't breathe. I had to get out of there. And fast.

I grabbed the keys to my truck and ran. I'm not sure how long I had been driving, the tears in my eyes blinding me from seeing properly out the windshield. It took me a while before I realized that I had stopped the truck. I got out slamming the door behind me harder than really necessary. I gasp as I saw where I had ended driving too. I was at the end of the dirt road that led onto the hiking trail into the forest.

I started off into the forest, trying to remember the old path I took only once before. I didn't even know if I was headed in the right direction, or if it wasn't just something I had imagined in a dream. I just kept running.

It seemed like hours, before I had to stop. I bent over with my hands resting against my knees trying to catch my breath. When I looked up I noticed a stream of light coming through a crack in the trees. I walked straight towards it and sighed when I pulled back the branch and stepped into the beautiful meadow.

The beauty that I remembered hadn't changed at all. I could hear the stream in the distance and felt the way it calmed all my nerves. I walked right out into the middle of the meadow and sat down hoping to relax myself completely a little bit more.

For some reason, when I let the memories consume me here, it didn't hurt as bad as it had before. I didn't try and fight them; I just sat there and let them fill up my head.

Then they were all ripped from me so fast when a familiar face made his way swiftly through the trees, the very last person I wanted to see……………….

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